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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 9.0

De-facto male Tomb Raider. PS fanboys always talking Tomb Raider in the 1990s; lets relive the 1990s a little different.

Just Right
Time Spent:
10 to 20 Hours
The Bottom Line:
"Worth the wait"

Nathan Drake seems to be a far-grandson of the historic navigator Sir Francis Drake. Nathan is a treasure hunter and it seems that Sir Francis Drake a huge treasure somewhere on an island has left. A better reason for Nathan is not to find the treasure of his ancestor. This not only course he does, he is assisted by Sullivan, Sully also mentioned and the journalist Elena. For Sullivan is very important that the treasure should be hidden, he is facing financial problems and hopes to solve this by working with Nathan to find the treasure. Elena is a completely different person, she is a journalist who goes into creating a beautiful story. And Nathan, well, he obviously wants the treasure. This treasure belongs to him as an indirect. This main characters you one hours or ten sweet in the adventure with a very good and credible story.

The point is that I repeatedly had to stop halfway because of other important issues. But I wanted quickly back to the game because of the story. You're curious about is how the story is continued. Luckily I had this little break and I most enjoy able to play. It is not just the story for me so gripped. No, there is more to it, namely the entire gameplay is very good and then not to mention the absurdly beautiful graphics in 720p only. On the graphical portion I come back later, that we untreated given the high quality. The gameplay is very good as I said, basically as the continuity of variety.

The game uses many elements we've seen before in other games, so did the climbing and scrambling in mind of Prince of Persia, Nathan is quite agile and can climb as the best, the Prince of Persia was however more impressive moves where you doubted the reality. In Uncharted beats anything exactly with what the possibilities of a man lying. Climbing and scrambling plays so wonderful and does so very smoothly. Jumping from ledge to ledge, and again quickly because one ridge is about to abort. Since starting again by jumping to a vine which happened to be right is to continue along the walls to your ultimate goal.
All this is very smooth, you just do the jump by pressing on the cross and the only thing you should take into account whether the distance is not too large you want the bridge. Obviously you do not always climb up but, no, there are also times when you just need to down. With the circle lets you, you are automatically extracted and Nathan bite to the lower ledge as his way further down to prosecute. What was just described are not very innovative gameplay elements. Yet this is very much integrated into the game. This is because the controls very smooth and nice pace associated with climbing and scrambling. Do this also varied locations so the only thing, and yet remains varied.

The gameplay is very diverse, in fact, because you're only part of the game to climbing and scrambling. Frequently if you reached a certain point there are patrols of an enemy treasure hunter who regularly blocking the path. These enemies since you can always disable the gun on the road. This is best piece by piece off. Right to running towards them and spray until empty your rifle or gun, is simply no chance here. Your still a good opportunity to the enemies off the game has an effective cover system. Each little rock, wall, shelf, wall, you can not think of as crazy, or you can sit behind it.

Only pressing the button is enough to conceal Nathan positioning. Here it is not with it, no, in some situations, you very good to watch as the enemies constantly keep moving and you suddenly in the back could attack. If you've found a good place you can by pressing L1 to switch to a mode where you Nate looks very close to a cross-hair in order to target enemies very carefully. Enemies seek cover everywhere and you will need very quick to fire back and take cover. Nathan is not a super soldier infinite bullets to damage. With five shots, you really dive otherwise you just pipe the next shot towards you. The game has no health meter, something that also increasingly seen in games and just what I personally welcome. Yet there is one indicator for your health. As you get hit multiple times, for example five times, everything is black and white with a very light shade of white over it.

But this does not stop, you will more than get hit and you hear everything very clear, your heart thumping through the speakers. This is a sign that you really should seek cover. The way you get your health supplements is well characterized. At least, the way the game indicates that you can continue. In the time you're looking to cover the world gradually become more colorful and once again his old color back, you know that you can return to work. This is all pretty clear and works well. The shooting is well developed, and especially from the position you are looking for coverage. Only later will cover you without much damage could walk, this is not against soldiers, but otherwise I think I better keep to myself .

The hands-on session some time back we played with a version that was really totally off and it bothered me also to the system to shoot, it did not work smoothly and the like. Credits for Naughty Dog in the final version that they all actually very flexible and have managed to make the shoot-outs ever really annoying. They are certainly more difficult because the open sites where you, your standing at times. This makes the gameplay but a lot more exciting and I'm not but very happy about this fact. The shoot-outs with climbing and scrambling and occasional puzzling are the main ingredients of this game. The gameplay is very well worked out and the only thing on the gameplay is a pity, that the puzzle is just too simple.

A good treasure hunter hides his treasure always a very tough spot, if not the road to it is very difficult passable. Of course you make the treasure hunter even more difficult puzzles. This fact we have often seen and puzzles are always fun, especially in contrast with the antiquity, this leads to realistic but ingenious puzzles. But they are in Uncharted so easy that I sometimes unnecessarily long are searching for a solution. I've played several games and the most puzzling was quite difficult and you're looking for the correct solution rather difficult to locate. Nothing wrong with that, it gives such a boost in the gameplay variety.

A game where the puzzles were very difficult but very logical, Another Code was on the DS for example. As I play more games with this style of puzzle games so I am also repeatedly been looking for the solution, this solution was just for your feet only because it is easy to ignore him. Indeed, you expect a very clever and tricky puzzles and if you really must do the most simple to the puzzle. Well, you do not really expect that in a game, especially in a game like Uncharted that generally most challenging if you play it on easy. It is unfortunate that the puzzle element is not more in depth so I knew a little puzzling as faint experience. However, in contrast with the rest of the gameplay is not so bad. The gameplay "overall" is simply very good and hides the somewhat simple puzzles. Maybe something in the next section more challenging to make.

Earlier I mentioned that took the gameplay elements in the previously occurred in other titles, so we know the climbing and scrambling especially in Prince of Persia. But entering the tombs in the historic buildings were necessary to turn mind of Tomb Raider only a bit better executed. The tombs include you really claustrophobic and grim atmosphere. Indeed, there are skeletons everywhere and all rubbish of antiquity. This atmosphere is very good to truly great life because of the design of the sites. This brings me too similar to another very strong point of the game from. The graphics, they are indeed amazing!
Uncharted I would immediately be declared the one of the most beautiful games ever made. The game takes you to many locations. If you enter an expired at some point, but still a huge fort. This fortress is so incredibly impressive and portrayed is that you just enjoy the detail. Everywhere grow plants, trees and moss. In addition, all very well placed word. You will contains no textures at the same flora and fauna. Not only the fort looks good, the natural environment in the jungle is portrayed very realistically. Like the tombs which I described in the preceding paragraph, it looks so nice, it's true really of what you think. Then I did not even mention other graphical issues where my mouth fell open ... The buildings, although lapse look out as faithfully, as the example you would see on Discovery Channel.

As just described, is only a small part of the artwork from the game. My mouth fell open as the small details. I played this game at a very high resolution and then the graphical highlights well the paint. Spring example once the water with Nathan. He is soaking wet and his clothes is a lot darker. Gradually it dries up, something that is often used to have but the processing in Uncharted is very realistic to call. Firstly it looks fantastic and he does not stay wet a few seconds, no, it takes a while before he is dry. This is just a small detail of the overall graphic highlights. So there are rocks and walls are wet, this is clearly seen through the flare and it's fantastic!

The levels are large and you will not put on like crazy by going here, as I frequently stood still to enjoy the surroundings and what I personally find most of the entire game is the water and the corresponding level. So you need at a given moment with Elena on a watercraft on a river, your power goes up and since it is a natural flow, is very unsettled. Everywhere waterfalls and rapids. This looks so incredibly beautiful together with the water is by far the best ever in a game. To graphics so the game gets the best score, again because of this that one of the best graphic games ever and I think that time being will remain here.

Before we go to the conclusion there is a point which we so far have failed. The sound of course! This game has been localized in many languages, including Dutch. Usually you can play games better in English because of the terrible voice-acting. In Uncharted English is clearly the best choice, but the Dutch voice-acting is very high which is not disruptive, it is simply brought credibility and sounds very realistic to the particular situation. Besides good voice acting, the game also has a strong soundtrack. In fighting the music swells at all to do some more exciting and once the worst threat to take over again. The sound is just like the gameplay and graphics very good level and that is why this game will get a very nice score. Uncharted is one of the best games on the PS3 and that is why I like this game PS3 game of the year have chosen our range of items!
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a game that goes with me to book one of the most beautiful games ever. Add to that the strong story and very good variety of gameplay elements are all very well integrated into the game. The cut scenes look very nice, which is also explained by the strong animation of the characters, which perhaps more fully addressed during the actual play. The AI of the opponents of good level, they find ways to cover and you surreptitiously off. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the PS3 game that everyone should have, and that one downside, alas the game offers so much that the opposite actually not bad. If you have not met the game than loud only one opinion, get!

Graphics 10
Gameplay 9
Sound 9
Overall 9.0

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