Tuesday, July 25, 2000

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare | 9.0

Before the real game begins, play the prologue. Here you learn the controls to know if you are new to the series and get you through your shooting skills presented in what difficulty it is wise for you to go through the game. The training is based on your first mission that takes place on a ship. This is your SAS team attacked, because a nuclear bomb is present which must be intercepted. After an intense escape from the ship is an intro movie show that takes place somewhere in the Middle East. You are now viewing everything through the eyes of the president, which is carried by the terrorists by car. After a pretty gruesome sightseeing tour through the city you will eventually executed in the presence of the most dangerous terrorist at the time (no, not Bin Laden). Now the first real mission of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. , I thought it was a real thrill to see it, what did you say?
Well, the game begins like any other war game today with a training session on the base itself. Really surprising that training session was not initially. Until the moment came with the position of the next mission was simulated, as my colleague just pointed out, you are assigned a difficulty level based on your performance. An original and above what a professional approach than the standard training course you must put off. The first mission after the training is good, it offers a completely different setting than you're used to and it lets you instantly see everything from the opportunities that this game has. Ultimately the entire game for a couple of terrorists who take after dark hobbies. It is through this game the two switches constantly between the SAS and Special Forces, where one group is in the Middle East and other parts of Russia, which I shall return.

. And that is nice, especially when you start a mission, especially in the Middle East start is between fighting, Arabs everywhere screaming, banging machine guns and grenades flying. The action is continuous and that really makes this a game where you, do you imagine yourself in a war. Because of the very strong graphics become all the better portrayed, it's just not remain enemies until they are dead, no real sneaky bastards who take cover and if possible a different way to think of you in the flanks to attack . The animations that these movements of the enemy being performed and that of your team members are simply astonishing to mention, they move very realistic and look like it should. To graphics, this game is thick in order, both off-and online!

A good looking game, playable course. Fortunately that is the case with Call of Duty 4. For those experienced in the previous sections, the controls are exactly the same. The HUD does not differ much different than normal. It plays as familiar. The AI is really phenomenal. Your teammates are always with you. Example: You find yourself on a road where you will be taken under fire. On the left and right are buildings packed with enemies. The choice is yours, well down the left or right on. Suppose you have cleared the right, take that course if you attack position and because you are there, close all your other team mates on there. Throughout the game, help your buddies attacks. In the level set in Chernobyl are you a sniper with a partner who must find a way.

The AI is certainly very good but to some extent. The first game I played on the second difficulty. Several times when my team was a lifesaver because it overturned an enemy shots that I overlooked. But when I played on veteran fell slightly against me the AI, just a game like this you would have to play as a team. In the lower difficulty levels, this certainly his right, but if you packed the highest you'll soon notice that the team bouncing back a little and that mostly everything you need for clearing the rest of the team. Of course they also shoot down the enemy in places where needed, but their body to take cover and the way is not always convenient. As some team members are important to the story and further issues they can not die, they just go without any fear of middle-they are so full of hurt, and there you still see the downside of the AI, which nevertheless is in order . There are also times when the team is very well positioned and that you actually have some to them.

Outside that his much discussed on Internet missions, missions around Chernobyl. Here again, the AI or very good. You get there with your colleagues dropped completely camouflaged and quiet with a sniper rifle. You should here a route to go since there are areas that are radioactive, what your body does not really do kick, which also is also noticeable when you walk through it. Anyway, this whole part of the first level is to play without a single soldier to shoot, it can and should do. At times you come against a pair of enemies and it is up to you to have to sneak past enemies or to finish this. However if your one ejects it is possible that the other wolf, your colleague is so intelligent that at the right moment the other soldier ejects. Look at these soldiers have what ingame, especially if your mission continues. He knows exactly where the route and the enemy should be avoided. Especially when you first play this mission is impressive, but on the other hand, it is very scripted, but it can also be fat, so what COD 4 shows!

When the menu screens past, these are accompanied by beautiful music. Also throughout the game are the sound effects worked well. Missiles that fly over your head, helicopters provide air support, the bullets fly in the round. All in all gives you a feeling of war. Sometimes it is really a mess. Deafening bangs and explosions with the familiar tinkling of the shells coming down is also present. Call of Duty 4 has it for each other when it comes to sound, right?

YES, in capital letters, the sound is very strong for me. People who shout, even if they go near the pipe they babble a bit and then after the sounds of the guns, all weapons sound different and I must say that every detail when it comes to sound in the game is, really everything. Perhaps the large cutter in this game, the voice-acts. You constantly hear on the radio is off and what the status and the like. "Another factor in what you feel is the overall war involvement.

Besides a very strong but relatively short single player is now time for the part that should make the game immortal. The online component. In Call of Duty 4 was a bit different than usual. It is not that you start from a strong weapon, and so chooses the online battle is concerned. You have to earn it all. Course start at the beginning, level 1. Once achieved a certain level, you play things free, like new weapons, new game modes and Challenges. The Challenges are very easy to do. If you are able to achieve a Challenge for stuff to your weapons, players think of laserviziers and camouflage colors for your favorite weapon. While online games can also happen if you manage get a kill streak of three kills ready to play, while you can on your radar all the positions of your opponents to see. After five kills you an airstrike on, then three jets dropping bombs on your chosen spot on the map and after seven consecutive kills you can turn on a helicopter.

Online is the graphic is very impressive. If your colleagues run around, you do not even know that you're playing online. You ever in online FPS that your fellow shooting enthusiasts as a rigid and stiff to move. In CoD 4 is different. Even online they move very smoothly and realistically through the hallway, and look carefully at one corner. Really fantastic. My colleague has also enjoyed the online part, maybe he is more about the functioning system will tell?

Definitely! I've played the beta a few weeks and I was already completely sold on the multiplayer, there were then only three maps available and the level system was limited to level 25. Now the game is out we can be much more levels, more weapons, players know the more multiplayer maps, modes and so on. As the ultimate multiplayer so strong is the ingenious level system that works great. As already indicated KahumaDante start your course at one level. Get some weapons which you can choose from, these are not the most effective weapons is difficult to maintain. However by scoring frags to earn points and those points you level. An RPG is basically what works amazingly well, why? Very simply, after a certain level you play a new weapon free, but it only really comes into its own when you hold the corresponding visor, this you should also free to play again and if you keep playing the game.

Of course not only because you play to unlock new weapons and add-ons for this so fun, the whole multiplayer is so well put together, thanks to the fantastic design of the maps and the absurd number of modes. For each player there is a mode that they like, what a pity, that is just deathmatch and team deathmatch modes are by far the most played and finding people for the other modes is quite difficult at times . This is not Infinity Ward to complain, they offer the possibility and others will use them unfortunately little has happened. Leveling is initially quite fast but if you're more than what it takes very long time. Also you can just quickly Leveling, the game also has special challenges because a weapon.

These challenges vary significantly, 150 shoots man dead with an AK-47 or fall 30 feet to your death, some do not make sense as the last listed but it does after completing the necessary experience points allowing you to quickly Levelt. The additional possibilities KahumaDante just been described by several frags without dying provide the necessary points to XP which is ideal to level two ... After completing the single player to multiplayer, I started and that is because the level design, gameplay, action, and system level modes simply overwhelming and I therefore encourage everyone to get to this game, just for the multiplayer though! You only see me back online!

All the trailers I saw of CoD 4 made me curious. The game is a true sensation. The gun battles are incredibly intense, it was chaos after chaos. Graphics is one of the best games I've ever seen, really true. The animations of your colleagues is truly superb, but watch how they take cover, shines from the realism. Online is a masterpiece. It sticks well together and the addiction level created by the Levell is sky high.

I was sold and since the game arrived in the newsroom, I have nothing more than playing the game. The single is one of the best in years in a game like this, although this relatively short. The multiplayer however is really fantastic and so absurd that you extend this in the coming months, if not years will play. I immediately declare you a fool if you do not go get this game, or have already achieved.

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