Monday, July 17, 2000

Gran Turismo 5 | 9.0

Gran Turismo 5 was one of the most popular games of recent years and finally ended the game on the shelves after less than five years of development have been. We could, like millions of others, not wait for this game and when he fell on the doormat was still an emotional moment. After the installation was a long time, but beautiful intro movie show, and then stepping into a virtual car and go racing. The first thing you notice is that Polyphony Digital is the menu completely renovated and provides a classy setup on, which is easily navigable. From the main menu, you can directly choose from the many options that the game is rich and it is for us a difficult task to find a good starting point for this review, because the possibilities are endless. Let's start with an innovative aspect of the game and that can be found under "Special". This is a separate section in the game that's full of all challenges. So you behind the wheel of a kart to participate in various steps and kart races. The karts are all matched to each other and are quite agile. Now only a small kart feature in the large whole that is called Gran Turismo 5, but that does not mean that it is entertaining. Plus, you can follow a course away from the famous NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. He puts you in person all the important aspects and if you prefer the German cars, then the AMG driving school can participate. The rally king, Sebastian Loeb is not lacking and it allows you to race on different courses and course in a rally car. Within this special section you'll do different types of races. So you've got to drive back to front in an old Volkswagen van on the Top Gear test track. These buses do not go very fast and it's difficult to overtake not be disqualified. The opponents are not just here to give some space. What has already been appointed, is that you can rally in this section. Here you can find on gravel, snow and tarmac. It takes some getting used to how the cars to drive and it is also a transition you have to make. As your level increases you will have more of these challenges can do and they are also becoming increasingly difficult. This section is very diverse and offers a lot challenge. You can not start from the same everything, because you have the required level needed. For this course you run races, but also get licenses as we know from previous books in the series. Each race and get points because it means you can level up. Moreover, concerning the licensing, again it is not obligatory for all these papers to get all the supplies you have lot of experience and get a license even got a nice extra. Again, Gran Turismo 5 six different licenses and varies from a braking test to drive a full race without a single mistake. Now this in itself is fun to do, but really new under the sun has not. Add to this that you should make no mistake, correct course, but you constantly get punished when a computer controlled opponent you are driving, it's pretty annoying. It is a problem that some already knew and four still at issue. On the other hand, the result of obtaining the licenses, you get new cars, you can quickly leveling in the beginning and you have access to every race. This race, beyond the "Special" features to be divided between A and B-Spec. In A-Spec You get the car under control and you have several cups off work. Maybe an anticipated step of Polyphony Digital, but on the other side pity. Each cup is in fact uncritically taken over from the previous sections. Only the tracks and qualifications here and there otherwise. Ultimately, you are so for the fifth time (if you've played all the parts) to go through the same cups. These cups have a standard principle, because you select a race, this ride and you must make sure you win it. If you do not win, then you tune the car a bit, and the opponent completely lost, driving and winning the cup in your name to write. Initially set for this race **** and it's also a bit on the dull side. After all, if there is a waiting Toyota Yaris Cup? Well, no one we know in any case. However, if you're a little higher of level, you can get to work in extended and difficult race and there is also more challenging to find, making the race a lot more fun. Furthermore you will be A-Spec quite some time, because the later races are quite extensive and prolonged. Are you A-Spec Sat However, you can get started in the B-Spec mode. In B-Spec mode, you play the role as manager and you get to the start the possibility to choose a driver. You can choose from a variety of drivers and there are differences among themselves. Thus, one very strong physically and mentally different weather, but can you tell if a rider quickly raised and therefore easier to make mistakes. Ultimately, if you've chosen your driver, you can choose what outfit he wears. Then you can get started and begin managing your own driver. In the area of the races you'll see a difference between the A-Spec and B-Spec, because you need to make some races more rounds off. Perhaps this is done to prevent players from the B-Spec mode only do so for the money. When the race starts, you see, logically, your driver in the car that you've selected the starting grid, with the other participants. On the screen you see a lot of data to assist the player as much as possible. Below the screen are four boxes. These are the options you have as a manager and therefore you can say what your driver to do. So you can indicate that your driver to drive a slower pace, to keep the same tempo, pace or increase a participant has to overtake. If you perform an action once there is a sort bar which indicates when a new command can be given. The AI of your driver is not exactly as good as your driver if it seems better to reduce it. Yet it when your driver is unable for other participants to get a faster car while in motion. Also the AI has a tendency to try to catch illogical places and in the ideal turns doing nothing. And the only thing you can do is watch and distribute commands. The AI may be in the B-Spec mode not be perfect in the A-Spec mode, it is still half-baked. The developer has ensured that the AI harder as you progress Levelt. In itself a logical , but implementation is nonsense. Whatever you do, the AI simply does not understand that it is racing and that it is not a bumper car race. Regularly we have a neck and neck race that we had in the last corner of the track flown since the AI drivers not to drive over, but right through you like. The result is that you can do a race again and that is incredibly annoying. Fortunately, this somewhat as you progress in the game, but that does not mean that the AI is just stupid and that is sin. This is a significant downside to the game and what is not really too logical, is that the damage is extreme as you progress in the game comes. The reason is that the game should be progressively more difficult, but damage and a good AI, we just always or only after level 40 to name but a few. Once you damage good deal, then it looks pretty impressive, also sees a large part of the game is too graphically sublime out. The series is known that the graphics are perfectly fine and as we say it in Gran Turismo 5 for a large part in order. The game is very impressive in some areas, but sometimes ugly. And we're referring specifically to some areas outside the courts and some cars. Then you drive a race and then drop the ugly tree and textures just yet. It is something not ruin the experience, but it is remarkable. Another point is that some cars do they appear in the fourth section were taken. It just looks ridiculous. Fortunately, these are mainly of those cars that might be a good race and then drive it in the garage let alone. Furthermore, it is the famous jagged edges you'll mostly see the cars and shadows, but this does not affect our opinion on the overall experience. The lighting in the game is very nicely done, for example, you see the light shining through the trees which gives a nice effect. Thus, you can do night races and that is a graphic spectacle. Every now and then you see some fireworks in the sky, something that depends on what job you are driving. The exposure during the races at night is impressive and it is like you would expect from a title like Gran Turismo 5. The new weather effects like rain are successful and what really add to the experience. What still needs to be said is that there is a graphical difference to be noted between the premium cars and the standard versions. The first group of cars look significantly better and, on the one hand this is logical because these cars will also be where you prefer to ride along. There are also other differences between these two groups of cars. The premium, as all cars have a cockpit view, as they say and not the standard cars. That is a shame and surprising that this is after all that development time is still so. The premium cars are further operable for lights and wipers which in turn is useful in the rain. The gameplay of Gran Turismo 5 is back as we used to, but then improved. So the cars feel even better and this is due to the improved physics. In the previous sections did you sometimes feel like you're on ice was driving and heard a lot of squeak of the tires. This is much less evident and now feels much smoother racing. Road handling is a different car and you really notice changes to your car. These adjustments, which represents tuning, is also an important feature in this part. Save you from the net to win a race, you can always buy a better exhaust or suspension. The tuning is extensive and well done again. In a separate section called GT Car can take care of your car. You can wash him there, spraypainted, oil changes, engine overhauls and also allow modification. The latter is possible only in premium cars. In a racing game is of course important that the correct audio and Gran Turismo 5 is certainly the case. The soundtrack is good and now there is the option to import your own music. The cars all sound decent and have their own sound. Sometimes you ever a car that sounds like a souped up vacuum cleaner, but that is occasionally happy. Gran Turismo 5 is finally a game that builds on the foundation that the previous sections have laid. It has the necessary new features and these are usually very cool, but we must not forget the extras. So you can, through Museum tickets at the museum on all kinds of information acquire a history of a particular brand. Also you can send messages to your friends, handing out gifts, and lounging with acquaintances via the community features. Not really necessary options, but some nice extras to this game and know the possibility is most important community for online racing. Online you can use a large number of people to work and can provide many exciting races, partly because you can set the necessary things. Think about: what job you want to prepare, what car you take, penalties on or off and so on. The way the online lobbies are working well and the racing line is just very entertaining. What is particularly annoying is that you only at random or by a code, lobby your friends can join. It is a mystery why the option to join friends is nowhere to be found. That is a minimum requirement for even some multiplayer. But once you get your friends to sit in a lobby, there's nothing on the multiplayer to be desired. Gran Turismo 5 is a fantastic racing game, I leave that up. The many cars, the beautiful graphics (what moments after then), the variation in tracks, night racing, the new special events and online multiplayer make Gran Turismo 5 a complete package. You're really busy for hours with it, if not weeks or months and that does value for money. Well annoyed me greatly at times the AI and the many weaknesses that have been part four are present, but where nothing is done. There is a small portion of the premium cars only and that in combination with weaknesses feels a bit like the game is not ready yet. The feeling in me that did generate outside the fantastic racing experience, Gran Turismo 6 is finally going to be what Gran Turismo 5 should have and that is unfortunate.

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