Thursday, July 13, 2000

R&C:Tools of Destruction Reviews 9.0

Great platformer. Does most things right.

Sony told us that the game quality graphics that you know and to speak in a Disney Pixar film would imagine. This was not the case. Sony boasted a high expectation of us who came out cheated. At that time we were pretty skeptical about the graphics above. But the demo a few weeks later via the PS Store was to win was a lot better and now we can play the whole game and we immediately conclude that the game graphics on thick in order and that Insomniac GE has considerable fine-tuned in recent months!

Let's kick off with the story which is about the time in the latest Ratchet & Clank. We finally get a good depth behind the characters and learn them better. Thus, Ratchet the Lombax race and he is unfortunately still the only of its kind into the universe where they live. They give him a certain quiet life, the nasty Emperor Percival Tachyon is the one who wants the latest Lombax murder and he is so behind on Ratchet. Continuous Ratchet is on the run and in the meantime, he digs into his past and the Lombax. Several things affect the story and the story that makes this game very well, if not very strong. Else that is required is the most ridiculous humor that knows the game.

So many times I laugh hard at the stupid humor, I will give you an example! Ratchet & Clank just to escape the Emperor with his vehicle, but Ratchet touches here senseless because a certain air. Clank grins and tells you to be against it. Until there is a huge boxing glove from the dashboard comes up and Clank senseless strikes. Brilliant, it is kind of silly but the way it brought word, I've broken laughed and said that for a little over one game. The game has much more of this kind very stupid but hilarious humor very well what the atmosphere and the story fits.
The gameplay is pretty standard as traditionally, at least the idea, so the whole game is still mainly from jumping from platform to platform, eliminate enemies and perform certain tasks. This is where you constantly are doing and truly innovative features do not prevent you, this really is not very good aspect because the platform is developed and in particular the ways in which you will lijft enemies. The weapons! Insomniac is known for his originality when it comes to inventing weapons, think of the earlier parts and the fat arms from Resistance: Fall of Man. This section has a wrench next to the familiar range of new weapons for the enemy to tackle them.

Besides weapons, the originality in the development of some weapons, quite humorous. To create a disco ball firing and thereby lose all enemies dance, which offers you the opportunity to calm everyone off. Fantastic, this is something new, it works and it's fun. So you'll have more of these absurd things to, but there is a platformer for right? As you play you widened, your arsenal of weapons. If you continuously collect new bolts and nuts, sometimes called bolts. These bolts can be mobile weapons sales forces to buy new weapons. Besides new weapons you can buy all the weapons upgrade.

This can only upgrade once you've collected enough raritanium. This is also a metallic material that enemies drop when you destroy them helps. Bolts get much more as against raritanium, this means you need to navigate your raritanium carefully and must purchase the appropriate upgrade for your weapons for you at the time of interest. The game uses an upgraded sound system, something that made me think of upgrading the abilities of Final Fantasy X. You get an overview of various upgrades, each upgrade is in a hexagonal box, it borders yet another box. And in the overall surface boundaries are constantly other boxes. Think of it as a kind sets of rings around the starting point. The outer ring is not possible in the beginning, these are only marketable, once you have bought previous upgrades. However you from your starting point in all directions and so choose your own upgrades. So you're not tied to a given construction. It will give you the necessary freedom to upgrade your weapon. In addition, each upgrade has a secret weapon under a question mark is placed. This is the most special upgrade there is a weapon to get.

Outside this system to upgrade every weapon has a level system, the more you play with a certain weapon the faster it Levelt and at level 10 you unlock the Omega version, which is again a special version of the overall weapon. Outside the proper arsenal of weapons an absurd weapons issue to the proper depth and you have fry the lot to them all to upgrade to optimality. A system that works well and above all fun!
Obviously the game has the necessary gadgets besides actually very ridiculous. How about a gadget to the enemies into penguins hopeless, I also love all gadgets for me, so not too much of verklapt word. Then the fun gets a little bit from there, right? Are there any other new fun aspects of this game? Yes, so are the capabilities of the SIXAXIS motion sensor integrated in this title and you regularly have to apply. Then immediately the question whether it works, to some extent, yes! There are levels where you continue to fall down. Meanwhile, traffic from all sides and encourage you to send Ratchet is through the controller between the traffic. This works just like a motion sensor to work and there is nothing to be desired.

I voted on what to say to you is the control of Tornado Launcher, here you move your rocket but it does not really well so the glow of the weapon is lost. This is all the options I can consider the motion sensor. Furthermore it works, as in the previous paragraph written way and the mini games, just very well with the SIXAXIS and offers nice innovation. It is not really a shocking innovation since Sony now in its title the SIXAXIS functionality stops. Immediately a marginal note thereto, in Warhawk, Heavenly Sword and this game also worked well and this is obviously in favor of the game!

Enough talk about the gameplay, now it's time to look at the audiovisual aspect of this game. Graphically this game quite polished since our first gaming session, something we only welcome. The characters look very sharp and good. So you see the hair of Ratchet in cut-scenes in a close-up and then you just how detailed it is, watch this kind of small details are always popular with me, even now! The planets you visit during the game are truly a feast for the eye. Every time you go to a new will you be curious to know what setting that will.

The details are thick in order, the planets a feast for the eye. Then there are the enemies, they vary quite a planet and all know their own animations. If something in a platformer should be good then it is the variation between the enemy and that is certainly in order when all animations are good! The game is again a delight to the graphic style and share very much with the overall atmosphere. Kudos for Insomniac!

The reason why I then got a thick surround set was essentially out Ratchet & Clank on the PS2, the sound of the game was so good and then with a Surround would only be more visible. This Ratchet & Clank has again a high quality sound that perfectly fits the setting and atmosphere. The game also has voice-overs in Dutch! Or should I welcome that I do not know, I'd rather play a game once in English. But the game based on the language just the system settings, so that to me are in Dutch, and I started the game in order to conclude that the Dutch voice-overs are very good. Nine times out of ten Dutch voice-overs are rather uninspired. What is not the case with Ratchet & Clank. But what I regret is that the Dutch voice of Clank not really suits him. I'd rather hear someone in the style of the English voice-over. What is a disturbing point is that the language of the voice-overs can not be set in the game itself, for the die-hard so it's a tip. Adjust your system settings! All in all, a real stunner to graphics and the sound sounds good as usual. Even the Dutch voice-overs are good and that in itself says something. Now is the time for the conclusion of the first great platformer for the PS3!

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is my opinion a worthy sequel to the three parts that made the PS2 great console. The gameplay has not really been very innovative but because the gameplay has always been good is not really disturbing. The new weapons provide enough extra on the basic principles that this franchise has risen. Certainly the many upgrade options that make the arms a little depth. The points where this game it must have been mainly the graphics and sound. Outside these two main factors you will be greatly entertained by the good story above and ridiculous humor. Too bad that the game is not exactly challenging, the experienced gamer will play this game without any problems. Nevertheless, alongside the other leaders of the past weeks may not even this game missing in your collection!

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