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Final Fantasy XII review 9.0

I decided to play Final Fantasy XII for respect for Final Fantasy XIII. Many rpg `s not me playing, but it is always when I start a rpg and it is therefore fully play well. Final Fantasy VIII was so `s game, like Final Fantasy X. Both games also bought to the bottom far off. Why? Well Square-Enix knows very well how a catchy fat and long term interest to make rpg. I too was cremated soon after I review the version found on the doormat of the round after the delivery postman. With very little sense I started this game knowing that this time again to provoke problems. But all people to play and I started using one weeks later I'm so full of information I want to share with you and also will tell you why this game should not leave the rpg fans certainly not.
Final Fantasy XII, a game which in principle is new again over its predecessors, this I mean that each new section introduces some new character `s few exceptions. Incidentally I's not get in, that is not really relevant. With the PS2 near the end of his life, the best games out. See the example review of Okami and now this. Also, God of War II and Rogue Galaxy are still on the program, all games that you provide to keep playing. It's really good to do besides all the violence some PS3 to play PS2 and toppers in the prospect. Anyway, let me tell you about it but the content of this twelfth start, because that is the reason why you read this review, right?!

As I just said, this new section is filled with new characters and a new game world. Invalice is the name of this new world, this world is divided into two kingdoms, and Rosaria Archadia. The game opens with a beautiful movie that tells that one realm oppressed by another. At the end of the movie you also see that the kingdom where the playable character Vaan live reports. The other kingdom forcing King to sign with your terms, these terms refer to the surrender, but before our king, he kills his signature by Basch, hold it for the rest of the story that is not officially part of the oppressor and This would go into a resistance movement to what where as before the case had to recover. This is not a standard story, because it is accompanied by the necessary and indeed many plot twists. This makes the story in this section is still the best of the series, class Square-Enix!

Vaan, the character you play them in the beginning a little guide made by Basch. Basch is the one that makes Vaan will join his resistance to movement. You are therefore familiarized with this little game, this is quite handy because this section contains somewhat different gameplay than the previous parts. If you complete camera freedom and fighting is not turn-based, but real and annoying random encounters here are the track. This tutorial will get playing already presented, it is never tedious or annoying. Something that many other games still learning. So if you learn the most important things you need if you want this adventure to a successful conclusion.

You attacked fairly soon after starting to play and thereby learn the new fighting system known. Once you bumping into an enemy you can choose from a menu will what the attack is to battle that you want to attract. Once the action meter filled Vaan shares from a stroke when you're close to your opponent. Later in the game you have several characters under your care, luckily the AI is so made that the characters that are currently controlled by the computer `s normal action it should perform like. Someone in his health gets low so you can switch to it to heal. So you easily switch between the characters and you can attack who you want, the rest will follow anyway. It plays a lot faster than in the previous sections where the constant battle screen should be opened and each had to wait in turns. Incidentally, you are never attacked in the cities and such, the design of the world is done so that you know where your enemies can come from and where not, and that I would call a fine example of designing!
Besides the usual attacks, the physical is also the magic of the party again. There is both black and white magic, white magic, which really benefits your body, thinking of healing. Black magic is really pure contrast to the enemies to kill. It contains the traditional groups have been involved such as Fire, Water, Summon so. The fight is both physical and magical attacks as many times faster than the random encounter system from the previous sections. It provides a much faster rate, it is perhaps not really what you would expect one part Final Fantasy, but it is so well explored and developed the totally bad, rather it is just better this way. It is innovative, it works, it ensures a higher rate and the potential irritations are gone.

With the greatest innovation: the Gambit system is also a part what this part is get a high score. The Gambit system is completely new and can be surprised in the beginning for sure, but once you, your into it is a system that works extremely well and efficiently. This Gambit is one of the main reasons that the rate remains high during fights. Through this system you can assign tasks to co-execute so that those characters. It is divided into three steps and I will try it best to explain. The first step is to look for whom intended for Gambit, the next step is to determine if Gambit is performed and the final step is to actually perform the Gambit. Now for some floor because I can imagine you're still not much wiser as before.

The first step is thus the granting of Gambit, for whom this is intended, this can be both friend and foe. The second step in at any moment like the Gambit is executed, it can be when an enemy is mentioned, you can set this number when damage has occurred. In the last step lets you determine the Gambit to be performed, it is divided into three things, namely, an attack or a healing spell. The easiest example is if one of your characters only have about 20 HP it is intended that the Gambit own thoughts and then your character automatically Healt. What has this to do with the pace, well that's very simple. You do less in this case to the health care of the most moving characters, but it handy.

What weather or time consuming is the perfect set of Gambit, so this is the only fighting benefits. Moreover, there are more than twelve gambit to set each character, thus you create a kind of an AI for your own characters. This is when you think about it very fat made and found. In the game you will encounter many different characters, there are many different races represented, I can go in depth all races, but I think this is more fun to discover for themselves, I should not tell everything about a game otherwise there is little to discovered after purchase. What I can tell you is that the famous race, namely the Moogles of the party again. This addition to the less common varieties like the Hume, Bangas, Seeq, Viera and of course the normal people. Some characters are also important in this part again in the story and knowing Square-Enix, these characters enough depth and they are actually interesting enough to play through the game and go to cooperate.

What is also characteristic to each new part of the series is the system that gives you the characters learns new skills. Also in this section is again a new system at this time what kind of a checkerboard appears. This new system called the License and this system can constantly after winning some points a license to open box resulting in a new ski. Some skils, but a few points needed, but difficult, yet highly effective skills you need multiple points. This license lets you earn points by defeating enemies. All reports point to an enemy does, and after defeating a few enemies as you winning a new skill. This new system gives you a lot of freedom. You can access what you want and once opened a box, you get the skills in the surrounding boxes are available to see. So often you know what skill you choose. There is therefore much more freedom and it is also user friendly, in some parts it is quite a complex system. This time it is fortunately very easy for new players certainly kept appreciate.

You're quickly an hour or forty busy main story, this is not all because there is still plenty to do in the form of side quests. To read the role of a bounty hunter assume this is also pretty fun to do. Those who you should beat usually unique items for themselves which again comes in handy in other side quests. Whatever increasing returns in a game is to locate items or such. In this new section halfway you play against a camp where you can activate a side quest. This is not a side quest you playing out as one two three. No, here you have to find 80 rare monsters before you've completed this quest. Since you are here doing so. These side quests you do, your characters are really strong and greatly expanded on what items, like weapons, armor and such.

What I find so special for years to a Final Fantasy game is the sound. Each part brings other music with it. This music in this part is different than other games, it gives an impression of calm and you notice that just happened to love the soundtrack worked, at least me. Also, the voices of almost all the characters voiced by different actors and it is also of high quality. As the graphics, they are of such quality that they belong to the top of what the PS2 can get. In the beginning of the review I was enthusiastic about the opening movie because it looks very nice, the graphics are high quality ingame again and I can do nothing but good just talking about this important element, class!

I can not tell much, but once I stop, the main new elements I have already submitted to you and you know what some of his innovations. The graphics look very good, the soundtrack is also in this part again of good quality, the story is very cool, is nice and fast fighting, the Gambit system is very nice and found the option `s with the License board is very accessible. After Okami is the next highlight for the PS2 that you just can not miss, even if you're not an RPG addict. For this game you money just to get him and you'll get addicted like me to rpg `s. It offers so much that as long as you continue playing until you have removed everything from the game and do not many games, at least not with me. Now I come out with perhaps the most important, the plus and minuses of course Final Fantasy 12 and the score will not miss!

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