Sunday, July 23, 2000

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 | 9.0

First I look at the singleplayer only. Here are the men back for another adventure, but before I can work with them to have us first take the steps or sixty one years earlier. The game starts because in Japan during the Second World War. Now I will not say too much about what happened in that mission, but it comes down to one thing that turns so the Americans turned to be another look. This mission ends with a big bang and produces Battlefield: Bad Company 2 really takes off.

With your squad to get you on idiotic issued at a Russian deal to those looking for something that the Russians might take over the world. The Americans see this and therefore are not you from here to there sent many missions to do. The story in the game is also not really very special, but the word just like the way it is told. The story is explained mainly done through dialogues betIen the sergeant and other soldiers. The sergeant is again led by the General, or something, the men sent from here to there.

The dialogues in this game are just as funny the first part as before, yet in this part of the loIr order. See if the men are more mature after the original part, but that does not mean that at times is very dry and that's helped by a hippie who the pilot of the helicopter squad is. This also encourages guests to a yard and that will only benefit the environment. Was also fun to mid-game to see that the idea of Russians as interpreted by the sergeant and that is exactly what happened in Modern Warfare 2. With the view of the team that manages to avoid it briefly. The references are subtle, but makes it more fun.

The single itself is also in terms of gameplay is not very special. It mostly comes down to driving from village to village to doing certain figures and certain off to retrieve data. The single should the heavily from the humor and the enormous variety in the environments. First it must be said that the men of DICE know how to put together the setting. The jungle is an oppressive atmosphere, because the enemy anywhere and sit in the cold was the worse. So I walked around in a mission, all alone, but a snow storm came up. It was so cold that it gradually froze. It was therefore important to get a house to go to warm up.

The end point I knew without much difficulty to achieve, but I ran constantly from house to house to warm up. Though I did not then I freeze to death. Soon after I tore through an immense desert before, so in terms of variation is therefore more than Ill. Talked about the desert, it contains an enormous castle, where you started and I can be brief. All this must be said is that it looks great. And although it looks strong in terms of setting it is funny to see that visually the game not so very beautiful. Actually a little disappointing in some areas.

So I arrived in the many missions very often against the same building and some smoke effects look a little simplistic. Also the AI is not exactly been very intelligent and scrub consists of the most simple textures. These are a few items per level so generally it is good to do, but as many games to start the day more beautiful visual blemishes or more to fall. The end of the game, the gameplay, and fortunately this is very strong together. The single comes mainly pop down and driving from place A to place B. During the fighting, there are the necessary side-objectives to be implemented. So you can collect the necessary Iapons and a number x satcom off each level.

Also play the single player also important to the humor, the enormous and very strong variation and destruction. Yes, the destruction is not lacking. Where in the previous section is somewhat restricted to certain points you could demolish it in the second part is more extended. Here I can because the houses being demolished and that involves a lot of noise that sounds pretty natural. Moreover, the rendering ideal for enemies behind a house or something entrench easy off, because you just shoot the balls into the house and voila.

All in all, the single player is simply great entertainment. The expensive one hours or six before you're through. If you're a freak and all collectables and Trophies will get all you'll need one hours to ten engaged in the single player and then you have to work with the infinite multiplayer, which I of course also have to task. It is important to know that multiplayer is completely different than that of Modern Warfare 2. This multiplayer is much larger and you can also use vehicles. Another nice feature in multiplayer is also what this special is that the destruction is also present and demolished buildings until the end of the match remain broken.

The game has the requisite multiplayer modes, which you with a good number of people can enter it and you get relatively large maps for you to choose to spread the release to go there. These maps have been partly inspired by the single player levels so this variation is also watching. Also the maps are relatively high and this is mainly because many vehicles you can use. This ranges from ATV's to real helicopters, which you can take the enemy under fire. The ATV is easy to quickly point to travel to another within a folder, a helicopter is more applicable to the taking of the enemy under fire from the air. That's not all, because you can also drive a tank through it everywhere.

Are you not like this stock, you can always with a remote controlled UAV enemy under fire from a safe position to take. In terms of features as the vehicle to go to as it is all fine, but there are also plenty of players who prefer the real work to do on foot and this goes just fine. You can choose to start a class here again and different Iapons. There is plenty of choice so there will find something fun for everyone. In addition, while you can play it necessary to unlock special badges and the rise in level impossible to imagine the multiplayer games, including Battlefield: Bad Company 2, this.

I may long talking about the multiplayer, but the only thing on the bottom line is very strong in the multiplayer works. The gameplay is pretty smooth and there are so many different ways to fight the enemies. This partly due to the destruction of vehicles and the levels know. DICE late in multiplayer once again Ill see what they are capable. It should be clear: DICE get it again for a very strong multiplayer to deliver and although it consists of only four modes you here very long time to entertain.

The entertainment in the multiplayer is simply because the terms of balance like no other game works. Naturally, a helicopter or tank a lot stronger than a regular soldier, but it's not like a lost cause if you a soldier is to stand against these things. With a little bit smooth and logical games you will have a very end and that makes the multiplayer so inviting also equal to playing again. Actually you would only hear one thing and that is or is multiplayer Modern Warfare 2 manages to beat. Really I have no direct answer, given the gameplay is still quite different from each other, but our experience shows that I now have some more fun with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 had.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is again a wonderful title. And then I refer mainly to the content, because it is visually neat, but not spectacular. The gameplay in the single player is not particularly, but enormously entertaining. The humor, variety and bright work from beginning to end nothing but a piece of entertaining game. The audio is also very high and the voice acting is good as ever. Then there is a multiplayer online who undoubtedly months will be played. This multiplayer sticks together again very strong, which I conclude that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a great title that I really can recommend anyone.

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