Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation | 8.5

I have played all the Ace Combat series game and this is by far the best yet. It's graphics on the XBox 360 are amazing first off and I have have the pleasure of flying on a 32" LCD which is just the best. You can save your favorite replays of missions. The missions themselves are much more interesting in that many of them have multiple operations going on at the same time and by accomplishing mission objectives you can call upon allies to help out in defense or attacks with you. The story line is good and I'm playing it through a second time now trying to win various medals I didn't achieve the first time through. Strategy and choosing the right plane and weapons is important for success although there is also a medal for keeping the same plane throughout the entire campaign for which I have chosen the Raptor as my plane of choice. If you love Ace Combat you won't be disappointed with Ace Combat 6. the story is one of the WORST I have ever seen on a video game, it's just so cheap feeling and corny. The cockpit views though can get pretty hard to use on the planes you are eventually able to purchase because the actually area where you can see other planes is so small. So politically correct (masked enemies).

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