Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Resistance 2 Reviews 9.0

Just Right
Time Spent:
10 to 20 Hours
The Bottom Line:
"Best in series"

Resistance 2 is a game that again require installation on your PlayStation 3. It is only a short time of refreshing from 90 to 120 seconds. This course is peanuts compared to many other titles you plenty of minutes to wait until you get started. The start menu gives you three options to choose from, namely Campaign, Combining and each other. Below is the Community section, where you can create and manage a clan, rewards can see, you can view statistics and the rankings can search for the best players around.

First we talk to the Campaign mode. This is simply the single player. The story begins where the previous installment ended with. You see Nathan Hale, the main character and the service you are driving in the game, a helicopter forced by a group of elite soldiers. You come back here soon for a new things in this section, namely that this time Nathan Hale speaks. Soon the helicopter attacked by the Chimera and passes them down. Once you see directly to your bijkomt a giant Goliath, and this is where the game gives you control over Hale.

Major Blake is one of the other survivor of the crash and he gives you your first weapon. This is also one new weapon, namely the Magnum. The Magnum is not an ordinary gun, it shoots bullets namely propane and when the secondary fire button, it exploded. Very useful for multiple Chimera bastards to the next life to help. Your first mission for Major Blake to follow the prison wing and which is immediately striking is that this part much more color than the previous section. After a small tutorial and some Chimera have shot, you get the new version of Bullseye in the hands. Not only in appearance adjusted,( ie it has moving parts now, but the tag is basically adjusted. If you now with your secondary fire becomes a Chimera, then lights it up and they are also visible through walls.

A very good addition, so you can better see where your target at that moment. Wherever you soon find out that there is still a significant adjustment in this new section. You can now constitutes only carry two weapons at once. In the previous section, you could use all available weapons to bear. Of course this is realistic, but it was always useful to several weapons at your disposal to have. Now you so good to work strategically, because your ammo is the one weapon, then your other weapon certainly can do the work. So you have only the Fareye, the sniper rifle in this game, and there is a large group of Chimera at you, then you must make sure that there is enough ammunition in your other weapon.

What is also more enjoyable to the whole, is that if you have a Chimera shot it in a pool of red blood should be placed. It is this kind of small details that a sequel can make or break. We think that in any case more than afkraakt finish. In prison wing you will have a strange being that, even speak to you again. We will also continue to back roads, because these are things you should find yourself naturally. Your mission is now on and your goal is to reach the airport for evacuation. The Chimera have in fact quite the upper hand and Goliath must also be addressed. That you on some points in this level must deal with a bazooka. After turning off the Goliath and the time to be evacuated over the prologue.

It is now two years later and on the screen you see only one kind of haze. You hear voices in the background and you will soon being there as a player behind you just are operated. Why are you an operation, is again something of the story that we will not give away. We would of course be that you yourselves can go enjoy the game. You wake up in an underground base and they just say that it is attacked. Because let's face it, what is a Resistance without the constant threat of the Chimera? Here you come again soon as new Chimera against. Resistance 2 has some nice new Chimera introduced. We will not divulge all, but in this chapter of the story get in at least two. The Fury, which is in the water and the Kraken, the boss of this chapter.
Insomniac has existing weapons and Chimera graphics kick a given, so they naturally look prettier, but they also have many new Chimera on our roof and sent them happily get in place a number of new weapons. These new weapons are also very great and works very well. So you have the example pulse cannon and you really need for some of the bosses. It takes a while before it is charged so you can fire one shot. You see three lights on the arms and when the last lamp is lit, then you can back a firing pattern. It also makes three beeps, so you do not constantly pay attention to these lights. Another great weapon is the Marksman. This is a gun with a sight on top and shoot it as a secondary option off.

We have now had enough of the single player. We would finally give away too much, but make it clear that it is a worthy sequel to the first part and to do that we must simply lift the veil. We now talk about the interaction mode. This is the online co-op version of Resistance 2 and it is beautiful, that you should not even be the single pass with friends online, but it is a private road in the following story. It is playable with eight men and here you will find out much about the story. As the name suggests this mode, interaction is really important you want to survive. You get each team presented a mission and you need to stand together to see this. You have several classes where you can choose your team and be at least one of each class are present.

So you have the medic example, this is really where your hero. This fact can you make back to life after you've just been slaughtered by a large group or one of the Chimera bosses. You'll have multiple people around you: "Medic", heard calling. A good medic is immediately on you, and you can continue with the good weather to kill those ugly alien. Another important person in your team, is one who delivers ammunition. Ammunition is not found on the ground, like health, ammo and you will not sit, then you are like a lamb to the slaughterhouse. Again, you also repeatedly around you: "Ammo", heard calling. You may think that it is cumbersome to depend on others when it comes to health and ammo, but it makes it much more strategic and ensures that people really go together.

Then you have the course against each mode. This course speaks for itself and certainly for those who are online mode of Resistance: Fall of Man have played quite gray. It's mainly a lot of pop together and hope that you make the most kills. But one difference with the previous part is that this time the weapons are not on ground. You'll have to play freely with this your character and you can choose when to start the round or at any time you're slain. Now I can already tell tales that Killzone 2 this also used. The higher you rank, the more you have available. Elevation in rank is also happy playing the Campaign mode and the mode Ensemble. All XP (experience points) are added together, whether you access it at Ensemble, or Campaign Against Each Other earned.

Resistance 2 is a more than worthy sequel. Graphical know we have better games, but they certainly are very inflated compared to the previous section. The new weapons and Chimera look good and are a valuable addition to this section. The extensive co-opted and multiplayer make this game a complete package, then money is worth. The story makes many things clear, which remained unresolved in the previous section. Resistance 2 is a much more epic than the previous section and you'll regularly adjusts to what you find in the story. Resistance 2 is in my view is a must!

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