Thursday, July 20, 2000

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Review 9.0

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is already out for older and who then reviews or news here still have missed the story where it's all about in this game. You sit in the cell, you walk around and a fellow prisoner to start some dicks on useless things. You hear some voices in the distance and an open door and moments later are a couple guards for your cell. You think, what the hell? They open your cell and your areas to deteriorate. Then step inside and Uriel Septime told him you have previously seen in a dream and is in total contrast to the guards not abrupt.

Meanwhile the secret passage opened in your cell present and the club get the secret passage, obviously you do not keep stabbing and because of the strange behavior of Uriel Septime you walk with me, possibly on their way to freedom. Let just say so in your cell that was the way to the underground catacombs of the city. Uriel Septime is not just anyone, no he is the Emperor of Tamriel, the world where Oblivion takes place. You walk back to the club. After a while you just get to stand, leaving the club through a door and you are left, but obviously not let you sit here and go find your own way out.

After some time wandering around to get the club again and then start Uriel Septime you a lot to say about what fate awaits Tamriel. He hands you an amulet and some seconds later he finds the dead. The guards not only know what to think but still let you go because you Septime that Uriel gave the amulet. After the moment you walk through some of the catacombs where, after some time and go into the wide world of Tamriel convenience. You have to address immediately the first quest and you can do if you want. But Oblivion is not a linear RPG no, it's a free roaming RPG, you can go complete the quest but you can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
Mountainous landscape, trees everywhere, rivers, lakes, sounds of birds and a huge city behind you. The world looks really fantastic when you're walking out of the catacombs. Beautiful nature, which helps good paint by the extremely strong graphics. Oblivion is particularly to graphics or in the top category to slide. Everything is true in relation to each other. You'll probably only an hour quietly as I walk around in that beautiful world total lack of pollution, or so it seems.

To some progress, you do quests to complete in early because you only have one is not much different than this but will adopt. You deliver the amulet out of a person whose Uriel Septime told you it would be safe there. Such a simple quest, you would think. This is one small step you've taken it all hangs together in the large main quest. The man takes the amulet and you receive looks for the secret son of Uriel Septime that the city would find Kwatch. Once there, notice the people walking around there that something bad has happened to Kwatch, the city completely in ruins and at the entrance to the dreaded Oblivion Gate.
Well, you should do the son of the emperor to find so you're not but rather forced to enter the Oblivion Gate. Way beautiful flora and fauna, you are in a kind of hell ended. Everything is burned, everywhere you see lava and three towers in one of these towers is the point that you need to find so you have to close the Oblivion Gate. This is not easy, everywhere you attack monsters and other dangers. But you move on and you know after some time off in the right tower to reach to close the Oblivion Gate. This Oblivion Gate is only the tip of the iceberg, there is no one, no, there are sixteen. And the main quest revolves therefore help to close the gates of this hell.

So, enough said about the design of the main quest in terms of gameplay and structure of the story. There are certainly plenty of other aspects to be discussed that help to ensure that the game remains as a truly next-gen game should be considered even though this title is from one years. As I said before the game graphically looks fantastic when you see an Oblivion Gate approaching the cloud into a red blanket which become increasingly redder. All of those details that make sure that the atmosphere in this game is fantastic.
Besides powerful graphics the game has very good sound. The war drums, the voice acts, the ambient sounds of animals, monsters and such. Everything is excellent and sounds convincing. If you are walking through the woods you can hear birds chirping everywhere. You drive on a horse makes the horse seem realistic sounds as if it really is. Especially with a good set of surround sound that comes into its own. The in game characters you meet are all individually recorded. It also serves as the voice vote in what marks the person concerned suffers. One is happy, the other so scared. The main characters in the game are voiced by famous people such as Patrick Stewart and Sean Bean. All this is done very inventive and is in addition to the graphics very clearly stated what this game in order to make audio thick.

You will in the world of Tamriel encounter many enemies, this may simple animals such as rats, goblins and other vermin are. Besides this there are people who want to rob you. You'll especially when they find that the AI is very strong, if they are so severe they will become defensive play. Val then leave it to someone you do not just happen, they will chase you down. Anyway, while fighting brand you myself. Ordinary people will not always remain the same spot, no they do their own thing. During the day you find such a person the night away. All of these small details as I already said both graphics and atmosphere giving you the feeling that you really in a world where you walk is part of it, not that everything you run. On the contrary, if what you need then locate the appropriate person and on but they are not waiting for you.
The game is incredibly comprehensive, the most important aspects such as gameplay, sound and graphics have already been discussed. The gameplay is obviously the most important element in the game according to our scoring system. The gameplay is not happy that a few simple switching and out constantly and do the same. Have you just had enough of the main quest then you do just that pathetic peasant help to defend his farm or you are looking for the lost object. Some flowers look for that one person where you can make him extremely happy. Moreover, these side quests that give you the necessary things you can always use the main quest or other quests. With the huge variety of side quests you, your never bored in this game and it creates a huge play everything you really want to get out of the game what it has to offer, but be prepared to establish long nights!

Fortunately, the developer itself not easily with a simple port to come. The draw distance is much better than the Xbox 360. In addition, some graphical bugs from demolished and become the graphic flexibility built environment. This is not everything, the first add-on, Knights of the Nine you get in here and there are the few items that appeared on Xbox Live. You basically buy a total package except the last add-on Shivering Isles. So very complete package, which is more comprehensive in terms of gameplay and graphics better. This implies immediately that Oblivion really what that means for the creators and not simply porting them to quickly cash in, respect from my side guys! To have one pick up the pace, the Xbox 360 version was struggling with a healthy and long load times, they are in the PS3 version greatly reduced so the pace is nice in its feet.

Are there any downsides in this game? Well, let me say, they are very hard to find. So I advise you at all times off the game with a third person camera view to play. It seems like your character on the sliding surface. Moreover, it is extremely stiff out. In First person camera view you have of course not bother because you and the game is smoother game play in FP and also the angle that made me take this extra not failed them in the cons. Use it anyway you make of it. What I really regret is that you always can change the difficulty. So I have an old friend and play the game when he lost a fight he applied to the difficulty and beat the person that he was still fighting. This may result in you the game for the rest of the time that you play on easy let alone which helps destroy the gameplay, and if it expires title in a mindless hack and slasher. Take it from me, change difficulty while playing is not!

You will greatly enjoy yourself in Tamriel, beside the huge main quest, good for an hour or 25 there are other quests and such to complete. The beautiful graphics and sound of the relevant high-level care for great gameplay and nothing else I can already call this version and still very strong next-gen game that I can recommend anyone again. Delete this trade!

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