Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 9.0

When we first learned about this game earlier this year at E3 we noticed that the tuning and racing at tracks thrown overboard and turns back to the haunts and the police. All this in a nice environment and atrocious cars. If something bold is the new game, then that is the array of cars. So begins the game with not too bad cars because how about a Mazda RX-8 or a Nissan 370 Z Nice course, but the real work is of course the exotic cars and if you just play through, you have an hour or two already in cars driven very fast.

What about brands like Lamborghini, Jaguar, Maserati, Pagani and Porsche? Indeed, the cars that everyone wants to drive, but simply do not have the money. If anything characterized the first parts in the franchise, it was these cars are and are now back in great numbers, but of course with modern models. In terms of selection is quite good and it is another strong point were the car chases. This combined with the most exotic cars on Earth, and voila, you come a long way. All you are going to experience in the career mode that this game has.

This mode is simply divided into two aspects. The first is that you play as police, who must chase speeders and the other part is that you yourself are the speed maniac. You get a world map of the area where you can race and then there are various markings. These markers enable the different races of both the police and one you can hang yourself maniac. In many of these points multiple races, but only at the beginning is the top available, but as you rise in level you unlock it and you can get all the races and make the game play.

Immediately after the beginning you have the option to race as an agent or as a racer because you progress you get more and more different markers on the map from there to make races. All this is perfectly divided between the two types of ways of racing and racing as an agent if you are tired, then just go do the other races as racer and vice versa. The new markers on your map you unlock by leveling and leveling resumes racing, where you can collect points. If you have enough points then you obviously climb up and unlock new races and new cars and that means that at some point in the most expensive cars in the world runs.

A fairly common system that works well in this game and the racing itself is also very nice. There is of course already variation between the two sides, but that's not all, because the alternate races even further off quite often. So one moment you're just a time trial to do, other times you'll be racing against other speeders and again at another time, the police look at this again. As an agent you are working on eliminating all the idiots who make the road unsafe, but you'll occasionally have to arrive quickly at a location. This is actually an alternative to time-trial, but that should not spoil the fun.

The tasty variation in the races that regularly draw near to spectacular, is a relief for every Need for Speed fan, because if you want the Need for Speed games look and play. What makes this even more fun is the ability to use weapons. Now we obviously do not have heavy artillery, missile, because obviously it must be realistic. Think of weapons to nail mats, blocks, helicopters and EMP. That's what you can use to force opponents to stop an agent, but the opposite is fantastic for an agent to sew a spijkermat front of him on the way to throw.

This way of tackling the opponents is very nice and the racing itself will feel just fine. It provides a lot of fun on a regular basis and we were just laughing (sadistic) how we were going to miss the opponent using the weapons. It's a cat and mouse game, and especially if you come later in the game, then you'll really notice it and we can appreciate. Partly because the environments are wonderfully varied and the speed is very high. Then do not forget the multiplayer, because that is the cat and mouse game much more discussed.

Online multiplayer extends well together. Now the offline racing against the AI is very nice, but in multiplayer it works quite sublime. This includes all the standard features you expect in a multiplayer influence of the level system and there is a high degree of tension, because the race again, every time different than you think. People bashing each other on the road, the police turn up the heat and now you try the best possible race. The cat and mouse game comes to a head in multiplayer so players who are tired of the career mode can perfectly fun with these multiplayer.

Which mode you finally sit, one important aspect is the control. This control is getting used to, but when you have mastered, then plays the game and delicious way of using special features, such as a spijkermat everything works just fine. We must also remember that a nitro-boost is not missing, but this does not have much effect if they for example in Need for Speed: Underground had. The last feature in racing is the ability to drift.

Regularly you at high speed on a curve afgeraasd and it is convenient to go drifting, because by simply sending you will soon know the guardrail and brakes is certainly not an option in this game. As a reviewer you should always check the negative points in one game and most crucial is how the game plays. It may feel some log, but ultimately this is a great choice of Criterion, because it brings with it some what realism in a game that relies mainly on the gameplay of an arcade racer.

If we Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit as a total package of view, we arrive at a conclusion and that is that Criterion Games has the job done. This is Need for Speed like you want to see and there will undoubtedly fans happy. The gameplay is back to the roots really an innovation we can not call it, the fact remains that the game has to provide the necessary innovations. The most important of these is Autolog. The Autolog is a feature that keep track of what all your friends do in the game. They range from simple things, such pictures that friends have made to meeting challenges.

What do you race in career mode or online, they are stored and other players know what time you have for example put down and go try hard to surpass. So there's still a competition between processing element. Autolog everywhere in the game again, nice detail is the main menu contains seven options, six of these seven options are linked to Autolog. It is certainly not a simple new feature, just the opposite, because it is loaded with features and improve the times of your friends is of course very nice. Also it keeps the community within Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, the game very well in life. A seemingly simple addition to a considerable depth!

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, in my opinion one of the best parts of the past few years. The gameplay, the cat and mouse games, the variety, the Autolog, the multiplayer, the soundtrack and audio ... there is simply nothing to be desired. Only criticism is that the graphics are not that spectacular. The game looks fine, let's prepare for, but occasionally you still see some pop up nearby and the game has some moments when the area looks a little jagged. The draw distance is again superb and the cars look great and generally it is also simply good. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, the game that goes back to the roots and that in one well. This is an absolute winner!

Graphics 8
Sound 9
Gameplay 9.5

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