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Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare 2 | 10

Almost as great as the CoD4, but it feels like an expansion pack and those don't deserve perfect scores.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is considered the direct replacement of Counter-Strike. A game that years later, still played by the real online shooter fanatics. A performance that a shooter does not soon get to know. The perks, the weapons, the graphics and the package was great. Apart from the line, but as a part of the game, was the single overwhelming to call. The ride was epic than ever and then we immediately think of the level that took place in Chernobyl. The moment we had to crawl between an army of tanks and terrorists. Oh yes, that was fat, but now we have Modern Warfare 2. We will briefly tell you a thing about the story.
In the previous section, and we mean the first Modern Warfare, you sit with your team behind a great guy to bad, this guy, Zakhaev, is one of the biggest terrorist and he should of course be stopped. In Modern Warfare 2 is five years later and the role of Zakhaev taken over by another psychopath who listens to the name Makarov. He is no darling and is therefore sought. You're working with your team to come closer to Makarov and at one point it also succeeds. However, things just a little different than planned and there is a war between Russia and America caused. You end up here in between your team and it makes one hell of a ride on.

This is not everything, because shortly after Makarov, through its action a kind of Third World causes, appear also in the military is not entirely certain things to be lint. So the story reveals itself to you as the game continues. The story will not go into detail we're discussing, in order to keep the experience could be legitimate. In any case, said that the story is found fun, but do not predominate in the entire single player. It feels more like the story of individual levels to survive for any logic, then it really counts. Nevertheless, the story at the end of the game a bit more memorable, it must be said that the generally good over the top.
Now a question that many want answered: what is the singleplayer? The action is very intense and much fuller than Call of Duty 4. It is a true spectacle that is truly unprecedented and will make enough impact on a gamer, he does his mouth fall open. Nevertheless, and then I talk about myself, I'm not as overwhelmed as I was with Call of Duty 4. That was quite an innovation, that we had expected and really is nothing new. It is part 4, but over the top. It is stowed filled with action and therefore I think it went too much of the good, which in itself sounds crazy. Certainly by the nonsensical story gets an unrealistic sense of the game, so everything happens quite acceptable. Part 4 was all very realistic and so had brought some more impact than just moments in this section.

Do not get me wrong, because it remains very fat. It is an epic experience, but one that remains on one level. There is not one scene that really stands out as the most impressive experience of Modern Warfare 2. Everything is tight, this may be a weakness or just very good. The scooter and boat emissions are lower compared to the rest of the singleplayer, but not as dramatic as a tank level from Call of Duty: World at War. The missions with Cpt. Price is incredibly good. They are exciting and challenging. Unfortunately the single player is so short. Too short. With approximately less than 6 hours you have already come through when you play Regular and about 8-10 if you play on Veteran or hardening.
The single is a wonderful roller coaster ride, taking you from one moment in another precarious situation. Where the previous section still strong and had quiet moments, the chaos in this particular section and then continuously. Regular touch you lose the overview and you, especially you anticipate what the enemies do and where they come there for a bit to come out alive. The experience left me with the single player was one of the best I've had this past year. This is not the story, but rather the combination of several gameplay elements. The gameplay in this game at times somewhat linear, but here you little notice because of the oppressive atmosphere.

The game takes you from one predicament to another, and that combined with the many different settings, think of Afghanistan, Russia, America and Brazil, which also display a good alternate. The single has many different missions and each of them are very bold. The action is fantastic and maybe even more chaos the better. It is unfortunately a bit on the short side, but it is an experience that you say against you. In every way Infinity Ward has done everything to make it as spectacular as possible and believe me, that they succeeded! All elements of modern warfare is in this game, so you at one moment to the snipe and the other time you run through all alleys go mowing. Wonderful experience and upon completion will you may be right again.

Graphically the game is quite improved. The bricks in Rio de Janeiro are very realistic and in such a scene is also very close to the blood of beautiful displays. Yet it is not completely polished. When the characters we see often enough that clothes look very angular and the hairstyles do not look that great from. As compared to a Killzone 2 is it all just a little less. The landscape including the famous snow / glacier level Cliffhanger, is all very angular and made simple. It falls to us that the anti-aliasing problem still not resolved and is clearly seen.

Once we walked around a level, where it was very dark, we can clearly observe that the shadows of the famous cartel contain edges. Oddly enough, some shadow effects are nice, but look for example at the level where you infamous plane between the terrorists to slaughter innocent people. The Unreal Engine is the most natural characteristic of the graphics. The particle effects are amazing and impressive display. Ray that the dust is presentable, the lighting, the graphics are all the details which give a nice sauce. A Killzone 2 is definitely not, but fortunately the unevenness in the chaos is not too soon to mock. Only a quiet walk around, they clearly visible.
Of course we can go wild over small imperfections visually. However this game is graphically described as very good game. Take a Killzone 2, as suggested by my colleague, is indeed beautiful, but it was an exclusive game. Infinity Ward does a visually very strong performance to continue with a game that appears on multiple platforms. What makes the game visually so beautiful that you can see the entire environment that war. In Washington for example, because the air is completely dark colored because of the many explosions and all the smoke or watch a good when it is dark, how light works.

We can jump high or low, but it is certain that the game is visually very neatly put together. Naturally there are some minor parts, but we generally look and then put the focus on details, it is a clear case. Infinity Ward has a very neat presentation and realized that with good gameplay, a nice single and solid audio. Then you do particularly well as a developer if you ask me. Especially the audio in this game a good advantage and that is because of two things, first: Hans Zimmer and secondly the effects.

About the sound we all so easy. Hans Zimmer has created a true spectacle. It is clear to note that Infinity Ward has not cut on the soundtrack of the game, because it is sublime. All sound effects are more than just sound. Some weapons have changed the sounds, such as the M4 and the AK-47. We find this a good improvement, because it sounds just a little more realistic. The bullets fly at your ears and the music does an extra scoop on top. If we add helicopter and airplane noise there, the overall picture is complete.

Even voice actors match your contribution. Games often have their jewels when it comes to famous actors who give voice to a game. The actors in this game have more color in war movies or series played, thus probably making the cast is perfect. Everyone knows the famous bodyguard or from 24: Aaron Pierce (Glenn Morshower actor). His voice's just amazing in his role in the game. Even one who does the voice of Sgt. Foley is perfectly cast. None other than Keith David, the voice of Foley. Of course there are more actors who have given voice to this game, but that really jump out the most. 50 Cent? Not even noticed in the game, even when we were watching. The game is still exciting.

A new feature in the game, as compared to the previous section, the Spec-Ops mode. This is truly magnificent! Maybe I'm personally convinced this is the best. You can use the various levels in this mode as a sort of challenges seen. You have certain tasks, such as: keep it as long as possible against several waves of terrorists or try to make as many kills within a certain time, you should bring up a success. How difficult the task, the more stars you get. The stars you earned your levels others play freely in the Spec-Ops. So you unlock the next category of Spec-Ops missions after gaining about four stars. You have five different categories as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo called. The one is harder than the others.

The brilliance of this mode is yet to come. You can also have two because both offline and online play. Some levels you can only play with two. The one sitting in the plane (AC-130) from hell above offering, while the other player sifts through the enemy with bullets in their chest and holes created by his faithful knife. Another type of level that good impression, the stealth levels. The level of Chernobyl is in part taken over and there may be Ghillie suit resume and go along the guards and snipers sneak. Very cool, a snow level is present and is again impressed. Also you can go racing with snowmobiles and by yourself a bridge, while it is attacked by a helicopter.

But this just can only play online with friends from your list. A small disadvantage anyway. For the global confrontation one must really go to the multiplayer section of the game. The whole principle is in fact exactly the same. Something most fans it will appeal. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare had put down a new standard in on-line gaming. The new Counter-Strike we say. Modern Warfare 2 does have the immediate task to surpass. Especially with its many new Killstreaks, Perks and Weapons course. My colleague will also explain what is its fine new, better and tighter with the new Multiplayer.

Online mode of course everyone is after one weeks until the launch of the next part to play. Of great importance is that this is very sound works. The multiplayer in the previous section has almost put the standard. A level system, where you as your Levelt, unlock several things. This whole principle is back and bigger than ever. Only downside is that when you start the multiplayer is so overwhelmed by many options absurd, that it is a good look around what is actually all make sense and is pointless. Besides the standard options, including your own kit together with weapons, one select clantag and perks, there is the necessary options added on.
As each player you can now set a lot of personal things. If you unlock, as you Levelt several extras. You can now also assign yourself to your own logo and this is visible, someone once you select a player to watch. Funny that you do not choose a background, many use just the flag of his country. So Dutch and Belgians is easy to recognize. Besides these new features is the multiplayer mainly remained the same, because it's just added several options to customize your own settings.

If you get so many players being Perks at your disposal and we mean in variety. There are weather appropriate Perks you can choose. Most are also known from the previous section, but nevertheless they are often perfect weather. New is also the Perks Levell. If you make x number of kills with a certain weapon in the arena level rise, and this provides even more benefit. All Perks you can achieve a better variant, which lists the system very thorough and extensive. It will also take time before all your Perks to maximum potential.

Besides that there is a big change came in the killstreaks. Fully traditionally get three kills to UAV, which you can see the enemies. Five kills in a row does no longer airstrike, but a package that is dropped by a helicopter. It contains a turret, UAV or the like. But the whole concept in contrast to the previous section also fully customizable. If you find UAC useless, you can also choose another kill streak reward. We can go on for hours about these multiplayer extras, which are now very extensive compared to the previous section. Infinity Ward is extremely deep this went a few hours and now we have played in this mode we can say that the multiplayer brilliantly well put together.

The multiplayer owned. Yet it is not one hundred percent right, but what is it today? So the spawn points are not quite clever at times (playing free-for-all and you spawned the course of one's gun). Also the nuclear bomb is a bit too much and you still the case that you just before losing game comes fall and a Defeat can write on your resume. Still very annoying. But we can easily kick out, such as a player is idle too long, it can also be kicked out for this reason. Some common problems are therefore still in MW1, but the whole is enhanced with many features and unlockables, so that multiplayer is a must for any shooter fan is.

Here I secretly still very long to wait. Call of Duty 4 Call of Duty was the first that I got home. The Second World parts I never knew so far to get them into our homes. But I enjoyed friends in Call of Duty 2, made by Infinity Ward which is equivalent to quality. The quality you see back in this production. Online is truly magnificent, it offers an abundance of fun and just so the hype is justified. The hype I have followed closely and can say that nothing is a lie. The single post, but it introduced me disappointed. It is too short and the story is a big fat excuse. A level that impressed me very much as part of Chernobyl 4, this game does not. Modern Warfare 2 is a fatty monotonous experience that nevertheless is very worthwhile!

Modern Warfare 2: the hype I used a bit to let me pass. Continuous reports of this and that, that I could be stolen. When I saw the game in Cologne look twice if it was already clear to me. This was one of the best bangers of 2009 will be. Now I've played the single player twice, Spec-Ops have played online and I am doing is clear. Infinity Ward delivers a solid presentation. The single is unfortunately on the short side, but no less great. The Spec-Ops mode is a powerful addition to the player and the multiplayer is even better, bigger and more spectacular than the previous section. Should we have stress? Probably not, because you've already bought the game or is it after reading the review is out!

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