Thursday, October 22, 2009

OpenSuse 11.2 mini review

The downside to OpenSuse 11.2 is that there aren't as many games as there was, and some even crash! I don't get Revolution's Software Beneath a Steel Sky or Penguin Command or Super Tux anymore. I'm using it to download the full version of Windows 7 Ultimate (7600) with Kget and the part file is a life saver. One thing I like is the stupid login screen won't appear at night erasing downloads which is again the only brilliance OpenSuse 11.2 has. Why do I have to go to a OpenSuse FTP and look up a *insertprogram*_11.2_x86-64.rpm everytime I want something new to work? Ubuntu 7.1 recognizes every program, but then they won't load for some reason. Applications 7.0 – where are all the games? And why do I not have a FFMPEG decoder on the DVD yet? Either is very disappointing. Stability 8.5 – some programs refuse to load like GNU chess...all are games. Usefulness 10.0 – Got me Windows 7600 free. Installation 7.0 – had to use the repair installation twice due to kernel panic after the first repair job. Technology 10 – state-of-the-art EXT4 and OpenOffice 3.1.1 is compatible with DocX. Overall 8.4 - Leaves enough to be desired. No FFMPEG Where is WINE on here...unchecked at Installation? Who knows. The NV drivers are so/so. The offical video drivers are a lot faster. Free Image Hosting at

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Stable Suse 11.2 review OpenSuse 11.2 review. I know I gave the beta a 1 star. I've been playing with Suse Linux 11.2 since November 2009. It saves your butt on laptops. When the Ubuntu 9.1 DVD stalls and Windows 7 giving you HDD errors or DVD-ROM errors during installations; Suse Linux 11.2 will install all three KDE, Gnome and XFCE that almost dead laptop HDD that was formatted on too many times. When that Windows partition really sucks, you can format the NTFS partition in BTRFS in Yast! Oh yeah, OpenOffice 3.1 is already compatible with DOCX, and the Crossover Linux RPM works without dependency hell problems like Ubuntu can! This is my favorite Linux distro! It is as stable as Windows 7 and Linux kernel wont be attacked constantly, because it's Linux! Fedora 12 had dependency problems with Crossover Linux, I had to use the shell version on Fedora.... 10 out of 10! Puts Ubuntu 9.1 to shame. Didn't have any of those kernel stalling on OpenSuse 11.2 unlike Ubuntu 9.1. Servers should go with Ubuntu, because they have long term releases and the kernel is like 2.6.32-25. 25 means it's really "Debian grade stable". The British really know how to do Linux SERVERS. The Germans know how to make it desktop grade!

Monday, October 19, 2009

My power tool and utilities collection!

See, I collected power toys as well as videogames. I mow the lawn and execute wood. Nothing to fancy, and I'm not like spending too much on these toys. I don't have black and decker or john deere lawn mowers. All these are used powertools I got off Ebay so they didn't break the budget! I bought the tractor used from an anonymous homeowner USED. In this economy, you never know when you'll come across a diamond in the rough.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

RIP Geocities, has most of my pages on their server.

I logged into my account at nightwalkers101 and noticed that Geo-cities is going down on October 28. I sent all of my site's links within the last week. Hope they archive in time. My site was one of the better looking, because it was done in namo webeditor5. My bandwidth is exceeded. Damn that was a cool site. Videogame pages on it rocked, and was relaxing.

This was the place for webpages before there was Angelfire Myspace or Facebook.

Geocities website is now online at OOcities!

There is a more detailed version in the Wayback Machine

Sunday, October 11, 2009

President Bush and Amitai Etzioni

Overall, President George W. Bush was somewhat liked by conservatives even though he was a medicare supporting neo-conservative which obviously goes to young and elderly due to no private insurance making a profit on them.

One of the people that G.W. Bush associated himself with was Amitai Etzioni. Amitai Etzioni graduated from George Washington University and was a communtarian. Amitai said that he was trained by Martin Buber in Jerusalem. Amitai said that communtarianism has its roots from ancient Greece and the Old and New Testaments Communtarianism is very similar to Third Way. Communitarians explore such as the balance between rights and responsibilities in society, community justice, multiculturalism, the community's moral voice, and developing global society." The program was a successor to G. H.W. Bush's "Thousand Points of Light". G.W. Bush sought rather than officially designating Communities of Character, use heroes to tell the story.

Communitarianism calls for “balancing the rights of the individual with the rights of the community. The government-sponsored neighborhood associations are being used to create the illusion of community buy-in. According to Koire, “The government wants citizen buy-in, creating their own government-sponsored neighborhood associations and then manufacture consent.”

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nuclearized Batteries to replace Lithium batteries.

Maybe when I turn 32 or something Earth will not only have laptop or Blackberry nuclear powered batteries, but anything that used a Lithium battery in the 2000.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It is about the middle class going to work bailing out the country

Great Recession? What recession? The world’s millionaires and billionaires — now totaling 10 million — saw their overall wealth jump 18.9 percent last year, to $39 trillion.

The surge in the stock market in 2009 restored many people back to the ranks of the rich as the financial crisis abated. The number of people with at least $1 million in assets beyond their homes and household goods climbed 17 percent, according to a report on the world’s wealth by Merrill Lynch and Capgemini, a Paris-based business consulting firm. Their total wealth approached the 2007 peak of $40.7 trillion, after a 20 percent plunge to $32.8 trillion in 2008.

“We are already seeing distinct signs of recovery, and in some areas a complete return to 2007 levels of wealth and growth,” Sallie Krawcheck, president of global wealth and investment management at Bank of America, said in a statement. As expected, the most millionaires could be found in the United States, where their ranks rose 16.5 percent, to 2.87 million, last year, according to the report. Their total wealth in North America rose 17.8 percent, to $10.7 trillion.

I don't know what this tells you, but for me this means that the same clueless jerks who got us all into the current mess have gone back to their irresponsible lending, borrowing, paper-pushing practices. Why is nobody discussing the very distinct possibility (which by now has become a strong probability) that these losers will get us into a new round of this economic crisis petty soon?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Going Next Generation November 27st

I'll just pick the Geforce GTX 380 SLI when it comes out November 29th. Radeon HD 5870 crossfire doesn't' work in a SLI board.

First internal cards are based on A1-stepping and feature 1024MB of GDDR5 memory, with all the memory chips located on front of the card. There are also cards with 2048MB, but we were unable to confirm the codename for the 2GB board. Oddly enough, the 1GB card has a codename fitting nicely in the current line-up, even behind one upcoming dual-GPU single-PC part, which would imply that nVidia has the cards for several weeks now.

According to the German site Hardware-Infos, the sample boards now come with a higher GPU clock. The alleged GT300 A1 silicon ticks at 0.7 GHz, with 512 cores working at 1.6 GHz. GDDR5 memory was upped to 1.1 GHz QDR or 4.4 GT/s [billion transfers per second], resulting in memory bandwidth of massive 281.6 GB/s. According to information we had, nVidia firstly clocked the at 1:1 ratio with GeForce GTX280 for a baseline comparison. If the leaked information is true and those clocks remain final, that would mean GTX380 missed it targeted clock by a double-digit percentage. Still, a beast nevertheless.

If the figure of 1.6 GHz for 512 shaders is final, then the chip can achieve 2457 GFLOPS, e.g. 2.46 TFLOPS. This is a very good jump from 933 GFLOPS on the original GTX280. But the dark horse here is not the single-precision score, but rather the efficiency of dual-precision format. If our sources were true, GT300 chip has radically improved way of calculating dual precision operations and should bring anywhere between 7-10x improvement in performance.



DirectX 11/ Xbox 720

It'd be funny if both the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 had a Radeon HD 5780 chip, because by then it would be the one of the cheapest DirectX 11 chips on the market. It seems to me the G60 didnt' work out for PS3, because Geforce 6800 GTX couldn't do 1080p while the G70 barely could. It is amazing they can do 1080p with only 256 MB VRAM on PS3 too.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Top 30 anime 2k9 edition

30. Planetes
29. The Twelve Kingdoms
28. Rurouni Kenshin
27. Eden of the East
26. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
25. Darker than BLACK
24. Honey & Clover / II
23. The Vision of Escaflowne
22. Aoi Bungaku
21. Black Lagoon / The Second Barrage
20. Revolutionary Girl Utena
19. Neon Genesis Evangelion & End of Evangelion
18. Monster
17. Mushishi
16. RahXephon
15. One Piece
14. Last Exile
13. Baccano!
12. Gintama
11. Eureka Seven
10. xxxHOLiC
9. Gundam
8. Dragon Ball Z
7. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I was late to the bandwagon with this show – the initial hype during its airing passed me by, and it wasn’t until a few seasons later that I attempted the show. It’s probably just as well that I waited – Haruhi came at a time when I was just discovering the world of ongoing series and downloads

6. Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

its just a very feel-good series that wants to do nothing more than entertain you. And by god was I ever entertained! TTGL takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, once you’ve committed to the series you can’t stop yourself from going along for the ride. Full to bursting with awesome larger than life characters, epic speeches, eye-popping action and a plot that kicks reason to the kerb

5. Code Geass / R2

The whole Fabulous package of Code Geass seems to be custom-made to appeal to me – its got the pretty CLAMP character designs, smooth stylish Sunrise animation, roller skating mecha, anti-hero lead with magic eye powers, fantastic voice cast, and brilliant music; really there’s nothing more I could really want out of a series! Code Geass caught my attention with its very first episode,

4. Cowboy Bebop

Unlike so many shows that are hailed as ‘must-sees’ Cowboy Bebop actually delivers on its claims – its just a remarkably well made series from beginning to end. I’m not a fan of slice of life or episodic shows, which is why I kept putting off watching Cowboy Bebop, but this is how you do episodic right

3. Death Note

I know that Death Note is over-rated and flawed, but feck it – I love the series to bits! I had read the manga a while before the anime started airing, so knew the story and what twists to expect. Despite this I was still gripped by Madhouse’s adaptation. Really, the direction and animation that this series displayed was something special – completely overblown (eating crisps and writing in a notebook will never be viewed the same way again) but absolutely perfect for building the tension required to make Death Note work

2. Shiki

I can’t even begin to tell you how much time I spent thinking/writing/talking about this series; its a very rare series that gets me that completely obsessed with it. Anime that are truly chilling are rare, but the latter half of Shiki had some of the creepiest, most disturbing scenes that I’ve ever seen animated – the horror tag is well earned.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist / Brotherhood

original FMA was my first taste of the series, and even though it was mostly anime original, it was a very well crafted show and excelled at creating believable drama. However, the recently finished FMA: Brotherhood series, completely blew the original out of the water on nearly every level.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nautilus traveling to space station

The Nautilus is another space-faring craft, a secret military spacecraft which operates by magnetic pulsing. It operates out of the unacknowledged new headquarters of the U.S. Space Command, deep under a mountain in Utah. It makes twice-a-week trips up to the secret military-intelligence space station, which has been in deep space for the past thirty years, and manned by U.S. and USSR (now CIS) military astronauts. The Nautilus also is used for superfast surveillance operations, utilizing its ability to penetrate target country airspace from above from deep space, a direction not usually expected. It is manufactured jointly by Boeing's Phantom Works near Seattle and EU's Airbus Industries Anglo-French consortium. During travel to Washington State several years ago, I had a conversation with a former Boeing executive who worked in their Phantom Works, Boeing's black projects division, (roughly the equivalent of Lockheed's Skunk Works). The executive confirmed what I had earlier learned from an intelligence insider: that Boeing had teamed up with Europe's Airbus Industrie to manufacture the Nautilus.