Friday, October 29, 2010

PlayStation 3 closing in on Xbox 360 in console race

Sony’s PlayStation 3 console is now a mere 3 million units behind Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in the pathetically named Console War™. According to newly released data from each platform holder, PS3 has sold 41.6 million units worldwide, compared to Xbox 360’s 44.6 million units.

Recent sales make happy reading for Sony also: since May 2010, 5.6 million PS3s have been sold, compared to 4.3 million Xbox 360s.

This isn’t necessarily a surprise. Previous reports have indicated that the PS3 was slowly overturning the Xbox 360′s headstart, and now one analyst is predicting Sony’s tortoise will grab second place (behind Nintendo’s all-conquering Wii) from Microsoft’s hare by the end of 2012. Take the mic, EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich:

“Worldwide, Sony will eventually take the lead from Microsoft, likely by the end of 2012. North America is a tougher challenge, and as we have seen lately Microsoft’s lead is widening. I don’t know if the PlayStation 3 will ever overtake the Xbox 360 in North America. Maybe 2014? 2016?”

Of course, as Divnich later points out, third place doesn’t seem so bad this generation. While Nintendo’s GameCube suffered from its third place finish in the last console generation, it only sold around 22 million units. With years left in the tank, both the PS3 and Xbox 360 have almost doubled that, and have a better software tie-in ratio (that is, how many games every console owner is buying).

So, could this be the first console generation where three platforms sell 75 million+ units each? The Wii’s already made it!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Opera 10.6 is unpopular, yet better than firefox.

It doesn't lag like firefox, and it has ad block and flashblock. You can clear all your data with one click. Just have both so when firefox decides to repeatably crash. Opera to the rescue.

^ blocks flash via URL bar


Also I imagine that Bluray is good for Playstation and bad for movies. DVDs are better due to saving 40% on everything. If you have a 1080i camera (and they're under $200 now), just murder the bitrate to 1 Mbps and 80 kbps he-AAC and 2 hours fit on DVD. 1080i is a good resolution. I don't know what is clearer, 720p at 2 Mbits or 1080i at 1 Mbit. It'll look like Satellite transmissions.

1 Mbit meets transparency with 2010 AVC encoders.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Top 13 Modern Country CDs

1.) No Fences - Garth Brooks

2.) Ramblin Man - Waylon Jennings

3.) The Woman in Me - Shania Twain

4.) Storms of Life - Randy Travis

5.) Breathe - Faith Hill

6.) Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc. - Dwight Yokam

7. Emmylou Harris - Red Dirt Girl

8.) Home - Dixie Chicks

9.) Come On Over - Shania Twain

10.) Alison Krauss & Union Station Live

11.) For My Broken Heart - Reba McEntire

12.) Blue Clear Sky - George Straight'

13.) Killin' Time - Clint Black

Friday, October 15, 2010

Decode Chinese video (highly recommended)

If you download this 2 MB application, you can both encode decode chinese video. China is the 2nd largest economy so you better get it.

EBEs in River Falls, WI

They all seem to show up in River Falls more often than other places, because Daniel Brandenstein, Astronaut went to University of River Falls, WI.

EBE flying an UFO!

EBE Flying an UFO 2

EBE Flying an UFO 3

Flew it

Flew my $250 Hanger 9 Piper Pawnee today out in the field! Better than nothing

Wingspan: 80 in (2032mm)
Overall Length: 55.8 in (1417.3mm)
Wing Area: 942 sq in (60.77 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 8–9 lb (3.6–4 kg)
Engine Size: .46–.52 2-stroke; .62–.82 4-stroke
Motor Size: E-flite Power 46 Brushless Outrunner
Radio: 5+ channels
Servos: 7 standard servos (6 for electric option)
Trim Scheme Colors: Turquoise (HANU898), Midnight Blue (HANU885), White (HANU870)
Wing Loading: 20–22 oz per sq ft
Prop Size: 10–14 in
Spinner Size: 2-1/4 in
Hardware Included: Yes
Speed Control : E-flite 60-Amp Pro Brushless ESC
Recommended Battery: 4S 3850–5000mAh Li-Po

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's privatize roads!

President Obama's stimulus plan, the government will spend billions of your dollars building new roads and fixing old ones. They say they'll do it efficiently. ush hours from hell are not natural phenomena. They're manmade -- more precisely, politician-made. Private companies did a profitable project in California on Highway 91. Instead of building a brand-new road, a private developer added two lanes in the median strip of an existing highway. Many people are horrified by the idea of leasing roads to businesses. More toll roads are a must to generate money for both companies and government. They both have their share of poll roads. It'll be like freight trains paying tolls. The republican party needs to build more toll roads for us. Construction companies need to further develop tolls not in the government budget. It's common sense. Time is money. China will pass us by if US won't expand toll roads.

Christmas Wishlist

A new PC like the SystemMax Crossfire X58

Core i7 980 @ 3 GHz, 8 MB L3
12 GB DDR3
1 Terabyte SATA II HDD
Crossfire Radeon HD-5770.
850W PSU (should be 1000 watts)
Windows 7 Home. (owns 7 Ultimate)
31 pounds

The AMD Phenom X6 will equal Core i7 950 in benchmarks (6 core v. 4 core), but I have yet to find a Radeon HD 5970 for it. I rather have a six core Phenom X6, and have a Radeon HD 5970 and don't know where the customize button is.

Hannspree ST329MUB 32" LCD TV | 1080p | 16:9 | 1300:1 Native | 10000:1 Dynamic | 4 HDMI

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Greatest Videogame characters

14. Sonic the Hedgehog
13. Niko Bellic
12. Pac-Man
11. Donkey Kong
10. Cloud Strife
9. Solid Snake
8. Duke Nukem
7. Kratos
6. Ryu
5. Mega Man
4. Samus Aran
3. Link
2. Mario
1. Gordon Freeman

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top 8-bit titles

1. Ronald Reagan

2. Abraham Lincoln

3. Thomas Jefferson

4. Grover Cleveland

5. Calvin Coolidge

6. George Washington

7. John Adams

8. James Polk

9. James Madison

10. John Quincy Adams