Saturday, February 20, 2010

Favorite place to live outside US?

I know that President Clinton was eating dinner at the Salsa Bar and Grill in Port Douglas, Australia during 9/11, yet I also hear that the lost of living is really expensive as that's where the rich and famous live.

Esperance, Australia is pretty nice too for poor people like me. If I can't live in Esperance; Broome, Australia is pretty nice. I hear all the Americans move to Perth, but they should have moved to Broome instead.

Well I narrowed it down to Perth, Esperence or Broome.

"Americans maintain their sense of being God's own country with a manifest destiny to lead the world to freedom and representative republic. Australia has no global ambitions, and those related to the region are for stability and economic advancement rather than dominance" - John Langmore (politician)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Privatization of electricity is better combined with geothermal

Should the state take over public utilities? no. For decades, electricity prices have only gone one direction - up. Now, in those states that implemented true deregulation, prices have actually fallen - in Pennsylvania by up to 30 percent - due to competition. Exempt from the provisions of our flawed restructuring, they were not forced to sell their power plants or to give up long-term contracts, but they were able to make huge profits selling power to the rest of the state.

Everybody should have a geothermal heatpump and furnace inside their business and home. Heat pumps paid for themselves in 8 years. Geothermal is cheaper than gas! Gas is only needed if I live in Canadian/Alaskan climate when a miniature electric furnace is my failsafe.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Iain's second PC (1996-1999)

First one was a IBM 486

32 MB of RAM
Pentium at 100 MHz
Windows 95
It was a hand-me down and no Internet. My parents graduated to a Pentium II with twice the RAM.

The games

A Circle of Blood (7th game)
Diablo (last game)
Doom 2 (2nd to last)
Hoyle Cards (3rd game)
Kings Quest IV (first game)
Kings Quest VII (4th game)
Lode Runner Returns (packaged)
Monkey's Island 2 Luchuck's Revenge (6th game)
Secret of Monkey's Island (5th game)
Simcity 2000 (2nd game)
Simcity Classic (packaged)

I played Nintendo games on it with an emulator, mainly the Super Mario Bros. trilogy and Metroid.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Malazon Book of the Fallen

I didn't know what books to get other than Lord of the Rings so I went down to the top 5 and picked one at random. It was A Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen. Amazon sells each book between $3 and $6.50 and there is nine cheap softcover books. I bought all of them at one time. Now I'm supposed to be more awesome than I was a day ago.

- Gardens of the Moon
- Deadhouse Gates
- The Bonehunters
- Reaper's Gale
- Midnight Tides
- Toll the Hounds
- House of Chains
- Dust of Dreams
- Memories of Ice