Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ubuntu kernel upgrade

Go to http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/
1- Install linux-headers-2.6.32-020632_2.6.32-020632_all.deb (ending by all.deb)

sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-2.6.32-020632_2.6.32-020632_all.deb

2- linux-headers-2.6.32-020632-generic_2.6.32-020632_i386.deb (headers ending by i386.deb or amd64.deb depending of your architecture)

sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-2.6.32-020632-generic_2.6.32-020632_i386.deb

3- linux-image-2.6.32-020632-generic_2.6.32-020632_i386.deb

sudo dpkg -i linux-image-2.6.32-020632-generic_2.6.32-020632_i386.deb

4 - Reboot your computer.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Deer Hunting with Uncle Episode 2

I downsized my deer This doe was shot with a Weatherby Mark V. It died in Northern Wisconsin in Eau Claire County, approximently 5 miles north of Mondovi, WI.


Deer Hunting with Uncle Episode 2

I downsized my deer This doe was shot with a Weatherby Mark V. It died in Northern Wisconsin in Eau Claire County, approximently 5 miles north of Mondovi, WI.


What needs to be in ASOT CLassics Volume 7 [2012]

ASOT Classics Volume 7 [2012]

Dj Sakin & Friends - Protect Your Mind (Lange Remix)
4mal & Matthew Adams - Computer Parts (Matthew Adams Dub Mix)
Boss@nova - Stone Cold
Green Martian - Wizardry
Lange Feat. Skye - Drifting Away (Original Mix)
LNG - Inter City (Original Mix)
Paul Oakenfold - Hypnotised (Vocals Tiff Lacey)
Y-Traxx - Mysteryland (Fred Baker Vs Mr Sam Instrumental Mix)
Fred Baker Vs Nyram - Confirmation (Orginal Mix)

John O'Callaghan Presents Mannix - Mercury (Original Mix)
Super8 - Cre8 (Original Mix)
Super8 - Alba (Original Mix)
Little Wonder - Eclipse (Leama & Moor Remix)
Goldenscan - Halcyon
Super8 & Tab - Helsinki Scorchin (Original Mix)
Arthur Baker Feat Astrid Williamson - 1000 Years (Andy Moor 12" Mix)
Annie Lennox - A Thousand Beautiful Things (Gabriel And Dresd Mix)

Reflect (Maor Levi)
Angel Falls - Firewall Mix
Truth - David West Mix
Infinite - Skyform
Alone - Kaystone
Blossom [Haylon Remix] - Michelle Smith
Lyteo [ Rank 1 Remix] - Mr. Sam
The Morning After - Alibi
Surreal - Witness of Wonder

Subline - Jan Johnson
Kirsty Hawkshaw/Lange - Eternity
DNS Project feat. Johanna - Mindful (Progressive mix)
Gouryella - Walhalla
Anomaly (Calling Your Name)
Kamaya Painters - Far From Over.
Kamaya Painters - Summerbreeze
Cass & Slide - Perception (New Vocal Mix)
hydroid - blue tubes (intro mix)

kalafut & fygle - 3579 km
keo - close enough (noel sanger mix)
fluid in motion - soul dimension
lens - let the light in
Rose amnesia presents tiffany - heaven drops
ava mea - in the end
sean walsh presents jagermaestro - quarter century
steve may - sublimate
hammer & bennett - language

mike foyle presents statica - space guitar.
attention deficit - what
nikola gala - a dream came through
Underworld - Cowgirl
Sasha - Belfunk
BT - flaming June
Kay-Cee - Escape
Underworld - Dark and Long

ASOT Classics Volume 1 [2006]
CD1-1 Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (DJ Tiësto's In Search Of Sunrise Remix) [11:35 | 2000]
CD1-2 B.B.E. - Seven Days And One Week (Club Mix) [08:29 | 1996]
CD1-3 System F - Out Of The Blue (Original Mix) [06:41 | 2000]
CD1-4 Armin Van Buuren - Communication Part 1 (Original Mix) [09:37 | 2000]
CD1-5 Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Sweeping Strings Mix) [10:40 | 2003]
CD1-6 Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Original Mix) [07:04 | 1999]
CD1-7 Underworld - Born Slippy NUXX [11:34 | 1996]
CD1-8 R.O.O.S. - Instant Moments (Moederoverste Onie Mix) [07:43 | 1997]
CD1-9 Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (DJ Gius Remix) [06:06 | 2000]

CD2-1 Gouryella - Gouryella (Original Mix) [10:46 | 1999]
CD2-2 iiO - Rapture (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix) [09:53 | 2001]
CD2-3 Yahel & Eyal Barkan - Voyage (Original Mix) [06:25 | 2000]
CD2-4 Perpetuous Dreamer - The Sound Of Goodbye (Armin's Tribal Feel) [08:45 | 2001]
CD2-5 Carlos - The Silmarillia (Original Mix) [07:18 | 1998]
CD2-6 System F - Cry (Original Extended) [07:24 | 2000]
CD2-7 Art Of Trance - Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Remix) [05:59 | 1999]
CD2-8 Ridgewalkers feat. El - Find (Andy Moor Remix) [08:48 | 2004]
CD2-9 Hybrid - Finished Symphony (Original Mix) [09:32 | 1999]

CD3-1 DJ Tiësto - Urban Train (Original Mix) [10:24 | 2001]
CD3-2 Armin van Buuren - Blue Fear (Original 1996 Mix) [7:57 | 1996]
CD3-3 Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Mix) [6:49 | 1993]
CD3-4 Pulser - Cloudwalking (Astral Mix) [10:02 | 1999]
CD3-5 Solid Sessions - Janeiro (Armin van Buuren Mix) [9:38 | 2002]
CD3-6 Solid Globe - Sahara (Original Mix) [8:03 | 2004]
CD3-7 Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (Original Mix) [6:06 | 1999]
CD3-8 The Quest - C-Sharp (Original Mix) [7:38 | 1999]
CD3-9 The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (Club Mix) [7:12 | 2000]

CD4-1 System F feat. Armin van Buuren - Exhale (Original Mix) [07:13 | 2001]
CD4-2 Gouryella - Tenshi (Original Mix) [08:34 | 2000]
CD4-3 Ralphie B - Massive (Original Mix) [09:19 | 2002]
CD4-4 Andain - Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden's Unplugged Mix) [10:48 | 2003]
CD4-5 Moonman - Galaxia (Original Mix) [05:38 | 1996]
CD4-6 Moogwai - Viola (Armin van Buuren Remix) [09:58 | 2000]
CD4-7 L.S.G. - Netherworld (Jules Vernes Mix) [08:31 | 1997]
CD4-8 Gabriel & Dresden - Arcadia (Original Mix) [09:56 | 2005]
CD4-9 Three Drives On A Vinyl - Greece 2000 (Original Mix) [08:03 | 1998]

ASOT Classics Volume 2 [2007]
CD1-1 Rank 1 - Airwave (Innercity 1999 Theme) (Original Mix) [08:24 | 1999]
CD1-2 Cygnus X - The Orange Theme (Original Mix) [06:31 | 1994]
CD1-3 Armin Van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa - Burned With Desire (Rising Star Vocal Mix) [08:36 | 2003]
CD1-4 Niels Van Gogh - Pulverturm (DJ Tomcraft Remix) [09:14 | 1998]
CD1-5 System F feat. Marc Almond - Soul On Soul (Original Extended) [07:16 | 2001]
CD1-6 Yahel - Devotion (Armin van Buuren Remix) [08:10 | 2000]
CD1-7 OceanLab - Satellite (Original Above & Beyond Mix) [07:30 | 2003]
CD1-8 BT - Mercury & Solace (Master Mix) [08:25 | 1999]
CD1-9 Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness (Original Tweekin Acid Funk Mix) [06:15 | 1995]

CD2-1 DJ Tiësto - Lethal Industry (Original) [06:48 | 2001]
CD2-2 Ferry Corsten - Punk (Vocal Extended) [07:39 | 2002]
CD2-3 Gaia - 4 Elements (Extended Version) [10:05 | 2000]
CD2-4 Vincent De Moor - Flowtation (Original Mix) [07:25 | 1996]
CD2-5 Sasha - Xpander [11:30 | 1999]
CD2-6 Jonah - Sssst... (Listen) (Original Mix) [06:56 | 1998]
CD2-7 Above & Beyond - No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) [09:20 | 2004]
CD2-8 Igor S - Boomerang (Igor S Mix) [06:26 | 2003]
CD2-9 GTR - Mistral (Original Mix) [09:19 | 2002]

CD3-1 Armin van Buuren feat. Ray Wilson - Yet Another Day (Original Mix) [10:20 | 2003]
CD3-2 Marco V - Simulated (Original Version) [07:51 | 2002]
CD3-3 Members Of Mayday - 10 In 01 (Paul van Dyk Remix) [08:56 | 2001]
CD3-4 Way Out West - Mindcircus (Gabriel & Dresden Club Remix) [09:33 | 2002]
CD3-5 Jan Johnston - Calling Your Name (Thrillseekers Remix) [07:18 | 2003]
CD3-6 Markus Schulz - You Won't See Me Cry (Deepsky Remix) [07:43 | 1999]
CD3-7 Coast 2 Coast feat. Discovery - Home (Original Extended) [08:05 | 2000]
CD3-8 Mark Otten - Mushroom Therapy (Lightscape Remix) [08:50 | 2003]
CD3-9 Midway - Monkey Forest (Original Mix) [09:59 | 2002]

CD4-1 Underworld - Rez [9:58 | 1993]
CD4-2 Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Original Club Mix) [10:25 | 1997]
CD4-3 Gouryella - Walhalla (Extended) [8:07 | 1999]
CD4-4 Holden And Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning Mix) [8:05 | 2003]
CD4-5 Aria - Dido (Armin van Buuren's Universal Religion Remix) [11:11 | 1999]
CD4-6 Kay D. Smith & Marc Tall presents Passive Resistance - Praiseworthy Tunes (Hoipolloi Mix) [6:56 | 2003]
CD4-7 Dutch Force - Deadline (Original Mix) [7:33 | 1999]
CD4-8 Moon Project - Moments Are Forever [8:26 | 2001]
CD4-9 Freefall - Skydive (Original Mix) [8:48 | 1998]

ASOT Classics Volume 3 [2008]
CD1-1 Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Three 'N' One Mix) [08:44 | 1997]
CD1-2 Paul van Dyk - For An Angel (E-Werk Club Mix) [07:46 | 1998]
CD1-3 Riva - Time Is The Healer (Armin van Buuren Dub) [07:00 | 2002]
CD1-4 Perpetuous Dreamer - Dust.wav [09:59 | 2002]
CD1-5 DJ Tiësto - Flight 643 (Instrumental) [09:06 | 2001]
CD1-6 Southside Spinners - Luvstruck [05:57 | 1999]
CD1-7 Chakra - Love Shines Through [08:11 | 1999]
CD1-8 Humate - Love Stimulation (Paul van Dyk Remix) [07:30 | 1998]
CD1-9 Bedrock - Heaven Scent [10:27 | 1999]

CD2-1 Riva - Stringer [06:30 | 2001]
CD2-2 Sander Kleinenberg - My Lexicon [09:09 | 2000]
CD2-3 Vincent de Moor - Shamu [05:56 | 1998]
CD2-4 Rank 1 - Awakening (Original Version) [08:15 | 2002]
CD2-5 Pulser - My Religion [07:49 | 2003]
CD2-6 Firewall - Sincere 2005 [08:41 | 2005]
CD2-7 Tranquility Base - Razorfish (Above & Beyond Bangin' Mix) [07:38 | 2001]
CD2-8 Hydra - Affinity [07:31 | 2003]
CD2-9 Witness Of Wonder - Emotion In Motion (The Thrillseekers Remix) [08:02 | 2004]

CD3-1 Binary Finary - 1998 (Gouryella Remix) [07:05 | 1999]
CD3-02 Armin - Virgo [08:06 | 1999]
CD3-3 OceanLab - Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Remix) [07:20 | 2001]
CD3-4 Markus Schulz and Departure with Gabriel & Dresden - Without You Near (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) [11:43 | 2005]
CD3-5 Yahel - Sugar One [08:18 | 2002]
CD3-6 Darren Tate vs. Jono Grant - Let The Light Shine In [07:53 | 2003]
CD3-7 L.S.G. - The Hidden Sun Of Venus (Oliver Lieb Remix) [08:06 | 1996]
CD3-8 Bart Claessen - Playmo (1st Play) [07:11 | 2005]
CD3-9 Nu NRG - Dreamland [08:00 | 2002]

CD4-1 Rising Star - Touch Me [09:13 | 2001]
CD4-2 BT - Dreaming [08:03 | 2000]
CD4-3 Umek - Gatex [04:28 | 2002]
CD4-4 Denzil & Dwayne - Force Of Habit (Armin van Buuren Remix) [08:38 | 1999]
CD4-5 Rapid Eye - Circa-Forever (Rapid Eye's Remix) [07:18 | 2002]
CD4-6 Jonas Steur - Castamara [07:17 | 2005]
CD4-7 Max Graham - Airtight [10:54 | 2001]
CD4-8 Inertia - The System [07:59 | 2008]
CD4-9 Jam & Spoon - Stella [06:19 | 1992]

ASOT Classics Volume 4 [2009]
CD1-1 Armin van Buuren feat. Jan Vayne - Serenity (Sensation White Anthem 2005) (Original Mix) [08:28 | 2005]
CD1-2 Chicane feat. Moya Brennan - Saltwater (Original Mix) [09:50 | 1999]
CD1-3 Cygnus X - Superstring (Sensation Anthem 2000) (Rank 1 Remix) [08:15 | 2000]
CD1-4 Push - Universal Nation (Original Extended Mix II) [07:57 | 1998]
CD1-5 Rank 1 feat. Shanokee - Such Is Life (Sensation Anthem 2001) (Original Mix) [08:51 | 2001]
CD1-6 Signum feat. Scott Mac - Coming On Strong (12" Clubmix) [08:02 | 1999]
CD1-7 Matt Darey presents Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Original Mix) [08:01 | 1999]
CD1-8 Inertia - The Chamber (Original Mix) [08:40 | 2005]
CD1-9 Galen Behr vs. Hydroid - Carabella (Galen Behr vs. Orjan Nilsen Remix) [07:46 | 2006]

CD2-1 Rui Da Silva feat. Cassandra Fox - Touch Me (Original 12'') [08:35 | 2000]
CD2-2 Airscape - L'Esperanza (Armin van Buuren's Rising Star Mix) [11:14 | 1999]
CD2-3 Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor - Air For Life (Original Mix) [08:01 | 2005]
CD2-4 Three Drives On A Vinyl - Sunset On Ibiza (Original Mix) [07:53 | 2001]
CD2-5 Jonas Steur - Silent Waves [08:16 | 2005]
CD2-6 Yahel - U Inside [07:34 | 2002]
CD2-7 Synergy - Hello Strings (Original Mix) [11:29 | 2005]
CD2-8 Robert Nickson - Spiral (Original Mix) [09:03 | 2004]
CD2-9 Insigma - Open Our Eyes (Insigma Mix) [07:30 | 2000]

CD3-1 Mac Zimms - L'Annonce Des Couleurs (Extended) [08:44 | 1997]
CD3-2 Vincent de Moor presents Emerald - Fly Away (Vocal Mix) [08:12 | 2000]
CD3-3 Solid Globe - North Pole (Nickelson & Maurice Night Remix) [08:00 | 2003]
CD3-4 Push - Strange World (Trance Energy 2001 Theme) (2000 Remake) [07:56 | 2000]
CD3-5 Airwave vs. Rising Star - Sunspot (DCML Mix) [09:00 | 2002]
CD3-6 Young Parisians feat. Ben Lost - Jump The Next Train (Kyau vs. Albert Remix) [8:00 | 2004]
CD3-7 Alt + F4 - Alt + F4 (Original Mix) [08:25 | 2004]
CD3-8 Scott Bond & Solarstone - 3rd Earth (Original Mix) [08:52 | 2003]
CD3-9 Sophie Sugar - Call Of Tomorrow (Original Mix) [07:51 | 2005]

CD4-1 Perpetuous Dreamer - Future Fun-Land 2004 (Original Mix) [08:06 | 2004]
CD4-2 Pulp Victim - The World (Moon Man Remix) [06:49 | 1998]
CD4-3 Markus Schulz presents Elevation - Clear Blue (Original) [08:48 | 2004]
CD4-4 Re:Locate - Rogue [07:19 | 2006]
CD4-5 Plastic Boy - Silver Bath [07:47 | 2002]
CD4-6 Conjure One feat. Sinead O'Connor - Tears From The Moon (DJ Tiësto's In Search Of Sunrise Remix) [08:11 | 2002]
CD4-7 Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes (Re-Worked Club Mix) [09:28 | 1999]
CD4-8 The Green Martian - Industry [08:38 | 1998]
CD4-9 Solarstone - Solarcoaster [08:48 | 2002]

ASOT Classics Volume 5 [2010]
CD1-1 Armin van Buuren - Control Freak (Sander van Doorn Remix) [07:07 | 2005]
CD1-2 Oceanlab - Beautiful Together (Signum Remix) [08:12 | 2003]
CD1-3 Svenson & Gielen - Twisted (Trance Energy 2001 Theme) [08:50 | 2001]
CD1-4 Way Out West - Killa (Orkidea Remix) [09:16 | 2005]
CD1-5 Sensation - The Anthem 2003 [09:02 | 2003]
CD1-6 Marcos - Cosmicstring [08:09 | 2004]
CD1-7 Solarstone - Solarcoaster (Midway Remix) [09:04 | 2002]
CD1-8 Dogzilla - Without You (Dub) [07:02 | 2005]
CD1-9 Alex M.O.R.P.H. vs. Rank 1 - Life Less Ordinary [07:07 | 2007]

CD2-1 Lustral - Everytime (Red Jerry Remix) [06:43 | 1997]
CD2-2 Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me [07:22 | 1998]
CD2-3 Chakra - Home [08:09 | 1997]
CD2-4 Armin van Buuren - SAIL [09:10 | 2006]
CD2-5 Envio - Touched By The Sun [08:26 | 2003]
CD2-6 O'Callaghan & Kearney - Exactly [08:18 | 2006]
CD2-7 Nickelson - Yin (Solid Globe Remix) [08:22 | 2004]
CD2-8 Robert Gitelman - Children Of The Sun [08:03 | 2004]
CD2-9 NU NRG - Freefall [07:35 | 2004]

CD3-1 Lange vs. Gareth Emery - Another You, Another Me [07:49 | 2006]
CD3-2 Push - The Legacy [08:56 | 2001]
CD3-3 Brainbug - Nightmare (Sinister Strings Mix) [06:48 | 1996]
CD3-4 Filerheadz - Yimanya [08:34 | 8:34]
CD3-5 P.O.S. - Remember (Summer Sun) [07:28 | 2003]
CD3-6 Luke Warner & Mat Lock - Deep Psychosis (Daniel Kandi's Cure Mix) [07:32 | 2007]
CD3-7 Ballroom - Passenger (Marc O'Tool Remix) [07:50 | 2000]
CD3-8 Union Jack - Two Full Moons And A Trout (Caspar Pound Mix) [12:40 | 1994]
CD3-9 Armin van Buuren vs. M.I.K.E. - Intruder [07:20 | 2004]

CD4-1 Armin van Buuren & DJ Tiësto present Alibi - Eternity [07:48 | 2000]
CD4-2 Sasha & Emerson - Scorchio [09:32 | 2000]
CD4-3 Solarstone - Seven Cities (Armin van Buuren Remix) [11:07 | 2002]
CD4-4 Rank 1 - Beats At Rank-1 Dotcom (Extended Mix) [06:59 | 2004]
CD4-5 Gareth Emery - More Than Anything (Stoneface & Terminal Dub) [06:29 | 2007]
CD4-6 The Ambush - Everlast [07:20 | 1999]
CD4-7 Insigma - Insigma (Club Mix) [07:32 | 2000]
CD4-8 Salt Tank - Eugina (Michael Woods Remix) [08:18 | 2000]
CD4-9 Arksun - Arisen [11:16 | 2006]

ASOT Classics Volume 6 [2011]
CD1-1 Faithless - Insomnia (Monster Mix) [08:38 | 1995]
CD1-2 Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock [06:49 | 2002]
CD1-3 4 Strings - Take Me Away (Into The Night) (Vocal Club Mix) [07:03 | 2002]
CD1-4 Driftwood - Freeloader [06:51 | 2002]
CD1-5 Vincent De Moor - Green Heaven [07:48 | 2000]
CD1-6 Armin van Buuren feat. System F - From The Heart [10:14 | 2003]
CD1-7 Teem Deep - Morning Light [08:24 | 1996]
CD1-8 Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade [09:35 | 1996]
CD1-9 Ultravibe - Choose Freedom [07:52 | 2001]

CD2-1 Sarah McLachlan - Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden's Anti Gravity Mix) [10:30 | 2003]
CD2-2 Tiësto - Traffic [05:24 | 2003]
CD2-3 Marco V - C:\Del*.mp3 [08:03 | 2003]
CD2-4 Vimana - We Came [08:55 | 1999]
CD2-5 DJ Ton T.B. - Dream Machine [08:44 | 2004]
CD2-6 Sean Tyas - Lift [08:25 | 2006]
CD2-7 ATN - Miss A Day [08:12 | 2004]
CD2-8 The Matrix - Protect The Innocent [06:18 |2002]
CD2-9 Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth [06:02 | 1993]

CD3-1 Oceanlab - Sky Falls Down (Armin van Buuren Remix) [10:20 | 2002]
CD3-2 Marco V - Automanual [07:32 | 2004]
CD3-3 Adam White & Andy Moor present Whiteroom - The White Room [09:11 | 2004]
CD3-4 Aly & Fila - Eye Of Horus (Ronski Speed Remix) [09:11 | 2003]
CD3-5 Above & Beyond - Far From In Love [07:16 | 2002]
CD3-6 Selu Vibra - Divine [08:20 | 2006]
CD3-7 Push vs Globe - Tranceformation [07:49 | 2002]
CD3-8 Luminary - Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix) [07:45 | 2005]
CD3-9 Rank 1 - Top Gear [09:18 | 2005]

CD4-1 ATB - 9PM (Till I Come) [05:26 | 1998]
CD4-2 DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access [07:05 | 1996]
CD4-3 Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp [07:44 | 1998]
CD4-4 Ferry Corsten - Beautiful [07:58 | 2006]
CD4-5 Armin van Buuren pres. Rising Star - Clear Blue Moon [10:23 | 2001]
CD4-6 Aalto - 5 [07:36 | 2006]
CD4-7 Kai Tracid - Trance & Acid [07:05 | 2002]
CD4-8 Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy - Tempo Fiesta (Roll Fiesta) [05:21 | 1995]
CD4-9 Reflekt feat. Delline Bass - Need To Feel Loved (Thrillseekers Remix) [08:10 | 2005]

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wine Tricks for Linux Mint

Just run this command in Terminal: wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks

Now to run Winetricks open the Terminal and type “sh winetricks”

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Upgrading the kernel in openSUSE .

To upgrade openSUSE 11.4 to kernel 3.0, the terminal command is available. It works in openSUSE 12.x

zypper addrepo --refresh http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Kernel:/stable/standard Kernel:stable

zypper in --from Kernel:stable kernel-desktop

Super Mario 64: Star Road

I often wondered what Super Mario 64 2 would look like, and I don't mean Super Mario 3D Land here. There is a N64 Rom that I cannot wait for them to put inside a flash cartridge. It'd be worth $100 instead of $8. Someone used Toad's Tool 64 to create this sequel. This is a full hack with 121 stars and new locations.


Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars

I often wondered what Super Mario 64 2 would look like, until I found out there was a full hack out there with 38 stars. I wasn't aware of any 3D Mario hacks.

38 stars in about 10 new levels
A Day/night cycle replacing (most) act selectors
Choose to play as Mario or Luigi
Modified enemies, objects and bosses (too many to list!)
Custom music, including one original song (the town “night” music)
A new final boss fight

password http://snesorama.us

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Best movies of all time

1. Casablanca (1942), dir. Michael Curtiz
2. The Godfather Part II (1974), dir. Francis Ford Coppola
3. North By Northwest (1959), dir. Alfred Hitchcock
4. Citizen Kane (1941), dir. Orson Welles
5. Lawrence of Arabia (1962), dir. David Lean
6. Manhattan (1979), dir. Woody Allen
7. Gone With The Wind (1939), dir. Victor Fleming
8. Chinatown (1974), dir. Roman Polanski
9. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), dir. John Ford
10. City Lights (1931), dir. Charles Chaplin
11. Raging Bull (1980), dir. Martin Scorsese
12. Sunset Boulevard (1950), dir. Billy Wilder
13. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), dir. Stanley Kubrick
14. The Philadelphia Story (1940), dir. George Cukor
15. To Have and Have Not (1944), dir. Howard Hawks
16. The Graduate (1967), dir. Mike Nichols
17. The Maltese Falcon (1941), dir. John Huston
18. Star Wars (1977), dir. George Lucas
19. It's A Wonderful Life (1946), dir. Frank Capra
20. The Wild Bunch (1969), dir. Sam Peckinpah
21. Vertigo (1958), dir. Alfred Hitchcock
22. Singin' In The Rain (1952), dir. Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly
23. The Godfather (1972), dir. Francis Ford Coppola
24. E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), dir. Steven Spielberg
25. The Palm Beach Story (1942), dir. Preston Sturges
26. Blade Runner (1982), dir. Ridley Scott
27. Double Indemnity (1944), dir. Billy Wilder
28. The Manchurian Candidate (1962), dir. John Frankenheimer
29. All About Eve (1950), dir. Joseph Mankiewicz
30. The Searchers (1956), dir. John Ford
31. Rear Window (1954), dir. Alfred Hitchcock
32. Annie Hall (1977), dir. Woody Allen
33. Ninotchka (1939), dir. Ernst Lubitsch
34. Blue Velvet (1986), dir. David Lynch
35. The Wizard of Oz (1939), dir. Victor Fleming
36. Bringing Up Baby (1938), dir. Howard Hawks
37. The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957), dir. David Lean
38. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb (1964), dir. Stanley Kubrick
39. Pulp Fiction (1994), dir. Quentin Tarantino
40. Some Like It Hot (1959), dir. Billy Wilder
41. On The Waterfront (1954), dir. Elia Kazan
42. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1975), dir. Milos Forman
43. Taxi Driver (1976), dir. Martin Scorsese
44. Touch Of Evil (1958), dir. Orson Welles
45. Nashville (1975), dir. Robert Altman
46. Apocalypse Now (1979), dir. Francis Ford Coppola
47. The Hustler (1961), dir. Robert Rossen
48. The Big Sleep (1946), dir. Howard Hawks
49. Bonnie And Clyde (1967), dir. Arthur Penn
50. Unforgiven (1992), dir. Clint Eastwood
51. Network (1976), dir. Sidney Lumet
52. The Silence of the Lambs (1991), dir. Jonathan Demme
53. Jaws (1975), dir. Steven Spielberg
54. The Deer Hunter (1978), dir. Michael Cimino
55. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986), dir. Woody Allen
56. Gunga Din (1939), dir. George Stevens
57. Schindler's List (1993), dir. Steven Spielberg
58. Hud (1963), dir. Martin Ritt
59. The Third Man (1949), dir. Carol Reed
60. Modern Times (1936), dir. Charles Chaplin
61. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), dir. Steven Spielberg
62. Red River (1948), dir. Howard Hawks
63. The Empire Strikes Back (1980), dir. Irvin Kershner
64. Hamlet (1948), dir. Laurence Olivier
65. Notorious (1946), dir. Alfred Hitchcock
66. A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), dir. Elia Kazan
67. Last Tango in Paris (1972), dir. Bernardo Bertolucci
68. Sweet Smell of Success (1957), dir. Alexander Mackendrick
69. Out Of The Past (1947), dir. Jacques Tournier
70. All That Jazz (1979), dir. Bob Fosse
71. Top Hat (1935), dir. Mark Sandrich
72. The Misfits (1961), dir. John Huston
73. Tootsie (1982), dir. Sydney Pollack
74. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), dir. Frank Capra
75. Short Cuts (1993), dir. Robert Altman
76. The Grapes of Wrath (1940), dir. John Ford
77. The Apartment (1960), dir. Billy Wilder
78. A Clockwork Orange (1971), dir. Stanley Kubrick
79. Psycho (1960), dir. Alfred Hitchcock
80. Moonstruck (1987), dir. Norman Jewison
81. GoodFellas (1990), dir. Martin Scorsese
82. Stagecoach (1939), dir. John Ford
83. The Last Picture Show (1971), dir. Peter Bogdanovich
84. Die Hard (1988), dir. John McTiernan
85. Midnight Cowboy (1969), dir. John Schlesinger
86. West Side Story (1961), dir. Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins
87. The Quiet Man (1952), dir. John Ford
88. Reds (1981), dir. Warren Beatty
89. Rebel Without a Cause (1955), dir. Nicholas Ray
90. A Hard Day's Night (1964), dir. Richard Lester
91. A Room With A View (1986), dir. James Ivory
92. From Here to Eternity (1953), dir. Fred Zinnemann
93. The Piano (1993), dir. Jane Campion
94. Adam's Rib (1949), dir. George Cukor
95. This Is Spinal Tap (1984), dir. Rob Reiner
96. It Happened One Night (1934), dir. Frank Capra
97. Do the Right Thing (1989), dir. Spike Lee
98. The Thin Man (1934), dir. W.S. Van Dyke
99. Patton (1970), dir. Franklin Schaffner
100. The Terminator (1984), dir. James Cameron

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grey Goo Problem

Technology is all about making things smaller, and to that end, right now they're working on making the smallest things possible. Nanotechnology is the science of making robots that aren't much bigger than a molecule, and there are lots of reasons for doing it, the biggest being because we fucking can.

Imagine sending a million microscopic machines into a person's bloodstream programmed to attack a tumor, or shoot the AIDS virus with tiny little phasers. Imagine swarms of little cleaning droids mopping up the pollution in our rivers, or tiny manufacturing droids that can build anything we want, in seconds, molecule-by-molecule.

The big problem is, of course, how you actually build trillions of these little bastards. Simple: you teach them to replicate like cells, using materials from the environment.

Just think about, like, a million of these little fuckers!

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

K. Eric Drexler, one of the founding fathers of the whole nanotechnology concept, came up with a number of spine-chillingly plausible doomsday scenarios. The problem is our nanobots would be like cellular terminators, much more advanced than any of the pansy-ass creations nature invented. They could out-compete organic life overnight, obliterating it in a frenzy of Darwinism.

A million of these little fuckers!!

Taken to its extreme, we have the scenario affectionately known as the gray goo problem, which speculates the machines would simply start replicating out of control until everything in existence is just a mass of tiny, scuttling robots, which scientists imagine would look like a pile of gray slop floating through the void.

So, Basically It's Like...

Imagine you meet a magical leprechaun. For a bargain price, he offers to fix up the your house and add an extra room. So you take him home, and he proceeds to eat your house and shit out a hundred and forty more leprechans, which promptly murder you.

How Long Have We Got?

Scientists excitedly assure us that we will have a fully operational murderous death-swarm within twenty years, maybe even as soon as 2010. Right now they're trying to build something called a fabricator, which from our reading is some kind of indestructible robot swarm-queen built out of diamond, who will give birth to trillions of nanomachines and command them to consume all in their path.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Every department store dumbing down consumers

Since when was Microsoft Windows 7 a safe option? The rest of the world on UNIX (PLA going FreeBSD and Chinese private sector running Linux), and department stores only go so far as to offer Apple MAC (a FreeBSD UNIX variant) for the niche 6% compared to Windows 85%. Department stores should offer PC-BSD UNIX on shelves, because it does a favor to Department of Homeland Security.

It is the department stores fault for having this inferior Windows7 monopoly and technical expertise retarding the issue. The ZoneAlarm PRO Firewall won't save Americans, because UNIX is so much more advanced, secure, and stable. It isn't safe for US in a cyber cold war with China, Russia, Vietnam, and India.

The cost of UNIX shouldn't be at MAC prices. The government should be handing out PC-BSD like they've done with ATSC equipment.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center will be the tallest building in the United States, standing at a symbolic height of 1,776 feet.



Tribute of Lights

Cheap 750-inch TV in November!

Sony HMZ-T1 Head Mounted Display has two .7-inch OLED displays that can produce a 1280×720 resolution image. Each OLED screen can be tweaked according to your eye, and because each one sits just inches from your field of vision it creates what looks like, or feels like a 750-inch display viewed from 60 feet away. The HMZ-T1 does HDMI devices.

If you don't care about a partner for single player games than this would be the most cost effective way for viewing video. I already have a 1080p HDTV so I won't be buying Sony HMZ-T1. This visor is for Generation Z people in public schools.

I don't think it'll sell well, because most Americans aren't fighter pilots. Nintendo Virtual Boy failed for a reason. Playstation Vita is better usage of money than HMZ-t1 ever will be.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Top Bizziare miltiary projects

7. The Bat Bomb

Working on the premise any weapon is cooler if it flies in the night on leathery wings, Bat Bombs were proposed by a dental surgeon in the '40s. Naturally the President thought it was awesome so a plan was rolled out to make the night unsafe for anyone that didn't want to have small explosives get stuck in their hair.

The Plan:
Because bats can carry a good amount of weight and tend to sneak into buildings and such, the plan was to make an army of flying rodent suicide bombers and release them over Japan. The little fellas had small napalm explosive kits made for them, which were probably the cutest incendiary devices ever, and then cases were constructed that would be dropped from B-29s, releasing the bats.

6. The Sun Gun

Destroying your enemies from space is the goal of every angry 4th grader and Scientologist. Unbeknownst to many, it was also the goal of the Nazis, who figured a space station/death ray combo would have been gangbusters.

The Plan:
Appropriating the work of less genocidal minds, Nazi physicists began work on an idea that would put a giant mirror in orbit. The mirror, which they planned to design from about one million tons of metallic sodium, would burn cities to the ground, boil reservoirs, crisp people like bacon and probably make all kinds of kids with magnifying glasses huddled over ant hills feel grossly inadequate.

The mirror would be on a space station manned by Nazi spacemen with magnetic boots to help overcome weightlessness, with oxygen provided by on-board pumpkin patches and electricity provided by solar powered steam dynamos. The cafeteria would presumably have food deep fried in love and the rec room would be structured out of the dreams of children and unicorn gonads.

What went wrong:
We did. "We" being all the non-Nazi assholes, the more colloquial name for the Allied forces. When it became clear that we were going to win the war, the US began taking German scientists out of the country and this plan, along with many others, was abandoned. Also, the epic, grand scale, and mind-bogglingly retarded nature of the entire idea was apparently a roadblock that needed to be overcome too, since we couldn't even build the damned thing now, in 2008, if we wanted to.

And trust us, we want to.

5. Project Habbakuk

When Winston Churchill got a hankering to smite his enemies, he aimed for the sky. Actually, he aimed for the ocean, where he wanted to build Holy Fuck That's Insane island. That was renamed Project Habbakuk. It was an aircraft carrier. It was an iceberg.

The Plan:
Wanting to make an unsinkable aircraft carrier that would be so intense as to make enemies shit themselves uncontrollably, and with good reason, the Brits came up with the Habbakuk. Constructed from ice (ever try to sink an ice cube?) the plan was to make it 2,000 feet long with a deck to keel depth of 200 feet and walls 40 feet thick. It would displace 2,000,000 tons (compared to the Navy's current Nimitz class carriers that displace 100,000 tons). So, it was like, really big.

When ice proved to be not entirely feasible a material to build an aircraft carrier out of, they switched to something called Pykrete, which was just ice and wood pulp. It was intense stuff that deflected bullets and since this idea was already probably the craziest thing anyone had ever heard of, why the fuck not?

What went wrong:
Practicality. A small version had been constructed in Canada that weighed 1,000 tons and was only 60 feet long to show that the idea could work. It took three summers to melt the damn thing. The full-scale model would take $70 million, 8,000 people and eight months to finish, the finished product could only travel at six knots and once it arrived where it was going, it would still be made of fucking ice.

4. The Stargate Project

Sadly having nothing to do with fighting aliens who pretend to be Egyptian gods, the Stargate Project was the CIA's way of saying goodbye to $20 million, but getting a fun story to tell the grandkids as a result. The project was an effort to discover if psychic remote viewing was real, because if it was then that would make spying a whole lot easier.

The Plan:
Apparently the Commies were spending a lot of money on paranormal research during the Cold War. So if they were doing it, the CIA wanted a slice too, before the Reds whipped out some dude who could kill the President with his mind. They started the Stargate project in the '70s with a crack team of gifted psychics provided by the Church of Scientology. Seriously.

What went wrong:
They realized right away there probably wasn't anything to the whole psychic/remote viewing thing. And by "right away" we mean 25 years later. The project lasted until 1995.

Research into the project's validity concluded that while the remote viewers could get some details right, they were also doing a stellar job of getting a shitload wrong. In fact, many say the results were exactly the same as having a group of random hobos make wild guesses, and that you could just as accurately uncover enemy hideouts by having a camel spit at a wall map.

Hey, did we mention that we spent $20 million to find that out? Don't feel bad, the Soviets spent 500 million rubles to find out the same thing.

The Pain Ray

The Active Denial System, often referred to as the Pain Ray, is a futuristic sounding way of making sure someone is about to have a really terrible day or improperly cooked microwave burritos. Designed as a method of crowd control, the ADS does just what the nickname suggests, it causes pain. At a distance!

The Plan:
In certain situations, it seems the military doesn't want its own people getting too close to the danger, but at the same time doesn't want to start picking off rowdy crowds with a sniper hidden on some kind of grassy knoll because that makes for very bad press. So developing non-lethals that make people do what you want has recently become very popular.

Thus the Active Denial System is born, a long-range weapon that uses electromagnetic radiation at a high frequency and can be directed at targets close to 500 yards away. It causes the water molecules in a person's skin to get "excited," which is a pleasant way of saying it microwaves you. But not in a permanently damaging sort of way. Maybe.

What went wrong:
Nothing, yet. They've built the thing, and it works. The ADS was first developed over a decade ago and after many trials and tests, the US military seems to have a hankering to get them into Iraq very quickly.

A lack of research into long-term effects or prolonged exposure to the weapon have some people wondering if it's such a great idea, since probably no one has volunteered to have their eye microwaved yet to see what that's like, but meh. It's called the Pain Ray, not the Rainbow Shooter. That's what you get for not dispersing on your own, angry mob!


Another non-lethal method of crowd control and also a psychological weapon, malodorants, or stink bombs, are supposed to create a stink the likes of which you can't imagine. Worse than rotten meat, backed-up sewage or another trip to the dump with dad to find mom an anniversary present.

The Plan:
Military forces have been playing with this idea for decades. A number of smells have been patented, including the smell of human feces, which makes us think we probably owe a hell of a lot of royalties to someone every day at about 8AM. In the Second World War, some intrepid people invented the hilariously named Who Me? as a way to make Germans disperse as well as humiliate them by making them smell worse than people on the bus.

The US has something called US Government Standard Bathroom Malodor which is apparently so bad, people who have experienced it actually start screaming within seconds. Written accounts describe it as smelling like every bad smell you can think of, put together, times ten. Reports say it actually creates visible cartoon stink lines in the air. The military thinks that's as hilarious as we do and wants to throw it at people.

What went wrong:
Though the ideas are still being developed, the fact is, historically, they don't work out so well on account of you're going to end up smelling like unbelievable ass too. Back in WWII, Who Me? couldn't really be effectively used since it not only made the target stink, it made the bomber stink and the entire area where the bomb went off stink.

Stink is a fickle mistress, and obeys no master.

Project Acoustic Kitty

When you think of spying, odds are you think of jamming a radio inside of a cat so it can listen in on stuff. And if you don't, you really need to have a good, long think about what kind of person you are. Anyway, in the '60s, the CIA hatched this idea to make a cat into a listening device and stick it to some dirty Commies.

The Plan:
The how and why of this project was probably torn up and shat on by whoever came up with it in an effort to save a shred of dignity, but nonetheless, what has survived is a plan to implant a battery and a microphone in a cat, with the antenna running up through its tail. They could let the cat loose and no one would be any the wiser of the mystery cat sitting nearby.

What went wrong:
Public transportation. It turns out, in a strange twist of logic, that once you put a battery, a microphone and an antenna inside a cat, it is not immune to taxis. So, after spending several millions of dollars and years in research, the CIA released their spy cat on its test run and a cab ran it over.

The project was then scrapped and no one spoke of it again.

If you liked that, you just might enjoy last week's article about 7 Insane Conspiracies That Actually Happened. Then go watch a smug 60 Minutes reporter get zapped with the Pain Ray. You know, for the sake of journalism.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Why Canada is Better

To many Americans, war is the best thing ever. It's CNN filming explosions, leading to the story where a soldier's sacrifice teaches a nation about courage, starring Bruce Willis. In fact, war brings out more emotions than the Super Bowl and AIDS combined. With a good enough war, executives could put somebody in an Uncle Sam outfit singing the National Anthem to kick off the NAACP Image Awards, and there would not be a dry eye in the house.

hat said, the U.S. is 3-2-1 since its inception (not including the Civil War, which would have added a win and a loss to the record). Note that I am generously not including the current Iraq war in those statistics. Because, really, who knows how that one is gonna turn out? Meanwhile, Canada is 5-0-1 during the same period, including a 1-0 record against the Americans (1812). Moreover, while the Americans were deciding what color panties would look best on J. Edgar Hoover, the Canadians were ass-deep in the two world wars from the very beginning, completing every lousy job the Allies could throw at them.

Perhaps more to the point, many Americans, their chief executive included, probably couldn't pick out Canada on a map. If we Americans tried to invade Canada, we would end up mobilizing to Minnesota or somewhere and declaring victory after bombing the hell out of the Mall of America. Which reminds me—Canucks torched the White House once when we were passing through D.C

This is going to hurt for you to hear, but American beer is a laughingstock. I’m not trying to be a snob here, but even if I lost my sense of taste in some sort of firecracker incident, I still wouldn’t touch the questionable slop that passes for beer south of the border. There’s an old joke all Canadians are taught at a young age: How is sex in a canoe like American beer? They’re both fucking close to water.

I can say is that many Americans don’t wish to be identified as such. While traveling throughout Europe, I encountered literally dozens of people with Canadian flags sewn onto their backpacks. As it turned out, just about all of them were Americans posing as Canadians. This is apparently a very common tactic of American travelers. Why are young Americans ashamed to be recognized as such? You’d never see Canadian travelers sewing the stars and stripes onto their belongings, after all.

In case my arguments are insufficient, there is actually a scientific, internationally-acknowledged way to tell which country is better.

Tell me which country has been ranked highest 10 times. In case history’s not important to you either, check out the most recent Index. Canada ranked 4th, while the U.S. finished a dismal 12th, behind nations like Japan and France. That’s right. A bunch of midget, panty-obsessed salaryman drones and a nation of wine-sipping collaborators enjoy a higher standard of life than you.

Canadians live in a climate that makes them impervious to pain, Canadians are better educated, and their donuts and beer are clearly superior. And I haven’t even touched on Canada’s low crime rates, relaxed drug laws, or universal health care (without supersize military funding of course).

And finally, it's Sega Dreamcast's twelve American birthday. I was excited at the time to own one to play Soul Calibur (10/10).

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kylin in the Cyber Cold War

I am unsure how much unsecure openSUSE is compared to BSD Unix, but at least I figured it out. The Chinese were using Kylin Unix to attack US Gov's Red Hat Linuxes. Kylin is based on FreeBSD 8.2 UNIX, more stable operating system then Linux. Stability and security should be a concern for the Pentagon. The government prefers Red Hat Linux at the moment.

I recommend entire US gov to switch to FreeBSD flavors to even the odds of the cyber cold war. I had to be self-taught on UNIX. I think Solaris UNIX administration is in the Bachelor programs.


What does this have to do with me? I'm right-wing; therefore, let the Pentagon know of their error.

Global Warming Hoax

It's a hoax (never existed)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

PC-BSD 8.2 impressions

This is my 3rd UNIX after OpenSolaris 2009.06 and Solaris 11. It runs the KDE 4.5.5 and Gnome 2.32 desktop environments. It has a long uptime is an indication that no crashes have occurred and no kernel updates have been deemed needed. Unlike Solaris 11, the PC-BSD DVD gives you LibreOffice, The Gimp, Empanthy IM, all the KDE and Gnome programs. I test it on the PC that only takes Ubuntu Linux & Linux Mint. It does feel like a Linux, yet without Crossover Linux Pro. I am searching for free Bordeaux somewhere. I need bordeaux for VLC & Winamp. Kubuntu kicks PC-BSD's butt in all benchmarks! That meaning a less secure Linux would be better. No wonder few go with UNIX.

BSD: Berkeley Software Distribution


I downloaded 5 Touhou Shoot em ups in 2007 and I got them back with ISO buster!

Perfect Cherry Blossom

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Imperishable Night

Shoot the bullet

I've sampled all four for the past 7 hours. From Rapidshare, these are advanced shareware games. Far past the solitaire or spider solitaire for certain. Am the only person in Wisconsin to have downloaded free Touhou SHMUPs.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

SHMUPS Episode II: Next Gen

The first shmup I played was probably Darius Gaiden for Sega Saturn which was about a 7.5. Then I bought the pretty awesome Gradius V and R-Type Final for PS2. I pirated some saturn shmups and ps2 shmups for emulator usage. I got a modchip memory card that plays pirated PS2 SHMUPs on any PS2. Previously, I used PCSX2 of course.

I noticed a lot of expensive region free DoDonPachi Xbox 360 games out made by CAVE, the last SHMUP developer. SHMUPS are expensive and stupid, yet I pay up due to the $50 stable market value. I have nobody to show off too. DoDonPachi series is the hardest bullet hell shmups anywhere.

I purchased DoDonPachi Daioujou Black Label, Do Don Pachi Resurrection REV 1.5, Espgaluda II Black Label, Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 this week, because I had that kind of money. Each of these are as good as Gradius V on PS2. They have review scores ranging from 7.5 to 8.5. I also realize that I can get these SHMUPs free if I can find the MAME Roms via rapidshare (no easy task, yet I'm impatient $$$$).

Do Don Pachi Resurrection

Do Don Pachi Resurrection

DoDonPachi Daioujou Black Label

Mushihimesama Futari

espgaluda ii black label

Everybody sucks at these games. I am a suicidal pilot who is lucky to get to level 3 before game over. This happens to hardcore gamers as well. Theses games are really over the top as far as difficulty.

Guilty pleasure X360 games!!!