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Bayonetta PS3 review 9.0

Attention: This review was made with the PS3 patch that fixes the framerate and adds HDD option to my 320 GB HDD. Release date January 28, 2010.

In 1971, scored the band Led Zeppelin a huge hit with the song "Stairway to Heaven '. It sings singer Robert Plant, the sentence:" And she's buying a Stairway to Heaven. That's all well and good, of course, but after we Bayonetta have but we think there suddenly very differently. In the game you play because of a witch, as the title suggests, is called Bayonetta and her memory is lost. Hundreds of years, she sat in a box and is now awake, but without memory. Searching for answers, she is haunted by angels, in contrast to what we are told that angels are anything but peaceful. We accompanied her on the quest for answers and now have the review for you!
Before we elaborate on issues such as: the gameplay, audio, graphics and play like we can already say this. Yes, the game has some technical problems, but if you have a PlayStation 3 game and want to buy? Do not be frightened by what critics do not all say about the PlayStation 3 version of the game, because some tiny dots after it is still a great experience. Anyway we obviously have to explain why the game is so good and that is exactly what we do. Get ready for a game like you've never seen before and show that you have in your dreams will follow! Each game starts somewhere, however, so we just go off to the story to.
Bayonetta is set in the fictional city called Vigrid, this city is not entirely fictitious. As you probably know Bayonetta has a lot to do with mythology and the name of the city is not simply chosen. Vigrid is because from the Norse mythology, it represents the battlefield where the gods fought the giant black Sartre. The fictional European town Vigrid looks like a battlefield between giants and gods. Some own more than condominiums. Although they themselves do not exactly know Bayonetta is a member of the Umbra Witches, an old women from existing clan. They have magical powers which they draw from the Mon On the other hand, the Sages Lumen clan, a group of men who draw strength from the Sun
Together they hold a treasure called "The Eyes of the World '. One clan is "The Left Eye ', the other course," The Right Eye. " Light and Darkness, Day and Night, you understand that these are in balance. Naturally things go wrong and on and treasure the days disappear and a war breaks out between two clans and kill each other. To make matters worse, Bayonetta and her partner Jane have also been attacked by so-called 'Angels' that appear to come from heaven. Fighting on a broken piece of church introduces the game with your story and your character. After a wild roller coaster ride was suddenly dark and starts the game in modern times. Bayonetta hundreds of years appears to have sat in a box and has already been twenty years among us, now it's your turn.
A fairly early so hectic and one you will not soon forget. Bayonetta is a third-person action game where the concept of 'action' more than present. The control of the game is pretty simple on the surface, but as you get more moves and weapons unlocked quite deep. The game can be played off by just button bash, but gamers looking for but the hottest and coolest moves weapons can very deeply with Bayonetta. Of course, you buy weapons and moves to something and that you are called halos. These are the large gold rings that float above the heads of angels, only here you chop their heads off and take you into the halo. Then you visit your good friend and arms dealer who Rodin at the gate of hell is waiting for your halos.
Not everyone will just visit the gates of hell, but we've already told you that Bayonetta is a devil? Lumen The Sages are namely the gate of heaven, the Umbra Witches are those of hell. Got it? Good, then we can continue our Bayonetta Devil. The witch has a good range of moves and weapons ready to help you and not even close. When it has weapons on its limbs, both her hands to her feet as she guns. There are also weapons like a sword, a spear, an ax and so on. The most dangerous weapon of hers is still the alluring black hair and that's no joke. Were you always curious why its so good care of their women? We have the answer here!
Bayonetta is because her shiny hair transform into disgusting creatures such as giant fists, boots and a number of creatures including a dragon and a giant bird. As she does we see something remarkable and that is that the black suit that also has to Bayonetta locks is made! The genitals are just mind, but she is practically nude sample of a three storey banging into each other, action was never this good. In addition to these weapons is also a very cool feature and the "Torture Attacks. If Bayonetta namely a number of enemies defeated without being touched there is a full bar, at some point, the player the triangle and circle button and may be performed Torture Attack.
These attacks are very diverse and different enemies will also appear special. Thus Bayonetta a gallows where she calls her opponent bonjourt or a box full of spikes where an angel is depressed. There are about a dozen different Torture Attacks and they are all equally fun. Of course it is even more fun when it different enemies can exert Platinum Games deserves praise for creativity and imagination! Itself at the very end of the game, the player still new enemies, they all have different names and characteristics. So you have enemies that can fly and have a spear, a large kind of lizard that fire balls shooting, flying rays with pointed tails, flying creatures as big as buildings with traditional chiefs, and so on.
Of course there are plenty of bosses back at the end or midway a chapter reports should be. It all starts with one being about as big as a house and from there it is just bigger, stronger, narrower and more difficult for the absurd to it. The best trick is the fact that first you are very impressed by the first boss, but then you just fight against three at a time in a little later in the game and then again overwhelmed by a still greater being. So you see the progress as a player that you and your character books. If a being a bit too strong, but it is slow then you also have the opportunity to "Witch Time" to use. Indeed if the player evades an attack just in time with R2, then slows down time here and you're faster.

Make no mistake in Bayonetta, because it's not like you go from one room to the other enemies to run a cup size. You will have many hurdles to overcome, and these vary from running over a waterfall to the running of a church while it falls down. This may sound crazy, but wait till you play the game and we seem suddenly not so crazy. As we previously said, Bayonetta is a spectacle from start to finish and gives you little time to rest. Because the steering is so nice smooth keep you busy and you are motivated to overcome every obstacle again. Some obstacles, like in slow motion of a falling wall to another falling wall jump, are just too much for our human Bayonetta. Therefore this kind of situation can also further transform into a panther or a crow. The panther is very fast and the crow can fly over unfathomable depths.

Bayonetta is typical of the sexual undertones that contains the game constantly. Each time you back here to laugh at a crazy move at a critical moment. So she suddenly pole dancing with a giant hatchet, or is it deliberately with legs spread right in the picture. And we have not even had the lollipop, always has a lollipop in her mouth Bayonetta her any extra energy. The way they do thing, however, to keep it clean, consuming to say the least challenging. Platinum Games in the men do like a touch of humor. The game certainly has a serious undertone, but the seductive Bayonetta makes it often very funny. The other characters sometimes take a naughty joke.

Graphic Bayonetta has a special and magical style. The game has very nice lighting effects and the characters look convincing. Although the game is something of a character like stijltje conservation. The eye care environments, and with much attention in the game process. They come at you a magnificent Colosseum, a large church, an underground maze or a paradise in cheerful colors. The game is generally well cared for, but unfortunately we can not ignore the problems around the PlayStation 3 version entails. Now and then have absolutely no frame rate drops and load times at the oddest places. This is the momentum of the game not as good and even the start menu includes a loading screen can even be frustrating.

Load times can be found everywhere in fact Bayonetta, whether you pick an item, want to load the start menu or simply anywhere wraps around the corner. Not that every corner you have a loading screen, but sometimes it just happens that a few seconds to load while being chased by a lava flow. That does not mean that the game has become a great experience. Partly due to the beautiful sound of the game. The music has a feminine elegance, but can sometimes care for a serious undertone. Platinum Games wanted a female character is also female accompaniment of music, something that they certainly succeeded. The sound of rain, falling rocks, lava, water and tunes as you pick up such a sacred object are excellent.

As a final remark can perhaps be called the camera a tad annoying to do, but fortunately you have the opportunity to R3 with the camera quickly to place the butt of Bayonetta. Overall the game is just well cared for, it looks good, sounds good and plays well. Unfortunately the present loading times so that it can be frustrating. It does not spoil the experience, but after playing the 360 version, we had to conclude that PlayStation 3 version is clearly inferior. There are also very occasionally some of the previously mentioned frame rate problems.
On whether we hit the first of 2010 I have with a resounding: yes. Bayonetta certainly has agreements with Devil May Cry, but has chosen to simultaneously complete a separate identity. With a great character, a beautiful world and large numbers of enemies present, this is a game you played as a fan of action games should be. Yes, the game has some problems, but what would it if you can fight against monsters that are greater than your own home? So you have a PlayStation 3 Bayonetta and you want to play? Do not be stopped by the equations you found on the Internet, because the Sony console Bayonetta is a game of epic proportions. Hideki Kamiya may again be proud of himself and his team!

Sunday, August 27, 2000

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

What you, as you wonder in this translation is that the game has improved technically and whether it has become not a bad game, because the unique Nintendo DS capabilities are lacking. On a logical question, but on the other hand, it is a game from Rockstar and if someone is experienced in making games than they will. Fortunately we have good news like that, because it has convenient solutions to the gameplay that make up the difference and the game is technically improved. But before we really go in depth, it is important to first have a look at the story behind this game to watch. That decision is entirely different and has no connection with other parts.

Huang Lee travels to Liberty City to a sword of great value to the family, to deliver to his uncle. But he has not landed or if he is attacked and left for dead. Not really a good start, while another is also that his father was murdered. Lee Huang is not a coward and is soon to visit his uncle who is quite as cold as a stone block at the bottom of the ocean. His uncle runs a large part of the city, then indeed the underworld, and this is a little empire to collapse. So how annoying it is to Huang, his presence is still very convenient, because soon after the conversation with his uncle, he can go to work for many dirty jobs to restore.

The story continues gradually between the missions and again by a typical GTA story. It's great, works as a good red line around the gameplay is somewhat interesting to follow. Very shocking story should not be experienced, as we have seen better stories in the franchise. Nevertheless, it is a nice trip to the Asian mafia, and this provides a different approach to the game on. Besides, Huang was quite on the dry side and can be sharp with his comments. Furthermore, the gameplay of this game is virtually identical to other parts. You get missions and characters that range from the elimination of certain figures and works against the triads steal cars, and sabotaging them.

The missions themselves are not particularly, because we've all seen before. These missions continue to somehow still fun to play in this game and they get some kind of value. A good example is that at some point racing cars to steal. This is not just your cock. Look, everyone in the car, but then it started, that's another story. This is a mini game involved and then again it varies by car. Sometimes you need at the right time on the X button if the figure passes by in a series of ten, which are indicated below. Other times you have with the analog stick encircle as screws and then the wires together, so that the engine starts.

The mini games are new to the franchise and give it an extra added value. The missions are fun and playable, because you never really too long doing. The mini games add an extra element to the existing missions, so that you, you will not easily bored. The missions themselves are also good and varied it creates another Rockstar typically part of the franchise that is especially fun to play. However, a disadvantage of the mini games after a while not really exciting anymore. In the beginning you will like them and it definitely adds to what. But if for the hundredth time to do the same if you want to steal a car, you can do some work against. But that is the price that we paid for the port to the PlayStation Portable.

The original Nintendo DS game, came on the handheld Nintendo very good to her right because of the many possibilities for a mini-game to apply. The PSP is just the trigger, the analog stick and d-pad limited. The lack of a touchpad is a pity, but if you've played Nintendo DS version is not unlike the writer of this piece, then you are probably not very long wakefulness. Because anyway, you get a nice game for the PlayStation Portable with many familiar elements, but also really great and new additions.

In terms of gameplay, the game then surely expanded compared to the "Stories" sections. We are in many cases, especially on Grand Theft Auto IV thinking and not because the city is the same, but more the way you play and that's a good evolution. The city itself is also quite large and consists of the rightmost two islands of Grand Theft Auto IV, that if you map from a viewing perspective. This gives pretty much fun and many varied locations. These are visually well mapped. Moreover, it is completely different angle than you're used to from the "Stories" and what parts of the PlayStation 2 and 3 appeared. Something that most probably will know, if not, at this explanation.

Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 had a top-down view. From the air you actually looked at on an interactive map down and this is the case with China Town Wars. But instead of you looking straight down, this game is different. A direct definition is not, because it contains a top-down view, which effectively 2D but the game itself then 3D. Let's keep it on the game between 2D and 3D. Graphically, the game than their approach differently than the full 3D games, which previously appeared on this handheld. Yet we must say that Rockstar has a very nice game graphically made of.

The game features a day-night cycle, neat-looking vehicle, which I still want to get into accidents verzeilt. In addition, people walk everywhere, which are large relative failure, but that aside. Besides this "living" things should also be noted that the city is somehow a self ambiance. It lives and all that is the game for good. It also looks all very tidy and organized. So was the game on the Nintendo DS still somewhat a bit on the blocky side. On the PlayStation Portable is a lot better, because the handheld is also stronger. The game does not turn, cut scenes, as the "Stories" sections.

The story is told through cell-shaded slides. Here you see the characters constantly engaged in dialogue, it is then displayed via text at the bottom. This is quite a considerable step back and perhaps the highest for the Nintendo DS, but the fact remains that there might be some more effort into could have been. On the other hand there are enough positive things to say about the game, so we do not have to worry about to make. One example is the audio. This is generally nice to call radio stations and especially the sound again as usual. Many choice of stations with various music styles, so nobody gets bored.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, a fun game that somewhat goes back to the roots, because the camera perspective. It offers the player plenty of variety and the minigames are a good addition to the gameplay. It's just that they are long term not really up to its promise, but that's mainly the control capabilities of the PlayStation Portable to blame. The cut scenes are really exciting and technically it is a pity that no more work has made. Nevertheless, the game is generally a sound purchase. It looks nice, has great variety and the audio is typically. The game is especially ideal for short play sessions and after completing the single player there is a lot to do. A game that you will keep being busy.

Overall 9
Graphics 10
Sound 9

Thursday, August 24, 2000

Borderlands PS3 review | 8.0

Borderlands is being developed by Gearbox Software and the big man behind Borderlands is none other than Randy Pitchford. With great enthusiasm he knows the world press to convince the quality of Borderlands and he does well before the game appears in stores. PSFocus we have him now met several times and we looked forward to that very Borderlands. Today we can finally evaluate the game and I certainly hope that Randy Pitchford has lied to us and this is just going to be a great game!

Randy Pitchford has also been lied to us once, but he did not deliberately. Two years ago we were invited by publisher 2K Games, the Borderlands GamesCom presentation to attend. Pitchford Randy was the man who would conduct the presentation and everything went smoothly. We saw enough in the game action and the press present was an interesting game, especially because we were told repeatedly that Borderlands looks something like Diablo, but in a shooter jacket. A few months have suddenly everything was different.

When it was announced that Borderlands is very different from going to see. Gearbox Software stepped away from the existing graphics and the game was developed with the look that had made them as artwork. It now seems drawn out, but according to Randy Pitchford is not cel-shaded game. The graphical appearance of Borderlands is now indistinguishable from the dozens of shooters who have appeared on consoles. This combined with millions of weapons and a genre that best describes as a First Person Role Playing Shooter (as Randy Pitchford always tries to describe), will require a new successful franchise Borderlands make.

However, it is doubtful whether a successful franchise Borderlands will be because the game suffers from some problems. Meanwhile, some old problems have been solved with a patch but this patch has not removed all errors. The first thing that strikes me is that Borderlands a fast game, but it seems as if the game can not keep up. If there are many characters fill the screen, along with a large number of enemies, then stripes appear on screen and that can never be the intention. Even if you zoom in and quickly back and forth, then appear again some stripes in the picture. Not always, but just enough to be annoying.

We let the points just beyond annoying ways and concentrate on the story, because if Randy Pitchford wants this as an RPG is going to be seen, it has a good story. Borderlands in the story is somewhat disappointing, but it's fun enough to keep you busy. The game takes place in Pando, one place on earth where no love and peace is found. For years, there is a Pandora's story about a treasure called The Vault. This baby will make you rich, powerful, and especially many women deliver. Hence, everyone in The Vault is out hunting and hunters call themselves Hunters Vault.

When you first start the game, you told more about The Vault, and we get a choice of four Hunters Vault. Roland''The Soldier''is a dark RenderMan so much to see first hand. We can be extrapolated from the number of scars on his face. Roland specializes in Combat Rifles and Shotguns and the type of''shoot first, ask questions later.''Mordecai''The Hunter''is a lean man with a goatee, but also it is no spotter. He specializes in Sniper Rifles and Revolvers, but can also handle a sword.

Litith''The Siren''is intended mainly to have her pretty face and her tight ass. But you better not tell her this, because Lilith is a silent killer, the sneak behind an enemy's back appears to him once then send to hell. And then there Brick simply playing himself. The man is bigger than the Dutch kickboxer Semmy Schild and has numerous scars on his body down. He does have agreements with Semmy Schild, because he prefers to turn his opponents into the ground and keep it especially explosive weapons. It should be clear ... Do not F * ck with Brick!

In the first level you are greeted by an annoying robot that will dance when he was bored. Yet you can not do without him, because it explains a few things and gives you a communication device, which are very useful. In this device, you can directly see which missions you should complete successfully, but also whether your skill points should be divided among the many possibilities. This allows you to select a skill Brick making his punches even tougher and Roland may turrent placement on the floor, automatically firing many bullets at all enemies still move.

In the communication device can also read what weapons you carry with you at that time. That's pretty important, because a limited number of things you can carry with you, but when you progress through the game, you can still take more loot. Loot is a collective name for all the stuff that falls to the ground after the killing of enemies and things revealed by opening crates. Pandora is an open game world and there are plenty of enemies who want to make your life miserable enough crates and distributed throughout the game, so you have an incredible number of weapons to find.

Randy Pitchford wants us to believe that there are millions of different weapons in Borderlands to use, but this is now a doubt case. However, there are significantly more weapons in Borderlands, then what game to the PlayStation 3, but this is because weapons are automatically generated. Weapons to change substantive issues such as: storage capacity, speed of bullets fired and how far you can shoot it. In addition there are also such that knife mounted weapons (you can hit it harder in melee) or fire bullets, making the enemies into the flames fly. Enough variety and thus ensures that every weapon picks, to see if this is better than your current weapons.

The RPG element is still very important in Borderlands. You need your skill points to divide property and for this you need experience and you get points by completing missions and killing enemies. This in turn ensures that you will face many weapons, so you soon a lot of weapons to your disposal. This is handy for the ever more powerful enemies to defeat them. This keeps it interesting to level and it automatically works that Borderlands a fun game continues, you more than a few hours to play.

I will also outline how I started reviewing the Borderlands. The first hour I was playing, I soon had a level 12 character and I thought it was time to take a look online. That turned out a big bug. When you go online to play, you can opt for new characters or existing characters and I took my level 12 character line and squeezed all fast (to me) useless text. I was then in company of two much higher level characters, and was soon behind them than I could not play together. The enemies were too powerful for all the weapons at that time I was in control and hit a few balls, my character was lying on the floor bleeding to death.

Back to the single-pass, was therefore a logical step and I took my level 12 character back in my arms to venture outside in Pandora. To my amazement, I was suddenly in the game much further advanced than I liked. I had the missions of the two online players took on me, though I was aware of them. Apparently this is still listed before going online to play, so it was entirely my own fault. However, I do not actually agree, because it should not matter to whom you are playing online. When someone is much further than you, this should just be fun stuff to pick it up, but not missions to communicate.

Hindsight we can say that Borderlands is launched too early. Even though the game is actually delayed because the Gearbox on a wild throw another bow. Graphically, the game is progressing, though many people do not appreciate this graphic style. We have the game two years ago and have seen when they were introduced, it was a graphically outdated game Borderlands. Now it is unique, though the lines that occasionally appear on the screen annoying. The online multiplayer would otherwise be, but it is certainly not bad. With four people playing online is really cool to do!

Borderlands creates a nice atmosphere and this is also due to the music and the voices of the crazy characters you meet in Pandora. I strongly believe that if Borderlands three months later would come, that the game would have been nearly perfect. Yet for many players change the graphics a big disappointment, but Borderlands is far from a playable cartoon. Kickass characters and very nasty enemies, together with an open game world, everyone should be interesting. Add the online multiplayer (read four male co-opted) and add the chance to challenge each and you know that Borderlands will entertain you dozens of hours. See you in Pandora Brick!

Wednesday, August 23, 2000

God of War: Origins Collection | 9.0

I LOVE the God of War series with a passion in the same way a film lover loves the works of Ingmar Bergman/Alfred Hitchcock/Stanley Kubrick/Andrei Tarkovsky. As a matter of fact, it's easily my all time favorite game series. It's art direction, story line, characters, emotions, and game play are all among the cream of the crop. It's a force to reckoned with in gaming, and it's no secret that all Sony game systems benefit from having God of War on it. The highlights of the PSP's game library were definitely the two God of War games, so naturally I was very excited when I heard the two GoW games were being ported over the PS3. I've played both games on the PSP before, but ever since my aging PSP died on me, I was definitely bummed I would never be playing the two God of War PSP games. Rest assured, two of the PSP games are now available on the PS3, and they are better than ever.

First off, the games themselves. What exactly do these two new games offer for God of War fans? Are they worth the journey? The short answer is YES!!! (OK, that's pretty obvious, but read on anyway). (Minor Spoilers Ahead).

Both games have their own original plots, with CoO being a prequel to the whole series, and Ghost of Sparta being set after the second game. Both stories are well written and bring out entirely new elements and subtexts, filling out plenty of back story and developing the characters, especially Kratos. In particular, Ghost of Sparta does an amazing job at really setting the tone for the rest of series. More members of Kratos family appear, and it's the suffering and the negativity about that is caused by the gods, that really give an understanding of the agonizing ten years he spent serving the gods. It actually doesn't QUITE explain why Kratos went on a killing rampage in the beginning of the second game (it's actually because he was betrayed, in game, in the cell phone game God of War:Betrayal), but it really lingers on Kratos own suffering and more intimate feelings, really showing you as to WHY he's so pissed off. Chains of Olympus is an excellent prequel as well, highlighting the seemingly never-ending quest of serving the gods. At the end, it all comes to a deadly conclusion that would ultimately lead to the most harrowing journeys in video game history (at least for Kratos). In particular, the revelation near the end of the game is the light bulb moment if you always wondered why Kratos made the ultimate sacrifice at the very end of the series.

The games basically follow the same GoW formula, as you will perform combat, solve puzzles, execute quick-time events, and collecting red orbs in order to level up and gain new abilities. The same action-based, combo-stringing, combat is here and works as great as before. You will still gain access to awesome magic and weapons, including my favorite new weapon, the Arms of Sparta. You will be able to combine and use a single combat spear with a heavy duty shield. As a matter of fact, the two games contain some of my favorite magic and weapons. I also love the Djinn, which let's you summon a fire genie that pounds flames into the ground, and The Horn of Boreas let's you wield the name sake, with the ability to freeze enemies in a whirlwind of Ice and wind. However, I'll let you explore all of the new abilities yourself. The controls have also, actually, improved a bit thanks to the PS3 controller. The addition of rumble is a nice feature, and the the DualShock 3's extra buttons provide for easier controls as well (rolling with the analog stick, for one), since the PSP didn't have as many buttons.

Most of all though,those who LOVE the game series for it's awesome level design, excellent stories, great writing, emotional ability, and the GoW artistry will love these games. None of the games feel redundant; they are always fresh in it's execution of its world. From exploring the monumental Helios temple, exploring the Pits of Tartarus from the very deep, being present during the seize of the city of Attica, and watching the world crumble beneath a stone pillar, I've always played these games knowing exactly why I treat this game series the ways fantasy fans do The Lord of the Rings. You will not regret playing these games, as you will gain more insight into the unique GoW myth, understand the characters even more, and the God of War universe itself. After all, one main reason I play these games is because you love the art of the game, and all of the games here would be utterly indispensable to the series in my eyes. They are just that important to the series.

As you all wanted to know though, God of War Collection, besides giving a wider audience a chance to play these two games, is known for it's "remastered graphics". The team responsible for the previous collection did an excellent job with remastering the visuals for the first collection, as it was one of the big selling points of the first collection. For those of you unfamiliar with the process, the HD remastering adds better texture, speeding up the frame-rate to a constant 60fps, and cleaning up the rough edges and shoddy textures of many PS2 games. It really cleans them up and makes them look more vibrant enough they can hold their own against today's visuals. While these PSP games obviously show some graphics shortcomings due to the fact these are PSP games, they still look excellent. In particular, I personally think Ghost of Sparta looks terrific. Ready at Dawn used excellent graphic technique, and it honestly is the second best-looking GoW game, with the third with the lead. Colors look amazing, the liquid and particle textures looks ultra clean and dense, and the backdrops are stunning and slick. Chains of Olympus is a bit more rough around the edges, but it still looks great and much of the rough edges have been cleaned up.

Perhaps the best upgrade, however, is the HD experience. This may just be a selling point for those who still are able to play their PSP versions. While it's plenty possible to connect your PSP to your PS3, the image will not be very pretty, and it's definitely not as easy and you might end up spending around the same amount of money to do so. But with this collection, the crisp High Definition picture, the pounding, visceral, earth-shaking sound design, all work together and can truly floor your home theater system and your own God of War experience. This is what the medium/art game gamer mindset LIVES for! Besides, these games SCREAM epic treatment. You don't play GoW on a little portable handheld that only has a 4.3 inch screen. You play it with a TV, a home theater system. With astounding sound design, larger than life, awe-inspiring visuals, these are the types of games you buy a Home Theater system for. Thanks to this collection, you can finally translate the PSP games to the area it's truly known for.

On top of that, God of War Origins also features a lofty new addition for people who really enjoy such a thing (nothing wrong with that): 3-D. Alright, fine, I admit it. I did not get any time to check out the 3-D first person. I don't own a 3-D TV, and I agree with such figures as Roger Ebert that 3-D is largely unnecessary and a complete gimmick. However, I can definitely understand why people like the effects, and from what I heard, the 3-D works fine and really helps amplify many effects such as fog and other material. However, I'm definitely hear to tell you that It really shouldn't detract you either way from purchasing this, as 3-D or not, it should not disappoint. If you like it, great. If you don't, also great. It's not a make or break decision in buying the collection, as the main feature here are the games themselves.

As far as bonus features go, you can also unlock trophies. watch documentaries, and spend some time with the DLC. I didn't find the bonus features to be a "must-buy factor", the games included are, but they are fun and interesting. The DLC is definitely interesting and fun, and most GoW fans will definitely find some use and value in it. The Forest of the Forgotten is a brand new arena challenge similar to previous ones, and you will get all new objectives to solve in the vein of Super Smash Brother's challenges, like most of the challenges. The Kratos Legionnaire is basically a costume where you play with a very Golden Spartan soldier, complete with awesome helmet.

The roundtable video is where all five creators of the series all meet together and discuss the franchise together. You also get Trophies, which are mostly just virtual bragging rights and a way to compare each others skills. Well, skills predetermined by the software company, but hey. Personally, I'm not a big fan of trophy achievements (I find them trivial and I never go out of my way to achieve them, I just achieve them unintentionally), but some people like them and they aren't too difficult to unlock, as you get them for activities such as beating the game on higher difficulty levels, using items for a particular amount of time, or achieving/completing/coming to certain plot points.

I easily give this five stars for what it is, as all God of War fans who haven't played one of the games here would be fooling themselves if they didn't own this one. The games here are essential to the series, and if you don't have these games, then you should buy this collection as soon as possible. It's true that, if you own the PSP versions, the value of this collection may not be AS obvious (although I don't think many would regret it, given that you can play these PSP games on an awesome Home Theater System). For everyone else, you will be spending your hard earned money very well. I can't think of a single God of War game not worth playing, and this collection is just as essential as God Of War 3 is. The games are, in many ways, more intimate, more personal, and emotionally satisfying, especially Ghost of Sparta, which has one of the best story lines in the game series. Really, I'm running out of things to say here, just get it, and you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands | 8.0

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands: the game that goes back to where it all started once. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was once on the PlayStation 2 a cool new game that was rated very good. The two subsequent sections - Warrior Within and The Two Thrones - showed an increasingly darker side. Afterwards, he was Ubisoft with a cell-shaded Prince of Persia and over again were the cool parts, but the magic of The Sands of Time was great. Ubisoft The Forgotten Sands tries to continue the good elements of The Sands of Time, but they were successful? That you read below.

In Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands prince travels to the kingdom of his brother Malik, being attacked by many enemies. The prince travels to his brother on behalf of his father to go and help, and shortly after your arrival, it hopelessly wrong. Malik leaves the Sands of Time free and proposes that the ancient god Ratesh able to rise up with his army of undead created from sand. Contrary to what Malik goes expecting the army against him, because he looks like King Solomon Ratesh and he previously vowed to destroy the kingdom. By the Sand of Time was released, the amulet that inactivated split into two and both brothers ended.

Because both brothers are now a part, it is important for our prince to unite these two parts and it Ratesh against them, but Malik thinks only of the power he gets, and thus begins to lose confidence in his brother. What happens next you find yourself during the game, but we can say is that the story of this game is fun to put together. The story should not particularly attractive, because it is not really original. However, it fits well in the setting and what you need to do in this new adventure. And let this adventure are exactly what this game it should have.

In our hands-on we were a little critical of this game and that was largely because we felt that the soul is a bit lacking. Today is the final game is pretty surprised, indeed, where we first were critical, we now enjoy the game off. It is perhaps not as attractive as previous installments, but soulless is different. The sections in the vast palace that you are calling nicely put together and the whole gameplay is supported by beautiful appropriate music. In this respect, our great fear is well made and very fine.

The game itself consists of two parts: fighting and climbing and scrambling. The game begins with a nice cut-scene shortly thereafter and begin climbing and scrambling. That went so incredibly smoothly, the desire for more equal opborrelde if we just ended up in a fight. You can use the prince still run along walls, and a reluctant and then jump back and forth. All this is quite easy and within seconds you're one hundred meters higher. You can encounter all sorts of great rocks, ledges and more climbing. The prince may be somewhat unnatural acrobatic, but it feels good, and it looks good as the animations are concerned. Actually everything is just fine in that regard and as you go into the game, is still a lot more fun.

As you progress you get more options. So you'll soon have the opportunity to water stopping. If you do this then everything goes as usual, only the water freezes. Sometimes spraying water from a wall and if you freeze, you can swing this if you make a waterfall into a wall along which you can run. A thick beam from above can be used as a cornerstone for you to cling. This seems simplistic, but you can not always do, because there is a meter that runs until you empty the water still move. In addition, these moments later in the game a sort of puzzle where you must freeze the water, to let go and freeze the same again, otherwise you will not advance.

That is not the only thing going up and scramble to make a puzzle in itself. If you're well over half of the game you also get the opportunity to further parts of walls to recover, which usually had collapsed. But this can only in part. If you then a "retrieved" and you have to piece is a piece that you still need to recover, then you must do so during your jump. This combined with the freezing of water makes it sometimes a challenge. Yet, all this so quickly that you have little to no frustration, and that in itself is an art. Add to this that another puzzle element in our hands-on session pretty annoying were also resolved.

Where we previously have had huge problems with turning levers in the circle is now much less. Totally illogical way, the controller for that matter, but it is much better. What is also very nice - which is especially important in the fighting - is the possibility to upgrade your skills. Frequently you have to fight many different enemies and each time you defeat enemies, this gives you some points. If you have an x number of points, then you can go to a grid point and an exchange of experience. This experience points you get through many enemies. You can experience more points into health, but also for special attacks.

In total you get next to you stand (and further extend) the possibility of sword attacks four magic attacks. This allows you during a fight, assuming we have the four magic "bought" have a number of stone evoke hover around you and serve temporarily as extra armor. In addition, you get a firm magic on the floor, causing the enemies fall. Ice is used to a frozen path for you to create, so that any enemy who comes into contact will receive an additional blow. Finally there is a fiery attack, which also necessary to deliver to the adverse effects enemies.

The combat system is not very deep. Warrior Within had such a huge extensive schedule of combos, but this part of this is addressed. Nice simple fighting with the square and the four key points for magic attacks. Besides a low blow you can get a solid distribution and that's it. Yet the fight is not boring because you combine your magical attacks with each other and in addition you can also use some of your agility in the fighting. The battles themselves are again interspersed with climbing and scrambling, and overcoming the many traps and puzzles by other elements, such as freezing.

In totality, the entire single player nothing more than a fine adventure. It plays wonderfully smooth way, the music sounds great in the ears, and visually see the animations are neat. Graphically, the cut-scene at the beginning impressive, but soon afterwards you notice that the game graphics are not really much to offer. The game is also not a masterpiece, but far from ugly. Nevertheless the overall picture is fine. It is very unfortunate that we are eight hours or by the single previously. Experienced players will likely again start at the highest difficulty level. In addition, the challenge mode just for fun, but keep it up.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands: A game that all the positive things from The Sands of Time reused with new elements and that worked out well. If you're a fan, then this is a great title. The only criticism is that it is a shame that the game is not very long and that if you have him off you're ready with it. The game has some replay value, but that is not enough for the majority of players to keep playing and that is unfortunate. Another downside is that it visually all one piece could have been better. Take your love for these points than is Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands a very nice title that certainly the fans and non-fans may delight from beginning to end.

Sunday, August 20, 2000

Prince of Persia | 9.0

his latest title from the Prince of Persia franchise, the creators not continued with the existing story. We have a new prince, a new story and a fresh new look, but this is where Prince of Persia fans have been waiting for? Are they loyal to the award-winning gameplay and this game is called the Prince of Persia name worth? Let us quickly review these steps and flying carpet a good fly.

Indeed the story is a completely new and we have a new prince. And I'll be honest, the prince I might. He is not as serious as the previous one and also a good sense of humor. I got settled while playing a smile on my face and that is something I appreciate. The story begins with the prince is looking for in a fierce sandstorm Farah. Farah shows, so you come back later in the verhaaler, your ass, and it is laden with gold. Our prince is not a poor devil. During his quest he Elika against which to escape for a group of soldiers. The prince could not resist this beautiful woman to follow and chase.

During the chase begins, as it were a simple tutorial to the tricks of the Principality to learn Persian. You will gradually learn more and more how the prince to drive, but here you learn the basic advance. Climbing and scrambling looks superb and works very intuitively. If you run tegende walls, then jump to the other side and continue running against the other wall, then jump to a pole and then run again, sometimes seriously feels like you can fly. It works very smoothly and it looks great from another. This is already successful and just that aspect, Prince of Persia I found the best in the game Sands of Time.

For me the two parts then why not play and I appreciate this part more. After your short tutorial on climbing and climbing, you see that Elika into trouble. She is surrounded by a group of soldiers and may you and the honorable charmer that you're obviously not over you just let go. Get first to the battle system in Prince of Persia. The fighting system in Prince of Persia is not complicated, but extended. With box do you use your sword to your opponents filleting. With round you use your glove to your opponent's claws to grab and throw into the air. With cross acrobatic show you the tour or for example to avoid the opponent to cross it.

With the R2 button, the prince in a defensive posture to block attacks. If you timed it perfectly, then the defense of your opponent completely open to a counter attack. Then you have finally the triangle and it puts you to work Elika. You throw her towards the opponent and they will then use her magic to attack. So as you already have notes on magic Elika. It is essential not only for the story, but if you want to survive this adventure. Elika is a princess of the Ahura, a tribe which aims at the evil god Ahriman monitor.

The king of Ahura, the father of Elika, the Tree of Life can now cut down and thereby escape Ahriman. The country will turn into a gray, dark and dilapidated world, and this is what Ahriman need to fully escape his prison, where he stuck thousands of years. To stop Ahriman with Elika you must now clear the different areas of evil. There are like four zones, with all its own boss over this region. From the temple, where the story begins and where the State Life, which can first reach areas of the four zones. Get the first dealing with the four followers of Ahriman, those imprisoned with him, but already escaped.

All four areas have then a cluster of four zones and again when you have them removed then you can go to the last area of the zone once and for all an end to the respective follower of Ahriman. To move around a cluster to go Elika will first need a new power. After purification of an area changed it back into a beautiful landscape filled with orbs. You must collect these orbs, as these light bulbs do you need to force an unlock. So if you've collected enough orbs will return to the temple have to activate it. You're in a dream world right where you first use this force and it can get after it in the real world use them.

They are not forces such as shooting a fireball or lightning, but his strength with which you can use special plates. There are four different types and each leaves you in a different way through the area, and achievement points, which you would not otherwise reach. To each cluster to play you need two forces and there you have enough orbs of course is needed. If the area is still dark, you will spend most enemies and avoid defeat, but when you've cleared the whole area then you will again go through the orbs to collect. It sounds complicated, but if your game once you play will fully understand what I mean.

It's a really great game and Elika is extremely useful for the information regions to come. If you fall into the abyss or threatens to die, Elika will you collect or heal. So you can never die while Prince of Persia and it keeps the pace is good at. Also, you will no longer perform a double jump by another miraculous jump in the air, no, now you just jump and then press triangle so Elika you throw a bit further. This will be regulated and what is particularly important that you know what buttons do what. You'll often consecutively a fast pace to push different buttons to move forward in an area.

Prince of Persia with flying colors. The cell-shaded graphics fit perfectly into the dreamlike world where the story takes place and auditory hallucinations you, you govern in the tale of a thousand and one night. The steering is very smooth and you quickly master. It remains cool to see the prince running against walls and even ceilings and environment puzzles will never get bored. I can now say that Ubisoft has managed to be a worthy new Prince of Persia and to bring a completely new story and new prince totally inferior to the previous parts. I venture to say he has improved and that it is quite an achievement. Prince of Persia is really a must and a game that you can not miss in your collection.

Saturday, August 19, 2000

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger | 9.0

The Street Fighter franchise is one of the biggest names in the 2D world, but that does not detract from other fighting games are certainly unprecedented level. One of these games is therefore BlazBlue. This game is perhaps the best of its kind currently listed. The makers of this game had already been responsible for the Guilty Gear franchise, and the basis is in BlazBlue, but obviously with a different decoration and reflects the same high quality. It is the first part of this and similar high level and a good fighting game, we can always use. The positive tone is at least put.

The game begins with a nice intro video that are typically Japanese, partly because the music and the visual style and once we arrived in the menu is quite a separate affair. Thus, in the first stylish and very few options if we click then we quickly gothic music, which made us think of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. That does not alter that it fits in a certain way in this game. The visual style of the menu is at once separate, efficient and fine and the audio level of support we have not seen before.

That characterizes BlazBlue or as an eccentric game that even non-usual combinations still very great before we even started playing. As regards the game play is concerned, it knows where the necessary options to choose from. Some are as standard and not particularly in terms of content and extensive and well stocked. So we can go try out moves and combos, all sorts of learning through the training mode, which is nice and simple works. In addition, we can battle in Arcade mode, which we continuously against another fighter moved to and every time the opponent you must defeat to progress.

Besides these modes we can further against the computer in a normal game to get if you extracted the online mode on. Where the real gaming is in the story mode. This is a fighting game developed quite extensively, because the game has a decent story, mainly through text is explained in detail. Besides that, there are moments when the text is spoken and these are supported with anime avatars. The storytelling itself is not really special, but typical Japanese called. It is so bad that sometimes you just five minutes or more text is read. If you've had once you get the conversations between the characters more, which are then recorded.

The story mode is perhaps one of the nicest features in the game when your friends are free, but sometimes disturbing that the amount of text is very time consuming. You would of course continue to keep fighting and then the story takes the pace a bit, but nevertheless it is amusing to mention and that is the key. Besides the large amount of modes, there is also an option which the name "Gallery" bears. This is nothing but a collection of content, what you see in the story mode and unlocked later viewing. Always fun, especially for the die-hard players. Count the audiovisual aspect and you have basically a good game.

The audiovisual aspect, as we have briefly hinted of good level. Visually, the game completely in a cell-shaded anime style and it looks neat. The environments are pretty ranging from one another and the same applies to the characters that you're to get started. The audio is the same as to describe. Perhaps music using organs not quite what you would expect in a game like this, but no less bold. This also raises BlazBlue a certain extent in terms of distinctiveness compared to other similar fighting games. The developer has not taken the most common choices as the audio, but fortunately, this very well in the paint.

Then there is the last course of gameplay, by far the most important thing in a game like this and here we are on a short but powerful. The gameplay is very strong, but you still more portray this issue we look at some more extensive. The gameplay of BlazBlue and we mean of course the fight is something you can easily pick up, but if you want to understand, then it will cost a lot of time and effort. Not so much because it's difficult, but because it is simplistic and profound. With this we mean that if you can pick up the controller and you without too much trouble winning a battle. But sooner or later you'll encounter tougher opponents, where more knowledge is needed that is equal to the depth of the game.

If you truly comprehensive and bold combos to perform well then you have to understand the gameplay. Besides making combos in combat, you also be blocking and other movements to perform and a useful option here is to "cancel". With this feature, you can attack that will have any effect cancel, so the pace in terms of actual battles are nice stay inside. The gameplay: we can be even longer on talking, but it's also just perfectly fine. That in itself is funny, because the number of playable characters is not particularly high. The fact there are twelve, but these vary from one another so that it is also enough variety in that respect entails.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a little late from Europe, but may nevertheless be called a hit. The game is in terms of audio separately, but very stylish as is the visual aspect. The gameplay is extensive, thorough and easy and yet it all comes packaged in a full game modes and excellent pick up and play gameplay that takes time hours yet to fathom. The only downside is really the way the story is told in the story mode. This is all fairly slowly through the enormous amount of text, and thus the pace of the game gets. But in relation to this flaw the game has plenty of plus points, which is obviously positive for the final score.

Gameplay 9
Graphics 8 - 2D backlash. Decent art and high fps
Sound 8 - corny dubs
Overall 9.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Red Faction: Guerrilla | 8.5

Great sequel! Don't fret if you missed the 2 prequels, because Playstation 2 isn't a good first person shooter console!

The demolition of things every boy is in the blood, especially if someone being young, but nowadays it quickly identified as vandalism and the consequences are usually quite unpleasant. Yet you want your skills as a real man being a little intimated and what would it be if it could without any problems? How fantastic! Physical things demolition because they ventured in recent times much less, more virtual, and that is precisely one of the strengths on the next possession game. Wrecking in Red Faction: Guerrilla is like it is very common, but there is more than demolition and that we explain to you its fine.

To begin at the beginning, we look first to the story is about and where this part comes first name Alec Mason then upstairs. This is a rough guy who decides to go to Mars and to go there as a miner to earn his living. He is there waiting for his brother, who for years does, but entirely unfortunate, his brother killed, and Alec unwillingly involved in some kind of battle between the Red Faction and the EDF (Earth Defense Force). Yes, you read that right. Unintentionally. His brother was already a member of the Red Faction Alec before his death and tries to persuade, but Alec is on Mars just do his job properly and not interfere with what the rest are off playing.

Soon he comes into a given situation, then he has little choice but to join the Red Faction and that's a good thing. Alec Mason, so you will be an important role in the fight against the EDF! At that time you get acquainted with the enormous surface of Mars. The developer, Volition, has created a decent open game world and game world is divided into a number of different areas. Each area has its own atmosphere and infrastructure, and these areas are all in the hands of the EDF, but since they are such a little dictator to hang his main goal was quite simple. Taking over the areas on Mars in order to drive the EDF.

The EDF is aware of the opposition group and therefore trying on all fronts to the Red Faction to suppress. However, raw and passionate you are, you will do everything to take to Mars in order to create an area where it may be just a decent living without the panting of the EDF in your neck. In these areas a lot to do and that's a good thing. In total the game has only 20 main missions, which will render the areas that you can win. For these main missions, you'll occasionally do some of your stuff need to do to your moral values on screwing. This stuff are present in large numbers, and unlike other such games are very cool to do.

This is because they consist of different things, one that is common is the demolition of important buildings EDF. Everywhere on Mars to find many buildings, which belong to the EDF and this varies from small to large buildings and building simple it is to you to the ground. Here there is a but and that is building a bigger, more security will be present. The demolition of these buildings are many ways: ram it with your hammer to loosen or C4 position. You can use many variations to a building to the ground to make and you bet this fat. Here is your tendency to destroy up and move quickly to demolish one building after another.

The demolition of buildings is not the only stuff what to do, far from it. It's common for one of your fellow Red Faction members abducted and under high surveillance is questioned. People who belong to your organization, who are you not that easy to abandon, no, you go free while this will certainly have something useful to violence. The EDF is now silent and will not attack you at times that they seem clever, but if you quickly spot you could help repel the attack. Only a few of the possibilities that the game will feature missions. The game features plenty of things to do and therefore you will also pretty much time in the single market by.

Stuff these games are a lot of fun in addition to very effective, as this provides the necessary increase in on the morality meter and also Salvage. This is some stuff that you take the necessary upgrades and new weapons you can buy more and better rendering. Especially the new weapons you will probably laugh at the destruction of the sadistic you take damage. What are these weapons that we will change for a time not tell, that you discover yourself, the game is really just pick it up. Are you nevertheless still not convinced, then you just read.

Demolition of buildings and objects can of course means one of your weapons, but much more fun it is to full speed with a vehicle to drive somewhere inside. Additionally, this can also come in handy again during the missions, but that aside. It is remarkable to see how faithfully the damage looks when something demolished. Fairly early in the game at some point you will have the opportunity to drive a mech, you know, from the demo. Try with a mech to walk through a building. Beautiful, you look after the left and right wall and perhaps is still on the roof. Give then saw a tap on one of the main relay and voila the building collapsed like a pack of cards.

What is also a useful aspect of the demolition is that Mars is a pretty uneven area and that certain places during a mission sometimes higher than other areas. In order to maintain security, the majority being surrounded by a wall and the lower building to reach you at all breaks or drive, or just demolish the wall. Perfect right? The game places the player absolutely no restrictions on what the demolition of the area concerned and you're in love. Black and titles like Battlefield: Bad Company are dwarfed by this game. Red Faction Guerrilla shows how to do it and that is one of the strongest points of this game.

A somewhat less strong point is that Mars looks pretty bare. Now it is always difficult for a planet of that caliber a nice look, there's nothing there. While traveling in the areas on the red planet is everywhere buildings ranging from small to big and go anywhere you see what roads are well paved and unpaved. On these roads you'll encounter necessary for vehicles and hikers, but really much more like that you will not find them. Of course you can also see the large open plains on Mars, but the only thing it used to quickly get from A to B ride. But it gives all a bit of a lifeless feeling, maybe something with a sequel yet to tinker.

What also does not really put together superior compared to the great action, not everything here is graphically stunning happens. Thus the collapse of a building is very cool to watch, but really a huge mess up with nothing on, even in huge buildings. Also the dust after the collapse, but short-lived. Not really something to lie awake, but it is something ... This may be because the game constantly is calculating what the collapse of, any collapse and demolition action is different and it will become much power from the console questions. If we listen to the audio, we are very positive, now the in-game audio pretty standard called, but the music pulled me personally in any way really.

Enough about the single player, if you still do not know, but then you download the demo now! Time to look at other possibilities of the game to watch. Besides an extensive single-player where you get the necessary fun out there's a multiplayer. There are two multiplayer modes, which one of the "Wrecking Crew" hot. Here you get a limited time and this time you enough damage and the other must be trying to outdo. The other mode is a multiplayer ordinary. Here you can play various traditional games such as Capture the Flag. This in itself is not special, but what gives the big difference is that you can use the environment.

You may like an idiot nice to pop anything that moves, but it's much nicer to look at a nice opponent to bet on when the environment through you for his death makes. You bet you will enjoy lots of fun in multiplayer by the destructive environment inherits an extra dimension and slightly more unique than other multi-players within the same genre. And this brings us to the end of this relatively long review. It is clear that both single and multiplayer enough to give you the next time with entertainment. Before we assign a grade, and the plus and minus points are just listing the conclusion you are first reading.

Red Faction: Guerrilla, a resurgence of a franchise that in part two hopelessly adrift. The first part was very ambitious, and the second part was, as already indicated in the preceding sentence, a hopeless game. Red Faction: Guerrilla allows you to see what this franchise really is and the many possibilities for demolition provide a great experience. Graphically, the game is nicely although some areas had been in a bit more. The music is very nice to call and the gameplay, well, the game is bursting with good gameplay. Both in single and multiplayer. Red Faction: Guerrilla after you purchase a good game richer. I'm going to demolish!

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing PS3 | 8.5

Any self-respecting gamer would really need to know the history of SEGA. In 1952 moved from America to Japan in 1983 as a console on the market. Almost twenty years later would learn that Sega unfortunately they have no place in hardware. Yet it is precisely this period of extreme importance for SEGA, for it gave them the opportunity to develop their own games and a large number of game characters to create. Anno 2010 SEGA used many characters from that period for games like Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

SEGA character known as the longstanding Sonic The Hedgehog, but this speed demon is the pace a bit. The latest Sonic games were not successful and Sonic seems to be beneficial to profiling on the part of Nintendo's Mario. SEGA was that something had to change and a new 2D Sonic game has been in the making. The Japanese publisher had also understood that the Sonic on the side of popular game characters doing very well. The portfolio of popular game characters enough houses SEGA and Sonic & Sega All-Stars are almost all together. ... In a simple kart game.

The average twenty overs has previously managed to entertain with Mario Kart and the younger generation (plus grandparents) can now do on the Nintendo Wii. The concept of a kart game is quite simple. A lot of funny characters against each other to race on circuits and they are often too short to fight while racing with useful power-ups. We can already tell you that Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing the basic concept of a kart game has performed well. In order to make child-friendly game is chosen for an intense and bright color pattern and there is nothing wrong with that. That is why we are not too long on the graphics, because with a child-friendly stamp everyone understands how the game looks.

Graphically, the game is really okay, but the game must have other factors such as gameplay, high function and last stop should be enough supply. Since the game for younger gamers interested should remain there for an easy drive selected. With the momentum we bring R2 and L2 it is possible to drift cornering. Somehow it is also possible to brake, but that is not needed in Sonic & All-Star Racing. You just fast enough to go around the track and drives fills your boost meter, so with a push to increase the speed significantly knows. The fun factor comes into the picture in the form of power-ups.

As a kart game actually supposed to do, there are powerups to be found on the tracks. When you do a power up to get it is to hope you get a good because you get this fact randomly assigned. Boxing gloves and firing of rockets into traffic cones and a power up so you can totally disorient an opponent. After a few races you know what power-ups are most useful and you get to know the best power-ups you can use in certain situations. In second position you hope to missiles, so you still have a chance to be first in first position you hope to one beschermingsbal, so you're safe from attacks.

In the field of graphics, gameplay and fun factor cross SEGA & Sonic All-Stars Racing very solid together, but scored the game quite a lot of points in range. The fun of this game is that it does nothing special, but above the offer has managed to perfect. The single-player modes, four houses, which the Grand Prix mode. This is then subdivided into three difficulty levels and each level of difficulty has six competitions in four races. That you're just as sweet, but you might also like Missions mode. It contains varying challenges and we see this more often in games. Sonic & SEGA Racing All-Stars are, however, sixty-four challenges waiting for you and that will take some time to complete all.

Time Trails we see often in racing games, but in this game they do it just right. On each track you can drop a lap time and lap times will then go to online leaderboards. It is also possible to race against the developers, as they have in advance on all tracks put down a time and gives great satisfaction to a faster time to put down. Not that faster times to be difficult, because it must be child-friendly stay. The single player has plenty to offer, but while we can still add to the multiplayer options. Four players split screen? Check. Eight players online? Check.

It's all pretty much, but you get something in return. Every race you've driven or challenge that you've managed to achieve makes you SEGA Miles. It looks a bit like road pricing, but without it going to cost you anything, because you get very much money (points) assigned. SEGA Miles have to spend in the store-specific and this makes us very different to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing to go look. In the beginning there are already quite a few games playable characters such as Sonic, Tails, Billy Hatcher, Amigo and Dr.. Eggman. With SEGA Miles will get the option of eight playable characters to twenty. You simply can include Knuckles, Ulala, Alex Kidd and Ryo Hazuki buy.

Twenty classic SEGA characters we feel very nice and they also all have different cars to race. Yet they are also not all car because Tails and Shadow fly rides a motorcycle. In any case, well balanced and it will depend more on personal preference which character you choose. The differences can sit him in Speed, Acceleration, Handling, and Turbo Boost. Sonic have scheurijzer example is not even really fast but his Turbo Boost is damn good. Sonic is therefore possible to be good instincts and thus increased use of turbochargers. Amigo his car has been fairly slow, but the controls it is a lot easier.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing to keep the graphics and gameplay area is very child friendly, but knows how to score a lot of the significant range. A large part (12 characters, 16 tracks and 32 songs), however, you obtain through the exchange of SEGA Miles. This keeps the game for a very long time have a purpose, because everything is worth it to unlock. If you stand on your own no more than is possible with three friends to share your screen or else there are seven other gamers online waiting for you. Sonic & SEGA Racing All-Stars did well to entertain us and this calls for half and part with more than SEGA game characters!

Graphics 8
Gameplay 8
Sound 8

Monday, August 14, 2000

Resonance of Fate | 8.5

Resonance of Fate takes you deep into the distant future. The climate appears more than once and failed so the earth as good as dead. All that remains is a huge complex. This complex, also known as Basel, purifies the toxic heavy air. This is the only place on Earth where there is clean air, everyone living in and around this big pile shaped building. The air is the purest gut oven, so the class is re-inserted. The richest living above in the "candlestick", while the poorest live close to the drill. The air there is still moderately toxic, so the people are a kind of mutants. Cover this with a steampunk sauce and you have a picture of life in Resonance of Fate.

You'll be in the shoes of a group of bounty hunters creep. Vasheron, Zephyr and Leanne are residents of the fourth floor of Basel and is known as bounty hunters, but actually put them mainly in Basel and to save mankind. They all have their strengths and complement each other well. They can also quite funny, because during the story you will enjoy a joke more than once heard coming from their mouths. The game will also focus only on these three characters, so you will not during the game to unlock other characters. This in itself is good, because if you see the characters grow throughout the game. You also get a stronger bond with the characters, which is good.

During the game you will be mainly concerned with the main missions. This will be quite some time-consuming, allowing the playing of the game is very high. You can also always some zijmissies that make the play more inflating. Besides missions will still be busy with other things. For example, your game world from some kind of board. The majority is inaccessible and there than you can build paths through hexes, a kind of tiles. This is very funny and also forces you to occasionally zijgevechten what to enter in order to unlock hexes. Furthermore you will also need to upgrade your weapons. This is done by parts to make or buy your own gun and place. This is nice, but visually you notice little or nothing.

The combat system is rather unique. Most RPGs focus on swords and the like. This does not Resonance of Fate. You only can use guns. There is a distinction between small arms and machine guns. Machine guns do because "scratch damage '. This means that no direct damage is done. It weakened as it were the opponent, because if you it with a handgun hits, it takes more remarkable damage to endure. The battle itself is not really turn based. You can control a character and his time is up or move is done, then you immediately with the next character to work. The enemies do not wait, so it may be that you're in the middle of your action strikes your very move which failed.

This is not the only special thing about the combat system. So you can still Hero moves and execute a Tri-Attack. If you run a Hero move, your character will walk to a certain point. While he is doing this, you can shoot and much, much more you can barely hit the enemy. This move is very essential if you want to win. You can not just execute him. Every time you move out or a Hero when you hit, you lose a Bezel Shard. If it on, then you might as well pack up. Your characters will indeed be very gepanikeerd get and can barely fight. You have to see that you always keep a Bezel Shard. This earn back through monsters to hit very good or killing them.

The Tri-Attack is the most powerful attack in the game. If you run it correctly, then all characters a certain area which attacks the enemy that there is a lot of damage. It sounds much easier than it is. You have had a sufficient resonance point. This gives you a Hero by which you move the file between your two other characters run. Then you see all the characters stand around in a triangle on the enemy. If all else fails, you can perform the move. However, this is very difficult, making it long before you move through it. You do not get tutorial or similar. You need to figure out where the manual is and we encourage you to thoroughly through it, because as you note, the combat system is very entertaining but also very complex.

Graphically the game performs moderately. The environment is very original and the steampunk atmosphere is really good. This captures the mediocre quality part, but it could have done much better. During the fighting seems slightly better graphics quality, especially during a move or a Hero Tri-Attack. Yet we regularly disturbed graphic weaknesses and the quality of the cut scenes or the hair of some characters that looked like a cheap wig. The emotions of the characters are usually lost, which harms the atmosphere. Yet the quality is not bad, but the current graphics quality of games like God of War III or Uncharted 2 will soon feel your frustrations arise.

The audio is not perfect. Fortunately, you can also choose to put voices in Japanese, but the voice acting is not really credible. So your character will occasionally evident in panic, while the tone of voice suggests that he is bored with it. On the soundtrack and background we were again very satisfied. These fit very well in each case relating to the situation and may well reinforce any sense. It will not prevent you a lot of quiet time to come, because there will always be a cog turning a pipe or steam jet.

Resonance of Fate combines a fun and original story with a great combat system. The fact that you always play with guns is something different. The learning curve is long and difficult, so many gamers will be discouraged to play this game. If you finally battle system under your belt, you will find that resonance of Fate very entertaining and addictive. The game takes the top level, but you can reassure him a very good sub-topper call!

Sunday, August 13, 2000

Fallout 3 | 9.0

Fans, America and Russia can now indulge themselves. In fact this game can be smashed with nuclear bombs. Fallout 3 has managed to make everyone warm with the beautiful artwork, where death and destruction to be seen. Landscapes with dilapidated buildings and ruined forests are ordinary scenes in the universe of Fallout 3. The company behind the game, Bethesda Softworks, has a number of games in their portfolio. The Elder Scrolls franchise is super popular and now everyone knows what you're talking about when you say the name Oblivion. That world was enormous, many hope that the game Fallout 3 is just as great if not greater, as Oblivion and that as much to do. Read the review to find out if Fallout 3 is a nuclear bomb will strike.

Everyone knows a little bit how the game begins, we will nevertheless briefly explain how it goes. It starts with your birth. Meanwhile you through a machine that shows you how the future looks, how your character will look like, the way you want. It comes back soon, as annual child that your mother is deceased after birth. Now begins the tutorial actually already in the game, which is really fun. Your father (the voice is voiced by Liam Neeson), puts you behind a fence, so you can not escape. Thurs small you are, which of course fails. You'll find a large box in a children's book. Through this book, you can divide a number by SPECIAL. SPECIAL stands for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, and Luck Agillity. Perception on after, you can guess what is good, especially if you are familiar with the Elder Scrolls series. With a high Perception example, you can easily Lockpick or better handling explosives.
You make all your childhood with in Vault 101, where all people live, and be protected against radioactive scenes outside. You learn to handle a weapon, after a button you decide where you are in specialized (Hand-to-hand Combat, Energy Weapons, Big Guns, Melee Weapons, etc.) and get your tenth birthday, as all residents of Vault 101, own a PIP-Boy 3000. More on that later. Besides all the features you also get a lesson in Karma. On your tenth birthday, you get a taste of here. You can enter into a conversation with many people, but watch what you say. Cool and smart people do not respond are fun, spontaneous and good answers though. Acts which do you usually the game determine how good you are as a person. Steal a lot, then goes off Karma, you give someone a bottle of water to survive, there will be at Karma.

Of course you ask anyone at roughly á la minutes to give their gift to you and you know immediately that a portion of bad karma hanging over your head. So far, very interesting with that Karma happen. At your age is something grandiose nineteenth wrong, your girlfriend (at least you have a crush on her), Amata, makes you wake up and tell your father that it was through. You decided to search him. From this moment, when you set foot outside the Vault 101, you can do whatever you want in the big wide world of the Capital Wasteland. I had noticed a lot of trouble before that, before you come out of Vault 101. What that is, there you can find out. Do not worry, because the story is interesting and retentions would be a shame to go spoil.

Before we go we will have a few things going up here at a glance. Everyone wants to know if the world now more or less than that of Oblivion. The world is smaller. What is Fallout 3 for a game, a typical question for someone who (still) do not know what game it is. You should see it as an action adventure game that plays like an RPG. The camera position, so everything going through, First Person. So if you want to pop to mind without zombies (Ghouls in this game), you're wrong. Fallout 3 is a lot harder than Oblivion. You will soon Fri initially very strong arms and bold, but these weapons are often nearly or so you simply have enough bullets to use them. Ammunition is very scarce and therefore you will understand with your weapons to deal and skimp on your bullets. Sometimes it is even better with a baseball bat to swing, then shoot.

In this game, we imagine that players who are not familiar with Oblivion or fans who are familiar with, but doubts about this game. Probably the play of Fallout 3, because the atmosphere and gory will not lie. We were just in the previous paragraph to know that the world is much smaller than that of Oblivion. Gamers can see this as a big drawback. But let's be honest, it was hours walking around and not find anything really so much in Oblivion. The first few hours perhaps, because the feeling of freedom is well placed. Once you want to perform many tasks quickly and want to be somewhere, you still use the fast travel option. This was also back in action in Fallout 3. That the world has become smaller, you can see as a plus. Areas and places are closer together, it's less searching and the pace is therefore automatically a lot higher. Fallout 3 has a few different endings. This has to do with your Karma. Earlier we said that on your sixteenth birthday gifts quickly if you wanted (at least we did) and that the choices are bad. If you polite answers, this is good for your Karma. Now this is not interesting at a young age. If you're a lot older than it is suddenly a lot more interesting! Sure you choose a city to blow, it is eminently a lot of negative karma, making people less you loved it too. If you go so far as you are bad through and through, you hard-drugs and other useful things to get them, so it will be tough to survive. Karma in this fast course! To return to the world smaller and does not always bad. By the different endings you can even see as follows: the game you can play quite quickly, but a number of different ways, allowing you an incredible proportion whole game long.
How do you deal with weapons (ner point and shoot, haha). You can press the R1 button and thus pull the trigger of a gun or a blow with a sword or give (baseball) bat. If you fight in the First Person view anything, you could switch (by pressing L2) to the third person view. This is not the intention initially, but prejudice, many gamers played Oblivion in 3rd person and therefore the developers have put forward this view further. Well, now we go back to your PIP-Boy 3000. This is your information screen. Here you can see how your body is added, what items you have, what weapons, all of your medicine, you name it. Through the PIP-Boy 3000 so you can change everything. In this large ontiegelijk bracelet inlaid diamond-like thing without also supports the VATS system.

What is VATS. It stands for Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System. If you press the R2 button, you activate this system. Through this system you scan your enemy. You look at each body part, how many chances you have to hit anyone. Very handy and easy to use. It's also a lot easier for someone to beat it, fans can say that this fighting with enemies is easy. This is true if you constantly use the system. You must take into account the number of AP (Action Points) you have. This ensures that you'll have to work strategically in combat. Furthermore, that your ammo is very scarce. All in all, the VATS principle very well developed. It's something else, also does VATS RPG part of the game to his advantage.

Leveling course you can, just as usual in any RPG. By making kills, hacking (that you do in Fallout 3) or quests to play, you earn Experience points. Are you tired, go to the next level and you can choose from several Perks. Many gamers will instantly ring a bell (Call of Duty 4). This is the right bubble, a perk that makes you get there a certain property which would benefit from further developing your character. You get extra points for your specializations or add a better effect on certain actions (eg a headline that more bursts). There are a lot Perks and specializations, but you must choose them wisely. You can not leveling higher than level 20. You can say that it is a disadvantage, we find on a side not, then you can forever keep training and leveling. The limited number of levels also ensures that you think twice about what you ultimately choose Perk.
Fallout 3 you can keep busy for hours. The main quest you can in fifteen to twenty hours out of them (even so, the emissions are not linearly related. If you previously at some point are over the story, you skip a part), but when your little one take time and examine the areas well can you feel free to add five to ten hours. Unfortunately you, after you've played off the main quest, no further play. Side quests will thus between the missions of the main story should play. The side quests that the game contains, must ensure that your game around one hundred hours to entertain. That's a lot. In addition, your dozen Bobblehead dolls you collect, which is very hard to find. Enough hours to enjoy this game.

Approximately one hundred hours working on a game like Knight Rider, or 3 towers Army Men is obviously not kick. Fallout 3 is that true, that thanks to the über cool atmosphere that the game has. Everything, absolutely everything is in ruins. The whole thing is good from the radioactive dye through the gritty environments and the dirty water. The different areas and places you will not be rosy, it seems that the goals we lie here and there, and sometimes even hang. The game is definitely not for gamers under 18 years. It's just very horrible to behold. For gamers above 18 it is obviously big party. Already a hint: Super-Duper Market in the ceiling watching you, there hang a pair of (half) appear. The scenes that occur under a fight is also good on the bloody side. If you're an enemy omlegt by a bullet in his head hunt, then head explode. With a little luck does not splash the head apart, but the rolls of its hull.

Moreover, we dropped that anywhere radioactivity. If too much or too long in contact with radioactivity can get side effects. This may be affecting your health. It is also wise to clean water from a bottle to drink instead of water from a rusty faucet. You can do it, just not too much. Not only the tap is also rusty, everything is. Quite logical, as there are nuclear bombs exploded. Graphically, everything looks so nice, but not great. It's nice, but not innovative. In short, pleasing to the eye or in a certain degree. Although we are quite happy with it, we have seen a few minor flaws. Computer controlled characters ever want another overlooked and heavily in walk. But what do you, the game is great.

If you look past that stupid mistakes, you will find that such enemies are not stupid. If you're quiet enough you, your enemies silently redirect by a knife in their throat rams. This is obviously the most practical way. If a raging Rambo is also an option, but a much more difficult. You already have little balls, you're not very strong (unless you're high yellow field) and VATS you can not use it constantly. Systematically eliminating your opponents is also the best plan. The cowards among us than in this case hiding behind a wall and shoot for everyone. If only it were that easy. Raiders, Ghouls and other hideous creatures (Raiders are actually people who live in the Wastelands, but they are ugly ...) will not wait until you breakthrough. They just come to you!
The guys from Bethesda Softworks deliver great job with the soundtrack. That we have come from them. Fallout 3 different radio stations ensure that the atmosphere is even more visible. The background music is not disturbing and is just pleasant to listen. Yet we get a feeling that there is relatively little variation in the number of songs. This may be due to the number of different songs that the game contains, or that everything just looks alike. Fortunately, the nice voice vote. The different calls can cause funny scenes.

Fallout 3 is entirely one magnificent game. If we compare it to Oblivion, however, we find it disappointing. Because the game is smaller, you can do less and less walking around. But let us now briefly compare that omission. Fallout 3's just fat, cool, nice, well developed and large. Just big enough. If the world would be much greater, some parts were in the game, too long duration. Now the pace is higher and it shows. The bloody actions are great displayed in slow motion and the weapons you can use his great toys (with the flamethrower, you can mess around a lot). In this game you can enjoy your ball go out like a dose of radioactivity inside have worked. Graphically, it's okay, it plays nice (the VATS system is superb pass) and Perks are well balanced by the limited choice you have. Conclusion: buy the game if you do not have money, you go in January and all but man threatening to commit a portion of nuclear bombs!

Saturday, August 12, 2000

GRID | PS3 | 9.0

Just Right
Time Spent:
10 to 20 Hours
The Bottom Line:

You enter the world of Race Driver: GRID as a rookie and with the big enough to compete, you especially need money. Fortunately enough people see potential in you and get you the offer to race. Get a random number of races in which you presented each of three different call. This is so because the division of racing. Indeed you race in three continents. Europe, America and Japan. Every country has its own kind of races and these races will earn you the money that you can make your car roadworthy.

Once enough races, it's time for your team to set up. You give your team a name, so your car color. You're really ready for the real work is obviously important. You want is big in the racing world and after a relatively quick entry, it is always nice to be right with the big enough to compete. Again you get the choice to participate in a race which is divided up on the aforementioned continents. The whole object is stepped up, something similar has also emerged in Colin McRae: DiRT.

The higher races and championships are locked and bring it to participate, you must have enough points. These points earned by racing. In particular racing earn lots of money to invest in your team, for example by buying new cars. Also, if you know the task imposed to complete you get points which apply to the higher races in the race structure of the game. This system compares favorably together and motivates the player really deep at the races in order to determine the required points to score.

The previous parts of Race Driver: GRID turned mainly to the ultimate class DTM. Many divisions were playable but the player did eventually in the DTM racing. Perhaps you wonder why Race Driver: GRID a renamed. This has two reasons, first because the American public would be triggered more than TOCA Race Driver and because Race Driver: GRID will be very broad. Colin McRae: DiRT was a game that all aspects of off-road racing in a package offered. Race Driver: GRID does exactly the same but on asphalt.

Race Driver: GRID It allows for an unprecedented variety of racing classes there for everyone tastes. Think like Destruction Derby races, 24 hours of Le Mans on the beautiful La Sarthe circuit. Formula 3 racing with no course not. You can not think or is there in. The races are not lacking muscle on the narrow street circuits around the world. In terms of diversity, so it's the mustaches to Race Driver: GRID. It provides for every race fan or pleasure and thus speaks Race Driver: GRID allow many more people than Gran Turismo which focuses on street racing cars.

We have previously described a mode where you feel like a rookie reprocesses as a highlight of the racing world in the match, however, not stay here. The game has because some other modes. So you can use any car on any track to drive, see it as the standard arcade mode. In addition, we also get to work on real racing, namely online. Online can be raced with twelve men simultaneously in different racing classes. It really is a multiplayer racing, anything special you can not say it offers more options, not really exceptional. Which is certainly still has to be said is that racing with twelve men in Race Driver: GRID a lot more intense than in other games, why? Because a small mistake in one corner.

Just send a stupid mistake can be fatal. It runs for victory, as all, everyone drives at best and that makes all very exciting. After an extensive single-player where you have more than ten hours are doing online you can also yet to get bored quickly since it is not because of the variation in types of cars. So the minimum number of modes that are for sure a lot of fun. Time to look at the rewind function. Because the developer has looked to Prince of Persia. You might do this odd sound. Yet this is based on the absolute truth. You simply can rewind in the game.

Rewind in a racing game is not really anything that has ever been done before, but it appears to be a great middle. How many times have you ever not had that in the last turn of a key race with a stupid mistake because, you race all over again to do. This is the worst when it happened in a race where you just have put half hour. This annoying aspect is of course necessary to be realistic but can cause irritation. To prevent this you can race four times during a time in order to rewind your mistakes to rectify. You crash so hard that the rest of the riders racing over your field, then you just rinse the time you take that one back and bend a bit different so you are still first.

Not really a realistic option in a realistic racing game, but incredibly useful, it is one of the best new features of the latest racing games. By contrast, it contributes to the realism is the AI. Anyone riding his own job and do not hesitate to return them to you difficult. This contributes to a more realistic racing experience. What is even further is the behavior of the cars. A muscle tank is ideal for narrow streets to race because they have a very confident stance. A Porsche is not entered, this zwabbert the job but again it is really fast.

For a clearer picture, every car drives differently and they all feel very realistic to what is obviously a big plus for the game. To get to fall back on the comparison with Gran Turismo. Unfortunately, we are still not completely out which of the two is the most realistic racer. The issue is simply that both games in their own way realistic and that they fit perfectly side by side. Race Driver: GRID gives you the feel of a real driver and Gran Turismo lets you try all the cars. We have just two super-realistic topracers right now!

In the audiovisual field, the game is very nice to call. Graphically, the game pretty well doing what it should be said that the most detail, especially in the vehicle is not in the area. Nevertheless, the game looks very faithfully, and enjoy the spectacular crashes though we occasionally have a graphical glitch found. The audio sounds like it should, the roar of the muscle firing, the whine of the Porsches and good music while racing make sure that the audio sound like the graphics in another stabbing. And that makes Race Driver: GRID racing game very solidly put together and the race fans can certainly charm.

Race Driver: GRID is a racing game that combines many different types of racing in a fun and mixed up as a player where you'll be doing quite long. Additionally, you can also enjoy comprehensive online racing with eleven men for an optimal exciting experience. The gameplay, sound and graphics are all of good standard and we know why this game a score which he rightly deserves. Codemasters Colin McRae plays the following: DiRT again ready for a good, thick and extensive racing to deliver!

Friday, August 11, 2000

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles | 9.0

I love symphony of the night and this new SNES 3D remake, because it's very Castlevania-like.

Castlevania, a series which has a special place to me. So I have many good parts that are upsetting me captivated from beginning to end it all, whether I shall be overlooked on the basis of gameplay were not very good, but I managed to excel in other aspects. Thus, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence a brilliant soundtrack. Anyway, it's time for a new game, well, new? Not really. Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles is more a compilation of previous parts. This kind of compilations are not really a good name, see if it has managed better will.

Competitions are usually bad. Usually there is a single disc from a series of games which only one or two really worthwhile. The rest is more like padding and is totally fascinating. However, the Castlevania series a slightly different reputation. Thus, the oldest parts are not really that old these days is just crap. No, this series has something that makes it special. So this compilation has only three parts Castlevania. For example, compiling a remake of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. After this off you have to work with the Japanese original Rondo of Blood, which never appeared outside Japan until now.

And as a tip of the iceberg, this compilation also Castlevania: Symphony of the Night which is the official sequel to the aforementioned game. For connoisseurs, this is a gift from heaven, for the ignorant. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is the best Castlevania ever made any time on the PSOne came out. This makes this compilation as a whole more interesting, especially when most of the series ever are sitting. However, this game is obviously a bit older and a bit whether they can come along with the games now. I think not, but we do so. This opposite is certain that you lock up a solid compilation, perhaps the best to date and we can learn something from other developers. Certainly before casually all old stuff on a disc thrown.

For this compilation simply "order" of games, we begin to treat it with Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. In this part you play with Richter Belmont, a relative of the Belmont which the arch-enemies of Dracula. You go with him on path to Dracula to defeat him and save your girlfriend from his hands / teeth. You come to a big castle from the Castlevania hot and there are monsters that you'd rather not encounter. Thus, your example the famous gothic Frankenstein against. You fight like you are in a 2D environment but also to eventually be confronted with Dracula. This remake is entirely in classical style, levels have remained so, as already stated, fully 2D. Gameplay is perhaps even worse old school. Thus, the game is extremely difficult, you get three lives, you can lose quite quickly.

Once all life on it is really starting to advance in level. You think so think twice before you like a chicken without a head is racing through the levels. It really made me think back to the arch difficult games of the time when this game came out too. The games are really grim and a mistake can be fatal. No checkpoints, no, just start all over again. This was initially some getting used to, especially if you have that many games nowadays just have checkpoints so that it is not bad when you die. Gamers who've been turning it cocks on the matter, but gamers who have never played such games will soon give up what sin is, unfortunately, because in 2008 the games in this compilation still just really good.

To be back at Richter to come back, he does not know very many opportunities to the enemies to tackle. The options he holds are very effective. So he holds a whip, so standard "incoming" enemy regularly already some distance off so that it does not bring harm to our hero. There is a nice feature in this game. A 2D game similar to a linear objective, however, this game is quite the case. So know the game a dozen levels. Some of these levels, however, but via a route to complete. But others are using multiple ways to play.

You will not, during the levels, all levels encounter. It is dependent on the route you take in the level which have multiple options. This allows a different level to come out. Think of it as a level which you can get two of which route you choose depends. So the game offers great gameplay, but also some replay value. A real gamer obviously trying to go through all the levels. After completing the game is definitely worth the other route to take in those levels. Besides a story mode which is very well done, although it is difficult, the game provides another option. The "Boss Rush" mode. In this mode you get the chance to all the bosses that you encounter throughout the game again to beat. If you can not spend more than you can visit the "Boss demo" mode. Which everything is shown, how the boss to defeat.

To get back to an earlier specified term, compilation, this game is slightly different than you would expect from compilations. Usually you can then own the games from a menu to choose who you want to play. This game puts it differently. As reported earlier, has three games that UMD, the remake, the original and Symphony of the Night. The latter two are not just selecting. This you have to unlock. Unlock done play by the remake of a specific item to find, it appears twice so you unlocked the other two games. Symphony of the Night is certainly worth additional discussion. So this game has a totally different setup. Unlike Rondo of Blood has no levels this game, but a big castle which is completely linked together. This time you're back to Alucard, the son of Dracula. Also, this version features somewhat larger in terms of gameplay. So you get new weapons and armor you stronger. Even money back for this game that definitely is worthwhile.

Overall, the gameplay in this game perfectly fine, outside the old school aspect to the gameplay is still as a house and other classics that could recur in other collections of variations can not be said. Before we conclude the review is of course important to have a look at the sound look and certainly the graphics, these are not a bit dated? It actually looks somewhat dated, however, enjoy the game of the advantage that the PSP screen is smaller. Therefore it is not as bad as your example will play on your TV. Although the sprites are somewhat dated but I give a good score because of the many details that the games have. For example, Castle Alucard incredibly colorful and detailed despite the Gothic design.

Graphically, the game is nice to do and should, have the really small screen of the PSP and the many details. In terms of sound, this game is like many other parts Castlevania very strong. It's the perfect style, but again typical gothic music. This sounds good and fits the overall atmosphere that the games have. With all these aspects, which really impacts on the benefit score is the time to have everything here is a brief summary and conclusion before we give the score and the necessary plus and minuses view.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles is actually for every "veteran" worthwhile. Nostalgia, especially with Symphony of the Night. It is also very nice that we finally Rondo of Blood on the go. Something previously possible only through a good importer. Castlevania fans will once again continue long fascinated with this portable Castlevania. For those who are unaccustomed to this style of gameplay will certainly get used to. Nevertheless, I continue to find this game a must for anyone. Finally a compilation that I knew to be completely satisfied!