Saturday, August 5, 2000

F.E.A.R. PS3 Reviews | 8.0

First Encounter Assault Recon, FEAR is what it stands for. The game appeared previously on the PC and Xbox 360 and the PS3 was the intention to appear on March 23. This was not met but fortunately one months later, we can also set to work. FEAR, is also for anxiety, so a double name. Join this double title is actually really made?

For those who also have never heard of FEAR as a good explanation which is important in this game. One psychopath Paxton Fettel broke out and since he possesses psychic powers become quite the link. He uses these powers to a private army to clone and completely letting go of the world. In the intro I mentioned the full name for this title, at least in FEAR stands. You're part of this team and is not intended that Paxton Fettel can continue its course. To you is to stop this guy. He owns about psychic powers, this is not the only evil that it makes you hard in this game. Alma is also multiple times difficult. Alma is a girl, at least in her mind that something to do with our creep Fettel.
One of the first things I noticed after starting this game is the AI, this play session was for me the first time I came into contact with this title. The clone possesses a handsome army AI. They will never shoot you if you're not in their sight. All of you stand at a corner somewhere or not they come to the corner storms but they choose the cautious approach. Walk slowly and always ready rifle. You shoot at them, they will try to take cover as quickly as possible, can not they will continue to defend you or they die. What time was also a very fat, I was one of the side was attacked. A little smart gamer than the most obvious approach to, in order to run and the enemy of the other side off. So I did too, but the enemy had apparently stood by and suddenly my nose and I could play again from the last checkpoint.

It really surprised me that the enemies are not just dumb characters that serve as food explosion. This forces you to go for a cautious approach and therefore you after the storm with their acquaintance never blast room. Can also throw grenades, of course. All you throw a grenade towards the enemy then you hear them "grenade" shouting and running or diving it as quickly as possible. Enemies warn each other when they see you, and if you look from above you see that they can actually respond. Even then they are very careful and try to turn you from a place that is safe for them.

The AI is it mustache in this game, but from a console like the PS3 of course you expect good graphics, at least the games for the PS3. Unfortunately, FEAR is just like a good PS2 game graphically. On the PS3 you expect and you can expect much more. Animations are good, shadows are very strong but it all looks so bad that I was not a good score can indicate. Do not get me wrong, it all looks nice if it had been a PS2 title. FEAR is because the bottom graphics with the idea behind the PS3 can handle many times more. Strangely enough, the game may also suffer from framerate problems in a lot of action.

Despite the bad graphics side of this game it is nice to see that window when you fly into a thousand pieces a few bullets hunts. Shoot you in the wall you see the concrete and come flying off some dust, the details are nicely done and the blinking light in some corridors and rooms provide a good atmosphere. This brings me back to a point which is again very strong, the atmosphere in this game is very good. Occasionally you'll Fettel at everything around you slow down and get a terrifying sound. Things are with your fellow soldiers and the girl can sometimes fright hunting. If you this night `s game you play, you also have to periodically rot once scared of the head of Fettel in a flash will fail.

The sound is a very important aspect in a game that should and would be creepy. Weapons sound fat and once you activate slow motion mode during the delay also popping sound and other effects you get to hear. These are the strongest moments in the sound. Also very good is the sound or music, whatever you call it when walking through the corridors is very strong. As I said earlier if it makes for an atmosphere that is very strong in this game, perhaps the best point of this game!

The game is also plagued by long loading times. I do not think it right that I over one minutes to sit staring at a loading screen. Each level are you doing about a quarter, then you should wait. I wonder why the developer do not make use of the possibility of data on the hard disc. A minute load is simply too long for a PS3 game.

Where I am also very annoyed at this game, at least initially. Is that the R1 button used to switch between your weapons. Shooting is done in this game with the R2 trigger. Erm ... Each shooter uses the consoles from Sony R1 or is that always wearing me. In itself, you get used to at length to it, but why be upset if it just easy. This may start as already stated very distracting, so I saw an enemy and you'll pop. Automatism made me constantly pressed R1, but not shoot weapons exchange so. The possibilities of motion sensors are not used anything in itself is a pity. Really you will not wake the neighbors.

However, the game offers some extras as compared to the PC and Xbox version. Namely, Instant Action. Choose a level and keep it as long as possible against the flow of additional permanent enemies. The scores here are ge-gets uploaded and added to the leader boards. This leads after playing the single player still more fun. Of course it is up to you to the king in the Instant Action on global leader boards.

Besides the single and the Instant Action mode you can still go online pop. So you can online for the best spot on the leader boards, but fun is popping with z `s all. Traditional modes of play are in the game, thinking (team) deathmatch, capture the flag and so on. Besides "ranked matches" you can just simply pop a jar. The levels are not really big what makes the action is always very intense, if enough people are present. Think fast shoot-outs in such complexes and narrow corridor. Weapons are well balanced, so that everyone has equal chance. Much does it really special news online, but nevertheless it is very entertaining thanks to the ability to quickly heal. Everywhere are health packs and the quick re-spawn do the online multiplayer is very good!

FEAR is despite the major flaws in the graphics and layout control and somewhat strange to me that the shooter games hielt. The atmosphere is very strong and you want to find out what 's all the reasons behind the strange events. Online, this game is also doing well, thanks to the fast gameplay and fun weapons. Do you have Resistance: Fall of Man off and you're looking for something new to this game than you are, however, keep taking the graphics, they are inadequate. Furthermore, a great title for your collection and the shooter fans get this game for the natural fat gameplay this game if they have not.

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