Tuesday, August 8, 2000

Street Fighter IV | PS3 | 9.5

Best fighting game since Virtua Fighter 4 on PS2.

In 1987, Japan in the Street Fighter game, and it was a great success. N more than twenty years after, Street Fighter IV in the shops and there is plenty happened during those twenty years. There are several spin-offs and even published a number of films, but knows Street Fighter has repeatedly assert among other Beat 'm Up franchise like Virtua Fighter, Tekken and Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter IV is now in the shops, but how does it do for each other Capcom that consumers will buy the game? What is the secret of Street Fighter IV and how is it da t when you lose a battle you would like nothing better than your controller to pieces on the ground to throw? Many questions to be answered, so let's start with the quick review of Street Fighter IV.

A franchise that has more than twenty years is going along quite unique in the game industry. There are of course more games that have achieved and generally going Beat 'm Up games long. Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter and King of Fighters any more even than fifteen years. Tekken for nearly ten years. The secret of a good beat 'm up game is actually quite logical. If the gameplay well dimensioned, then the game a success. The story does not really matter and if the game has reasonable graphics quickly is a very popular game. Yet developers sometimes make mistakes. Midway, Mortal Kombat responsible for, makes the most mistakes, because a Mortal Kombat is not as fun as ever. Capcom has also made mistakes with Street Fighter.
The first Street Fighter game was good, but so good was this game not ending. It made, however, that Capcom decided to bring out a sequel. This resulted in one of the best Beat 'm Up games ever created, namely Street Fighter II. It was the second part of the known world and would ensure that we twenty years after the first part, again able to enjoy a Street Fighter game. When the second part appeared on the Super Nintendo Capcom saw her bank account quite be lined. The game has sold millions of times in the arcade and Street Fighter II's would become one of the most played arcade games of all time. However, before the third part came first appeared many spin-offs from the Alpha series and the EX Series .

All the games that appeared in the Alpha and EX series would never get the status that Street Fighter II did. They were not all bad call, but better than the second part they were not sure whether a person can sometimes differ in opinion. Capcom saw at least that was good to earn the Street Fighter franchise and it was not ready to launch spin-offs. So there were also Street Fighter games that would fall under the heading of Versus. X-Men VS Street Fighter, the popular Street Fighter game from the U.S. series, but Capcom VS SNK did well. Last game brought together two competitors and it was filled with Street Fighter and King of Fighters characters. The last game of the series was U.S. Tatsunoko VS Capcom and it was even possible to Ryu (the famous Street Fighter character) to fight against Viewtiful Joe.
Street Fighter III was a lesser period for the Street Fighter franchise. The game was selling well, so Capcom heard you complaining, but did the fans do. Not to much to devote the third part, I will however continue to conclude that the third part was just slightly less than the previous parts. Soon the fans were screaming for a new part, not knowing that they are more than ten years would have to wait. The announcement of Street Fighter IV in late 2007 led to mixed feelings. Beat 'm Up games were 3D and despite all those years that fans were waiting neatly on a new part, they were each afraid that Street Fighter IV would be 3D. Fortunately for the fans and the whole Beat 'm Up genre has never happened. Street Fighter IV is again a real Street Fighter game.

Let's start with the characters. The most famous Street Fighter characters are in the fourth section, namely Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Sagat, Blanka and Ken of course. Throw Vega and M. Bison in again and you have a nice line up. Of course there are other Street Fighter characters which terugkerenin the quarter, but the new characters are also worth to be listed. What about Rufus, d e American fast food eating fat man he just sharing d is fighting to prove to his girlfriend. C. Viper an attractive spy during the fighting or her ground state. Seth will be the most talked about newcomer, because Seth is the boss. He steals the moves of competitors and the stomach contains a black hole and that makes him weaker, but extremely strong.
Which character you take, all have their own fighting style, but equally important is the appearance of the characters. Little has changed the look of existing characters and new characters fit perfectly between. The biggest change, when it comes to the appearance of the characters, is determined by the appearance of the game you all. Capcom has chosen one of the top cell-shaded appearance, which all characters have a much broader look than ever before. We can also say that it looks a lot better, because with the strength of the current consoles and arcades, the game graphics really a leap. Whether you are here to do it or not, it fits in the Street Fighter franchise and it is important that everything is 2D. At least, almost all.

The fighting happened fortunately still in 2D, but the 3D characters and environments are not as static as ever. The only correct conclusion we can make is that Street Fighter IV plays as before, but much slicker look as before. No placement feels weird and that can really only Capcom doing right. Capcom has been carefully handled to release pictures of gameplay, but after the first trailer was announced that Street Figher IV would look amazing. And again whether you like this graphic style it or not, it fits perfectly with Street Fighter IV. Graphics were they hardly do better all while the fighting still just be 2D. As everyone knows is central to a Beat 'm Up game not just the appearance. The gameplay is the most important in a Beat 'm Up game.
The fans went o p their knees when it was announced that Street Fighter IV 2D in a 3D fighting would have jacket and concise, it was right that they went on their knees. Street Fighter IV plays fantastic and that is because a number of factors. Thus, complex combinations Street Fighter never known and still play the game with only six action buttons. The differences between the moves lies more in the state where your character moves. The moves are different when a state character, jump or kneel and that mix is good enough to make for exciting fights. Of course there are special moves back into the game process and it works again as well as before. There's something new, namely a Focus Attack and Ultra Combo's Revenge meter, but since we do not go into excessive detail. This is more because it all works so well, we just have to say that it works so well to this n I already done that.

It may sound strange, but really we do not really need much more to say about Street Fighter IV. It plays just great and it looks great. The arcade mod us knows much difficulty and that is especially important for beginners, who can work up slowly. The Challenge mod us is divided into three segments and this is pretty much pure padding, no combos unless you know you can just carry it here in the U.S. Tr ia l mod. There is also a training mod just us, but it looks more like a jar of pine, while few can learn, unless you want to know how much damage each blow or combination brings about. The excellent online game play and the PlayStation 3 version is again filled with Trophies. The only thing I still would like to inform you that you just have to buy the game, because at present there is no better Beat 'm Up game.

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