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Fallout 3 | 9.0

Fans, America and Russia can now indulge themselves. In fact this game can be smashed with nuclear bombs. Fallout 3 has managed to make everyone warm with the beautiful artwork, where death and destruction to be seen. Landscapes with dilapidated buildings and ruined forests are ordinary scenes in the universe of Fallout 3. The company behind the game, Bethesda Softworks, has a number of games in their portfolio. The Elder Scrolls franchise is super popular and now everyone knows what you're talking about when you say the name Oblivion. That world was enormous, many hope that the game Fallout 3 is just as great if not greater, as Oblivion and that as much to do. Read the review to find out if Fallout 3 is a nuclear bomb will strike.

Everyone knows a little bit how the game begins, we will nevertheless briefly explain how it goes. It starts with your birth. Meanwhile you through a machine that shows you how the future looks, how your character will look like, the way you want. It comes back soon, as annual child that your mother is deceased after birth. Now begins the tutorial actually already in the game, which is really fun. Your father (the voice is voiced by Liam Neeson), puts you behind a fence, so you can not escape. Thurs small you are, which of course fails. You'll find a large box in a children's book. Through this book, you can divide a number by SPECIAL. SPECIAL stands for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, and Luck Agillity. Perception on after, you can guess what is good, especially if you are familiar with the Elder Scrolls series. With a high Perception example, you can easily Lockpick or better handling explosives.
You make all your childhood with in Vault 101, where all people live, and be protected against radioactive scenes outside. You learn to handle a weapon, after a button you decide where you are in specialized (Hand-to-hand Combat, Energy Weapons, Big Guns, Melee Weapons, etc.) and get your tenth birthday, as all residents of Vault 101, own a PIP-Boy 3000. More on that later. Besides all the features you also get a lesson in Karma. On your tenth birthday, you get a taste of here. You can enter into a conversation with many people, but watch what you say. Cool and smart people do not respond are fun, spontaneous and good answers though. Acts which do you usually the game determine how good you are as a person. Steal a lot, then goes off Karma, you give someone a bottle of water to survive, there will be at Karma.

Of course you ask anyone at roughly á la minutes to give their gift to you and you know immediately that a portion of bad karma hanging over your head. So far, very interesting with that Karma happen. At your age is something grandiose nineteenth wrong, your girlfriend (at least you have a crush on her), Amata, makes you wake up and tell your father that it was through. You decided to search him. From this moment, when you set foot outside the Vault 101, you can do whatever you want in the big wide world of the Capital Wasteland. I had noticed a lot of trouble before that, before you come out of Vault 101. What that is, there you can find out. Do not worry, because the story is interesting and retentions would be a shame to go spoil.

Before we go we will have a few things going up here at a glance. Everyone wants to know if the world now more or less than that of Oblivion. The world is smaller. What is Fallout 3 for a game, a typical question for someone who (still) do not know what game it is. You should see it as an action adventure game that plays like an RPG. The camera position, so everything going through, First Person. So if you want to pop to mind without zombies (Ghouls in this game), you're wrong. Fallout 3 is a lot harder than Oblivion. You will soon Fri initially very strong arms and bold, but these weapons are often nearly or so you simply have enough bullets to use them. Ammunition is very scarce and therefore you will understand with your weapons to deal and skimp on your bullets. Sometimes it is even better with a baseball bat to swing, then shoot.

In this game, we imagine that players who are not familiar with Oblivion or fans who are familiar with, but doubts about this game. Probably the play of Fallout 3, because the atmosphere and gory will not lie. We were just in the previous paragraph to know that the world is much smaller than that of Oblivion. Gamers can see this as a big drawback. But let's be honest, it was hours walking around and not find anything really so much in Oblivion. The first few hours perhaps, because the feeling of freedom is well placed. Once you want to perform many tasks quickly and want to be somewhere, you still use the fast travel option. This was also back in action in Fallout 3. That the world has become smaller, you can see as a plus. Areas and places are closer together, it's less searching and the pace is therefore automatically a lot higher. Fallout 3 has a few different endings. This has to do with your Karma. Earlier we said that on your sixteenth birthday gifts quickly if you wanted (at least we did) and that the choices are bad. If you polite answers, this is good for your Karma. Now this is not interesting at a young age. If you're a lot older than it is suddenly a lot more interesting! Sure you choose a city to blow, it is eminently a lot of negative karma, making people less you loved it too. If you go so far as you are bad through and through, you hard-drugs and other useful things to get them, so it will be tough to survive. Karma in this fast course! To return to the world smaller and does not always bad. By the different endings you can even see as follows: the game you can play quite quickly, but a number of different ways, allowing you an incredible proportion whole game long.
How do you deal with weapons (ner point and shoot, haha). You can press the R1 button and thus pull the trigger of a gun or a blow with a sword or give (baseball) bat. If you fight in the First Person view anything, you could switch (by pressing L2) to the third person view. This is not the intention initially, but prejudice, many gamers played Oblivion in 3rd person and therefore the developers have put forward this view further. Well, now we go back to your PIP-Boy 3000. This is your information screen. Here you can see how your body is added, what items you have, what weapons, all of your medicine, you name it. Through the PIP-Boy 3000 so you can change everything. In this large ontiegelijk bracelet inlaid diamond-like thing without also supports the VATS system.

What is VATS. It stands for Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System. If you press the R2 button, you activate this system. Through this system you scan your enemy. You look at each body part, how many chances you have to hit anyone. Very handy and easy to use. It's also a lot easier for someone to beat it, fans can say that this fighting with enemies is easy. This is true if you constantly use the system. You must take into account the number of AP (Action Points) you have. This ensures that you'll have to work strategically in combat. Furthermore, that your ammo is very scarce. All in all, the VATS principle very well developed. It's something else, also does VATS RPG part of the game to his advantage.

Leveling course you can, just as usual in any RPG. By making kills, hacking (that you do in Fallout 3) or quests to play, you earn Experience points. Are you tired, go to the next level and you can choose from several Perks. Many gamers will instantly ring a bell (Call of Duty 4). This is the right bubble, a perk that makes you get there a certain property which would benefit from further developing your character. You get extra points for your specializations or add a better effect on certain actions (eg a headline that more bursts). There are a lot Perks and specializations, but you must choose them wisely. You can not leveling higher than level 20. You can say that it is a disadvantage, we find on a side not, then you can forever keep training and leveling. The limited number of levels also ensures that you think twice about what you ultimately choose Perk.
Fallout 3 you can keep busy for hours. The main quest you can in fifteen to twenty hours out of them (even so, the emissions are not linearly related. If you previously at some point are over the story, you skip a part), but when your little one take time and examine the areas well can you feel free to add five to ten hours. Unfortunately you, after you've played off the main quest, no further play. Side quests will thus between the missions of the main story should play. The side quests that the game contains, must ensure that your game around one hundred hours to entertain. That's a lot. In addition, your dozen Bobblehead dolls you collect, which is very hard to find. Enough hours to enjoy this game.

Approximately one hundred hours working on a game like Knight Rider, or 3 towers Army Men is obviously not kick. Fallout 3 is that true, that thanks to the über cool atmosphere that the game has. Everything, absolutely everything is in ruins. The whole thing is good from the radioactive dye through the gritty environments and the dirty water. The different areas and places you will not be rosy, it seems that the goals we lie here and there, and sometimes even hang. The game is definitely not for gamers under 18 years. It's just very horrible to behold. For gamers above 18 it is obviously big party. Already a hint: Super-Duper Market in the ceiling watching you, there hang a pair of (half) appear. The scenes that occur under a fight is also good on the bloody side. If you're an enemy omlegt by a bullet in his head hunt, then head explode. With a little luck does not splash the head apart, but the rolls of its hull.

Moreover, we dropped that anywhere radioactivity. If too much or too long in contact with radioactivity can get side effects. This may be affecting your health. It is also wise to clean water from a bottle to drink instead of water from a rusty faucet. You can do it, just not too much. Not only the tap is also rusty, everything is. Quite logical, as there are nuclear bombs exploded. Graphically, everything looks so nice, but not great. It's nice, but not innovative. In short, pleasing to the eye or in a certain degree. Although we are quite happy with it, we have seen a few minor flaws. Computer controlled characters ever want another overlooked and heavily in walk. But what do you, the game is great.

If you look past that stupid mistakes, you will find that such enemies are not stupid. If you're quiet enough you, your enemies silently redirect by a knife in their throat rams. This is obviously the most practical way. If a raging Rambo is also an option, but a much more difficult. You already have little balls, you're not very strong (unless you're high yellow field) and VATS you can not use it constantly. Systematically eliminating your opponents is also the best plan. The cowards among us than in this case hiding behind a wall and shoot for everyone. If only it were that easy. Raiders, Ghouls and other hideous creatures (Raiders are actually people who live in the Wastelands, but they are ugly ...) will not wait until you breakthrough. They just come to you!
The guys from Bethesda Softworks deliver great job with the soundtrack. That we have come from them. Fallout 3 different radio stations ensure that the atmosphere is even more visible. The background music is not disturbing and is just pleasant to listen. Yet we get a feeling that there is relatively little variation in the number of songs. This may be due to the number of different songs that the game contains, or that everything just looks alike. Fortunately, the nice voice vote. The different calls can cause funny scenes.

Fallout 3 is entirely one magnificent game. If we compare it to Oblivion, however, we find it disappointing. Because the game is smaller, you can do less and less walking around. But let us now briefly compare that omission. Fallout 3's just fat, cool, nice, well developed and large. Just big enough. If the world would be much greater, some parts were in the game, too long duration. Now the pace is higher and it shows. The bloody actions are great displayed in slow motion and the weapons you can use his great toys (with the flamethrower, you can mess around a lot). In this game you can enjoy your ball go out like a dose of radioactivity inside have worked. Graphically, it's okay, it plays nice (the VATS system is superb pass) and Perks are well balanced by the limited choice you have. Conclusion: buy the game if you do not have money, you go in January and all but man threatening to commit a portion of nuclear bombs!

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