Monday, August 7, 2000

Resident Evil 5 | 9.0

Let me first talk about that drivel, whining and cries of racism and false. After many complaints and news reports that Resident Evil 5 racist it would surely be an item that should be raised. I can already report that you Resident Evil 5 is not racist, but rather the people who claim this are racists in my opinion. Okay, there are Africans and takes place in Africa, but this means that the famous T-, G-, Veronica and Progenitor Viruses can not touch them or that the African continent in cold viruses change? Of course not! Viruses and viruses continue to browse and take you where you are and who you are.

When this issue is therefore my view deeply buried underground or kept in some secret lab and we are really talking about the game itself. The people that the demo already know that these hands have taken game just looks stunning. Nevertheless, the demo we have given the impression that you are constantly in an African setting, around Banjer. Think again. There are several environments in the game are that you as players will have to traverse and clean sweep of all zombies and present enemies. It remains true that the African continent to play, but in addition you also, for example African villages and caves to visit an underground laboratory.

The town from the demo did me the most thought to South Africa, then you are also less color and even white Majini (ie zombies) will encounter. Previously we had already known that this would be added pressure of racism, but the real reason is that South Africa also just white people. Ah, damn, this issue was buried, my apologies. When you enter the Wetlands as a player than you really imagine you in ancient Africa, from African villages, timber with spears, African masks on the wall and faces certain Majini so. If you pass this area are the authentic Africa beyond the horizon soon learned. You will then gradually close to the source of all evil.

Whoever is behind all the evil that happens in Resident Evil 5 is an old friend of the series. Have you played any previous parts, please rumor through flashbacks what you get a few things to know about this person. Also you can read our articles about the history and the story of Resident Evil. Who is this person we obviously do not spoil for you, but acquaintances (ie fans) of the series will obviously not be surprised when they find out who it is then. There is one known from the series present in this game and I was sorry that I soon became obvious who it would be, but this moment should have been a surprise. Chris Redfield expects that a big reunion for the bow has.

As I said in the intro is Resident Evil over the years has changed considerably. This section brings even two big changes with it. The first thing that changed is that now we cannot really talk about survival horror, but about survival-action (I think I just invented a new genre). Resident Evil was and is known for implementing the scenes of fear and this is unfortunately not present in this new section in the series. Of course you still have the most bizarre creations on your roof and you will definitely thrown a lot of sweat into the hands get when there is a large group Majini toward you, including some very large Majini, but really it will not create fear. Do not see this as a downside to this game, because it's a cool game, but as a downside to the franchise, because it was previously typical.

The other aspect that has changed is that Resident Evil 5 more cooperative than single focus. The previous parts were you always in everything you own refurbishing, solve puzzles, bosses, hordes of zombies beat environments to detect items and ammunition and so on. This time you have a partner you'll assist you in your adventures. We are talking about Sheva. The women clean, which is a member of the African branch of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Aliance). The BSAA was founded by the U.S. government in cooperation with the United Nations for quite simply the messes, the Umbrella has left. Sheva is in my opinion is one of the most beautiful women ever created for a virtual game, but there is a downside to this woman.

That flaw lies in the AI and yes, I hear you all make jokes about the intelligence of a woman in itself. Before you go make yourself getting stuck there, I will just say that you have the AI is created by one man, so let us resume our focus on what we are talking about the AI. It is namely so that Sheva arranged between you and your enemy gets up (she gets fortunate side again). They also lost a lot ammo stock (not the word ammunition replaced with cash) and she occasionally goes in exactly the wrong Majini go shoot (just who are you to slaughter, while 10 others still walk around). And the biggest disadvantage is still that they regularly submit to die, so you must start again as a gamer.

Do not think that once the game is not to play with Sheva, because they will meet you more than once. She makes sure that more items could be arrested and ammunition, because it also has an inventory. If she has with her health and your life bar is likely to go then they command again without refilling. There are still some points that the addition of half character justifies such as the moments when you're going to die (this is when your life bar runs out), that you kind of an injection which gives the greatest threat averted (although you should do it more to her than they do to you). The biggest advantage of Sheva is that when you're in the game and you will visit, the visitor can pick up the second controller and you can continue playing together.
We are talking about the offline co-op. The best free game to play for some hours and after a lot of hours playing, I was finally in the last chapter, Chapter 6, when a friend of mine on the doorstep. We have also the last chapter (and thus the game itself) played together. Besides that you quite a display area must exchange is the transition very smooth. Cooperation at a certain level to meet or beat a boss to give much more satisfaction with someone next to you on the couch. Another advantage is that the frustrations on the AI of the card is full or the person next to you should never have taken a controller in hand. We are also not assume that you support this than to enable economies of this game.

About the gameplay is still a lot to tell and this is my opinion fine. The Call of Duty 4 generation (so I will only mention here) has been complaining quite run while playing the demo that you can not shoot running. Dear gentlemen, that's always been like with Resident Evil. It just brings more tension when hordes of zombies (Majini) storms come at you and you may well need to aim before they close. It is a still a lot more realistic to aim, your focus this much better. Or read this comparison, do you think Schumacher is not an ordinary car because it gets fast enough drive? Did they shoot the aspect of racing also added another, then we really not talked about a Resident Evil game. I am personally very pleased that they have retained this aspect, the fan will be a nostalgic experience.

Resident Evil 5 is for me a horror game of the year. The many weapons you can find, buy, upgrade and give the game a high replay value, because you can just use it again when you restart. Even after you get the first time playing the game an extra mode, namely the Merce Arie mode. You must then within a certain time do Majini maximum firing and this can play together with someone. Graphics looks great and also the aural, as we used to with Resident Evil, again as it should. The only thing that could have been better for me, is that Sheva could not die, because it had saved many annoyances. Do not get me wrong, the single is really cool to play and cooperative play mode allows the network bit nicer, but obviously belonged a Resident Evil one really frightening to be single, that something is missing.

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