Saturday, August 19, 2000

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger | 9.0

The Street Fighter franchise is one of the biggest names in the 2D world, but that does not detract from other fighting games are certainly unprecedented level. One of these games is therefore BlazBlue. This game is perhaps the best of its kind currently listed. The makers of this game had already been responsible for the Guilty Gear franchise, and the basis is in BlazBlue, but obviously with a different decoration and reflects the same high quality. It is the first part of this and similar high level and a good fighting game, we can always use. The positive tone is at least put.

The game begins with a nice intro video that are typically Japanese, partly because the music and the visual style and once we arrived in the menu is quite a separate affair. Thus, in the first stylish and very few options if we click then we quickly gothic music, which made us think of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. That does not alter that it fits in a certain way in this game. The visual style of the menu is at once separate, efficient and fine and the audio level of support we have not seen before.

That characterizes BlazBlue or as an eccentric game that even non-usual combinations still very great before we even started playing. As regards the game play is concerned, it knows where the necessary options to choose from. Some are as standard and not particularly in terms of content and extensive and well stocked. So we can go try out moves and combos, all sorts of learning through the training mode, which is nice and simple works. In addition, we can battle in Arcade mode, which we continuously against another fighter moved to and every time the opponent you must defeat to progress.

Besides these modes we can further against the computer in a normal game to get if you extracted the online mode on. Where the real gaming is in the story mode. This is a fighting game developed quite extensively, because the game has a decent story, mainly through text is explained in detail. Besides that, there are moments when the text is spoken and these are supported with anime avatars. The storytelling itself is not really special, but typical Japanese called. It is so bad that sometimes you just five minutes or more text is read. If you've had once you get the conversations between the characters more, which are then recorded.

The story mode is perhaps one of the nicest features in the game when your friends are free, but sometimes disturbing that the amount of text is very time consuming. You would of course continue to keep fighting and then the story takes the pace a bit, but nevertheless it is amusing to mention and that is the key. Besides the large amount of modes, there is also an option which the name "Gallery" bears. This is nothing but a collection of content, what you see in the story mode and unlocked later viewing. Always fun, especially for the die-hard players. Count the audiovisual aspect and you have basically a good game.

The audiovisual aspect, as we have briefly hinted of good level. Visually, the game completely in a cell-shaded anime style and it looks neat. The environments are pretty ranging from one another and the same applies to the characters that you're to get started. The audio is the same as to describe. Perhaps music using organs not quite what you would expect in a game like this, but no less bold. This also raises BlazBlue a certain extent in terms of distinctiveness compared to other similar fighting games. The developer has not taken the most common choices as the audio, but fortunately, this very well in the paint.

Then there is the last course of gameplay, by far the most important thing in a game like this and here we are on a short but powerful. The gameplay is very strong, but you still more portray this issue we look at some more extensive. The gameplay of BlazBlue and we mean of course the fight is something you can easily pick up, but if you want to understand, then it will cost a lot of time and effort. Not so much because it's difficult, but because it is simplistic and profound. With this we mean that if you can pick up the controller and you without too much trouble winning a battle. But sooner or later you'll encounter tougher opponents, where more knowledge is needed that is equal to the depth of the game.

If you truly comprehensive and bold combos to perform well then you have to understand the gameplay. Besides making combos in combat, you also be blocking and other movements to perform and a useful option here is to "cancel". With this feature, you can attack that will have any effect cancel, so the pace in terms of actual battles are nice stay inside. The gameplay: we can be even longer on talking, but it's also just perfectly fine. That in itself is funny, because the number of playable characters is not particularly high. The fact there are twelve, but these vary from one another so that it is also enough variety in that respect entails.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a little late from Europe, but may nevertheless be called a hit. The game is in terms of audio separately, but very stylish as is the visual aspect. The gameplay is extensive, thorough and easy and yet it all comes packaged in a full game modes and excellent pick up and play gameplay that takes time hours yet to fathom. The only downside is really the way the story is told in the story mode. This is all fairly slowly through the enormous amount of text, and thus the pace of the game gets. But in relation to this flaw the game has plenty of plus points, which is obviously positive for the final score.

Gameplay 9
Graphics 8 - 2D backlash. Decent art and high fps
Sound 8 - corny dubs
Overall 9.

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