Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Rogue Galaxy review | 8.0

The same as White Chronicles except in space. I thought this game was going to be as good as Skies of Arcadia thou.

Level 5, the developer of this game, recently much in the news regarding their PS3 game Lair. This game was pretty critically evaluated by many journalists. Rogue Galaxy is a completely different game than Lair, so this is an RPG and that is what Level 5 certainly has more experience. They are responsible for such games, Dark Chronicle and Dragon Quest VIII. All the more reason to expect much from this game, right?

Rogue Galaxy is a game that differs from others so the setting is in itself original call. The game is set in the universe and you're a pirate, a space pirate that is. You play in Rogue Galaxy Jaster with a young guy who has a dream to explore other planets. With a little luck, he at one point seen as the "Desert Claw", the infamous bounty hunter in the entire universe. Because he is the one because he can along with a pirate ship with other notorious pirates to collectively as the universe unsafe to go on.

The story seems interesting at first, partly because the setting was something unique that Level 5 has created. But as you progress in the story simply get too many plot changes, just too much of a good is simply what a shame. Besides a nice story there are also other aspects that play an important role. Thus the graphical style is similar to Dragon Quest VIII, the game uses the same cel-shaded graphics style. The cut-scenes are also very high level, or a bit disappointing is that the dungeons in the same instance multiple textures pass. Some indolent nature was now so well in sight. Nevertheless, the game graphics on a title that may well come along within the cell-shaded graphics world. The above looks stylish, especially, as just indicated the cut-scenes.
Besides great graphics the game offers you a decent playing time. So you up 25 hours working on the main-quest. A good RPG besides offering a main course also quest-side-quests. All play all out, including the mini games you will soon go toward the 100 hours. Value for money anyway. If you feel like it is a different story, but the playing is so thick in order. Then there is the sound even a RPG like Final Fantasy is always accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack, the soundtrack of Oblivion was also very strong. The game offers you a five planets, you'll visit every planet has its own music again and this is very good level. Yet the soundtrack of the aforementioned games a little better, despite the soundtrack of Rogue Galaxy is a good that can come along. There are also voice-acts have, they are very good, they are pronounced with atmosphere and you'll often hear different voices. In the area of the sound is little in this game than to note except that it is good and valid for the graphics.

Then there is the most important aspect, the gameplay. Especially in an RPG, this very strong stabbing each other in the game wants to make a topper. Fortunately Level 5 has enough experience to the gameplay in this title too thick for each other. The combat system is so thick in order, also this game is turn-based principle of the abandoned and the real-time battles. This means that you should not wait for each turn the enemy to attack again. Once you see an enemy you can simply direct attack. This may be based attacks by pressing X to perform a simple stroke of your sword. Additionally you can dodge enemy attacks by jumping as such falls within the circle, next to a jump move you can protect yourself by using R1. Each character has its own special weapons, as Jaster has a gun and that for the other seven playable characters differently.
Every game is not a simple hack and slasher to drop there are several attacks possible, if you will-timed combos can perform, these buttons are based on the combos at the right time pressing the buttons indicated. The more accurate the more you attack more successful. This takes some effort, but the result is rejected. Then there are the special attacks, so you'll collect items while playing for special attack care. These attacks can be divided in a field where you type the attack attributes to the characters and weapons. Each character has its own special attacks and thus divide his own field. Because the items well be divided on the fields each character come with it new opportunities for the weapons of the characters on Fri So any tactic by placing the items is important and the game also gives them a tactical aspect.

The combat system distinguishes itself from other systems of fighting back RPGs that use real-time attack principle. By tactical choices to make regarding the allocation of items you can make a very strong character and the game offers you a tactical element. Moreover, the fighting itself is pretty elaborate with the simple, timed and special attacks. All this makes it a very powerful combat system. What a pity then, is that you do not have full control over the actions of your team. So they will occasionally perform some weird actions and that's just sad, let the AI in some respects what stitches are, unfortunately. Despite the fighting system is just very good and fun to play and that takes care of an RPG stands or falls. In Rogue Galaxy money last.
Are you still not to a PS3 then Rogue Galaxy is a very good game for them temporarily from the feet to play with one of nearly 100 hours. The story has been proved to be too expensive for many predictable plot twists nonetheless remains a very good game, so the graphics are very nice, the sound level of sound and the gameplay is thick in order despite minor defects AI. A game that every RPG fan but I dare recommend, besides that this game is a pretty great ending for the PS2 era? After that I think I bought one more Nippion Ichi game and also a 2D Guilty Gear game.

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