Thursday, August 10, 2000

Devil May Cry 4 | 8.5

Part 1 made history with his new action inventive system. The setting was beautiful, the enemies were memorable good (the puppet) and the story was interesting. Part 2 was a flop, too short, too easy, I can still continue. Part 3 was a good step, this time the story was better and the introduction of Vergil succeeded so well that there is a Special Edition was released, so it was playable. The wait is over. Dante is back in Devil May Cry 4, but this time there's another person in the spotlight. It is not Vergil from Section 3, but a newcomer named Nero. This young lad is a bit the victim and is itself partly become devils. Literally one part, only his arm became devils and the Devil Bringer said. Very negative, this arm also is not there, Nero uses to his advantage and know a lot of demons cup size. This is not everything, there's more but for that you read! The game opens with an opera that sung by Kyrie. Nero is on its way to the opera and is embroiled in a battle with the little puppets. These enemies you'll encounter more often, these are the standard against which you'll fight demons and **** are simple beings. After this wonderful directed cut-scene begins the great misery. The big star of the franchise makes his rise. Dante appears out of nowhere and kills the leader of the Holy Knights, Sanctius in the middle of the prayer was addressed to the father of Dante, Sparda. So far the intro, very spectacular. A few moments later, begins his battle to save Nero and Dante try a cup size. Now it is clear to see that Devil May Cry 4 has embarked on the mainstream side. The first battle you run is a fight with Dante. This step by step all the basic controls and abilities explained. Once in control, Dante goes by and the search is launched. Nero joins his girlfriend and brother of Kyrie Kyrie, Credo (also the leader of the Holy Knights), the Fortuna city rescue at the time devastated by the puppets. From now play with Nero, Kyrie and Credo flights to the headquarters. Nero is now at the Castle of Fortuna, as Dante will be assumed that there is. I will not tell you more about the story, it would remove too much tension. Devil May Cry was the always the story, so it would be a shame to spoil more. The story is little to criticize. We could also satisfied with the graphics. The clothing of the characters are at times incredibly well done. Just Amazing. These are truly times when I'm talking about, because sometimes the graphics are nice, but not great. The faces are somewhat less. The textures are as simplistic, it against the facial animations very well done. It's so varied. I speak mostly on close-ups of the main characters. To get the nitpicking behind us, we take a random example, the bosses. They look incredibly good. There is one I remember that almost looks real, Bael, a huge frog that really looks slick. Action, this is about the soul of this franchise. It is full of it. You're less than a second to walk to the next area to kick ass, or you're already haunted by creepy creeps. However, there is a but, the demons you encounter, always come in groups fixed on you. If you encounter Mephisto example, a cross between a lizard and a tight dress surrounded by a devil, you will always have to address simultaneously two. So you will often identify a set pattern to other enemies, making it perhaps a little repetitive about to come. Thankfully, the interspersed by many boss fights, which is really spectacular. It is pure enjoyment when you take on a huge demon. They fill the entire screen with their four to five times bigger than you, it's always back and forth across the screen. Crazy at times, this is Devil May Cry has always been known for, among other. It was always known for the difficulty of the boss battles. About the hard part I have said nothing. Devil May Cry 4 is compared to its predecessor (except part than 2) on the easy side. In the beginning you can choose a difficulty level. Human (easy) or Devil Hunter (Normal). To the real evil Nero / Dante to feel, choose your course for Devil Hunter. This felt like a rather easy fashion, when I compare with Part 1 or the more recent Devil May Cry 3. Perhaps logical, it would be the average mainstream gamer may be deterred if it would be too hard. For mainstream gamers a good thing to reduce the entry threshold, but for those who confesses to the series if it is more difficult. The bosses are sometimes too easy to defeat and reduced the challenging aspect. Bosses do not you just. Each boss has its own weakness and is only one way easy to beat. One of those ways is of course no two fingers in your nose stop. You'll be quite some combos from your sleeve to shake. Devil May Cry 4 is full of it. With Nero you, you good fun with the Devil Bringer. This allows you, pull enemies toward you, then their way to the afterlife to whack. For example, you even when you're in the air after jumping, the enemies to you to seize that black and blue heels. You can link together so many moves that you for a while even hangs in the air. It is a point where an entire scene with all those cool moves! Introducing a new character in the series was a good decision. Nero is not troublesome. You can enjoy with him and fight the Devil Bringer is really successful. Then we came to Dante. Somewhere in the middle of the game you switch to Dante. When this happens you can not get a little tutorial to Dante in the master, as you initially had with Nero. For those who ever tried a previous section or know about it would be no problem, but for novice gamers DMC is it very accustomed. All this time you used the many devils and demons to you to draw many air combos to perform, on the ground rams, and so on. Dante keep his feet more on the ground, his whole style is different than that of Nero. Yet there is a kind of balance so you both can find great demon hunters. Here is good piece of work delivered. Back to Dante. For those who already know from Section 3 is generating what I have to mention no news. You can also choose from four types of weather this time fighting styles. Sword Master (a style focused on the use of your sword), Trickster (a style aimed at avoiding attacks), Gunslinger (a style that focuses on the use of nail makers) and Royal Guard (a style that focuses on the blocks of attacks). These four types of fighting styles you'll soon reach a conclusion, Dante has more moves than Nero. In Section 3 it was so that at the beginning of a mission should you choose which style of exploration.

Fortunately, they removed and players can play through, using the arrow keys, choose which style you going to go. Very handy. A similar system was used when your weapons. With the R2 and L2 button you switch weapons. Long combos are guaranteed! The sound of heels is beautiful, like the firing of a few very hot leaden balls. Below you will accompany the fight through a portion of solid rock. Some love it, others abhor it. In a game like this that the pit, like that of a runaway bull is it mustache. Not only are we fighting under the provision of music, when we walk around the levels we hear in the distance the beautiful and tranquil gothic sounding music. Really beautiful. As I said earlier, you hear an opera at the beginning. It sounds so beautiful. What is less beautiful sounds, the backtracking part. The whole piece you've fought and fallen with Nero, you actually walk back to Dante. Sounds like a moron, but fortunately there are things (such as new demons that Nero has not fought them) that will bring necessary variety to content drastically reduce boredom. Nice to report, are also known for many things in this section. Thus the Lost Woods section derived from a passage from Part 1, a specific attack that Berial uses the same as that of Phantom (Part 1), Trish (part 1) and Lady (Part 3) make an appearance, the lizard demons Part 1 have a return. All have nice things for gamers who previously fought in the past Dante evil. Not a bad point, all elements are successful. Too bad that the backtracking is taken from the previous sections. There is also a quiet aspect in DMC 4. So you can chill on the couch all the cut scenes look at ease. You can also see all the characters met and a brief background of their reading. This also applies to all devils and demons that you've encountered. You can really see everything, even the items and key items. Also very handy if you forgot just how a move looks when you run it, you can also see. We want all to know how the achievement system, which processes would be like. There are a number of challenges that you can get, for example, remove red orbs or search level 10.000 11. If this is successful you get a picture to see a reward. So you may contact your friends who sit in your friends list, also see what they all have achieved. What is also really fun when you are logged online and the game starts, you can see at what level a friend. There is also a ranking that shows how many points you're away from the first place. Devil May Cry 4 is very successful. The introduction of Nero did many people wait, hoping that he would not ruin entire game atmosphere. I can reassure you, I was one of those people and say that he more than succeeded. The Devil Bringer is incredible, the combos you can perform it are phenomenal. The action is fast. Let's not forget good old hand Dante. He too is back in full glory and kick every ass. The bosses are super crazy to fight (Echidna is perhaps my favorite) and the environments in which the two heroes find themselves are beautiful. Many things are used in Part 1 and Part 4 in a different guise processed. Not a bad thing at all, even successful. So I can say that the level designs are very good. The story is perfectly fine and the various weapons that Dante gets his hands are too great to handle. I could mention so much that is good in this game, I do already have it. If you backtracking takes for granted you have a deal Major games. Meaning in action? Buy Devil May Cry 4!

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