Wednesday, August 2, 2000

Shadow of the Colossus 9.0

In Shadow of the Colossus play with a wanderer (z `s name is not known) who has lost his wife to death, you would like her back. According to one legend is possible that your wife back to life, but you should be forbidden to land. This is done, you start in the Temple where you and your wife lays down the god of the land begins to speak. You need to achieve your goal (your wife to life) sixteen colossi beat, you accept it and go on your way to the first colossus. You are always in the game together with your trusty horse, Agro, which bears the name, the horse is very faithful one always listens to you.

You should look colossi and therefore the only tool you have is your magic sword, if you cross swords in the air and the sunlight is reflected off the area where your sleuthing and your controller to vibrate when you know which direction you out to, it works easily and efficiently. If you arrived at the colossi as you look when you play first game for the open mouth to your TV, the colossi are really big and bizarre that is the strength of the game. You must defeat the colossi, well how do you do that? You can change your sword and stabbing the air with the beam and scour the colossi as the controller shake again you know the weakness of your enemy.

The next step is to arrive at the weak point, it is certain colossi an easy way to find the weak point, but others you really puzzling. Once on the climb to the colossi you're very careful on the pink circle right of the screen because it runs as you're slowly climbing the longer blank, it gives you grip. If the gauge is empty, you fall down again and you start climbing the colossus. The climb is one easier than the other. The colossi you feel that climbs up through his body and in response, he starts moving and shaking. Be careful where you make the climb and grip meter is not empty.
This is achieved through just to rest in places where the plane of the Colossus is. The grip meter is filled and then you can go back to climbing. But watch out during the rest because the colossus knows you're there and will occasionally move. As you progress through the game, the grip meter is always a little bit bigger, it is necessary, because later in the game you have proper documents climb. Another way to increase your grip meter to get to 77 lizards to kill and eat their white tails, but more about that later. In the beginning was a colossus easy to beat because they have only one weakness, it `s weakness recognized by a luminous sign up when you arrive at the point. You must then stabbing your sword, but beware of soft "stitches" the colossi feels almost nothing.

You need the controller and pressing the square effect on your character build. This strength is reflected in your grip meter, the bigger the circle is the more powerful you stitch. If you have a hit then runs the health meters from the colossi displayed a blank piece, it feels the colossus is and it is intended, more necessary in order to maintain because the colossi starts shaking violently from the pain and when he what calms you strike! A few direct hits are enough for the Colossus to the ground to help, if this happened then unfolds a black haze on the dead colossus, his soul from his body (these are black streaks) penetrate the trails with you inside so you faint.
You see a blur in your image with a lamp and a few seconds after you wake up again in the temple where you started the adventure. The God speaks again, but then your next enemy and you go back on the road. The Colossi are all beautifully designed and every colossi is in itself a puzzle to find the weak points where the environment sometimes you need to find them, I will not tell you how, but it must find yourself. Some colossi have a figure of a man (read: giant) and other flying colossi as you also in the water. The colossi are all unique beings, they have their own size ranging from best small (a little bigger than you) to gigantic figures.

In some colossi is the inspiration clearly see, there are a few derived from animals and it's fun to see how the makers of a unique creature managed to create. As I have said some colossi but a weak point, but there are also two or more who have, especially the colossi with more than two weak points are most difficult. You need to colossi `s to make use of your weapons, that is, your magic sword and your bow and arrow. You also need to use your horse in some battles, it strengthens the bond between the player of the game and the horse Agro. In a battle is your horse a little way and when you need it you need to cross your character then flute if he calls on his fingers: "Agro". Your horse responds very loyal because he comes as soon as possible.
I've annoyed me even more than the horse, more to the controls actually. This is because the jump and climb on the horse the same button. So I had a few times quickly m `s horse climb so I could escape attack by the colossi. But because the jump button is the same character several times over the horse before, this is very annoying and since not all buttons on the controller are the makers can better organize a separate button for jumping and climbing on your horse. The country is a prohibited area with large free-roaming where you can basically do whatever you want, it is more limited than Grand Theft Auto, but this game is totally different.

The first colossi are near the temple, but if you go in the game, the colossi are increasingly of the temple. To prevent you from the temple again to raise a lot because you've committed suicide (jumping into the ravine, etc.) can save your way through a stone tower in prayer. There is much to see in the world, if one location is a desert and the other is a dry landscape so you also have beautiful grass plains, lakes and waterfalls. The game plays very nice and sometimes you need to climb the colossi pieces to come in or something to get you to the colossi and attack uses. This is all very smooth as in ICO (the last game of the same unique makers).
A well-trained little gamer plays the game in about eight to nine hours out. You can then do the game again on hard difficulty which it is possible to defeat the colossi in time attack mode you start in a tower where you can save. Every time you defeat a colossus within the specified time you get an extra in the game itself, this include: your arrows from your bow and arrow that fires, more damaging to the Colossus, it is also possible for an additional map to get where the 77 locations are lizards. Lizards locations are places where you can find the lizard with a white tail, these lizards can kill with your sword to cut through. Eat your character than the tail so the grip meter piece bigger. You can catch all the lizards in the normal fashion, but they all agree is impossible without the lizard folder, this is something you do not because the normal mode then you're still focused on the colossi. Note: there are also ordinary lizards, which can also kill, but it gives you nothing.

The other inhabitants of the country have banned the colossi `s after birds, which fly away when you come nearby. You're also the only character in the country with your horse, you'd think it was a dull emptiness, this is not because the country is beautiful with all the different locations. After playing the game I came to the following weaknesses, they are not the size of blunder or something. They attacked me and I think the makers there is a little more time to invest. The fact is, if you're a gamer who has long gamed than you quickly through the game.

The climb on your horse, is not always easy and when your horse jumps a lot, this looks quite a fake out. But those reasons, you simply turn a blind eye when you play the game. The end of the game is something I never forget what a beautiful and cool was that end, the end is definitely not predictable although I have thought. It is the best way to end a game I've ever seen. Every self-respecting gamer would have to get this game at home or rent a time. So that was the review of Shadow of the Colossus! Come back with a unique, cool and beautiful game.

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