Saturday, August 12, 2000

GRID | PS3 | 9.0

Just Right
Time Spent:
10 to 20 Hours
The Bottom Line:

You enter the world of Race Driver: GRID as a rookie and with the big enough to compete, you especially need money. Fortunately enough people see potential in you and get you the offer to race. Get a random number of races in which you presented each of three different call. This is so because the division of racing. Indeed you race in three continents. Europe, America and Japan. Every country has its own kind of races and these races will earn you the money that you can make your car roadworthy.

Once enough races, it's time for your team to set up. You give your team a name, so your car color. You're really ready for the real work is obviously important. You want is big in the racing world and after a relatively quick entry, it is always nice to be right with the big enough to compete. Again you get the choice to participate in a race which is divided up on the aforementioned continents. The whole object is stepped up, something similar has also emerged in Colin McRae: DiRT.

The higher races and championships are locked and bring it to participate, you must have enough points. These points earned by racing. In particular racing earn lots of money to invest in your team, for example by buying new cars. Also, if you know the task imposed to complete you get points which apply to the higher races in the race structure of the game. This system compares favorably together and motivates the player really deep at the races in order to determine the required points to score.

The previous parts of Race Driver: GRID turned mainly to the ultimate class DTM. Many divisions were playable but the player did eventually in the DTM racing. Perhaps you wonder why Race Driver: GRID a renamed. This has two reasons, first because the American public would be triggered more than TOCA Race Driver and because Race Driver: GRID will be very broad. Colin McRae: DiRT was a game that all aspects of off-road racing in a package offered. Race Driver: GRID does exactly the same but on asphalt.

Race Driver: GRID It allows for an unprecedented variety of racing classes there for everyone tastes. Think like Destruction Derby races, 24 hours of Le Mans on the beautiful La Sarthe circuit. Formula 3 racing with no course not. You can not think or is there in. The races are not lacking muscle on the narrow street circuits around the world. In terms of diversity, so it's the mustaches to Race Driver: GRID. It provides for every race fan or pleasure and thus speaks Race Driver: GRID allow many more people than Gran Turismo which focuses on street racing cars.

We have previously described a mode where you feel like a rookie reprocesses as a highlight of the racing world in the match, however, not stay here. The game has because some other modes. So you can use any car on any track to drive, see it as the standard arcade mode. In addition, we also get to work on real racing, namely online. Online can be raced with twelve men simultaneously in different racing classes. It really is a multiplayer racing, anything special you can not say it offers more options, not really exceptional. Which is certainly still has to be said is that racing with twelve men in Race Driver: GRID a lot more intense than in other games, why? Because a small mistake in one corner.

Just send a stupid mistake can be fatal. It runs for victory, as all, everyone drives at best and that makes all very exciting. After an extensive single-player where you have more than ten hours are doing online you can also yet to get bored quickly since it is not because of the variation in types of cars. So the minimum number of modes that are for sure a lot of fun. Time to look at the rewind function. Because the developer has looked to Prince of Persia. You might do this odd sound. Yet this is based on the absolute truth. You simply can rewind in the game.

Rewind in a racing game is not really anything that has ever been done before, but it appears to be a great middle. How many times have you ever not had that in the last turn of a key race with a stupid mistake because, you race all over again to do. This is the worst when it happened in a race where you just have put half hour. This annoying aspect is of course necessary to be realistic but can cause irritation. To prevent this you can race four times during a time in order to rewind your mistakes to rectify. You crash so hard that the rest of the riders racing over your field, then you just rinse the time you take that one back and bend a bit different so you are still first.

Not really a realistic option in a realistic racing game, but incredibly useful, it is one of the best new features of the latest racing games. By contrast, it contributes to the realism is the AI. Anyone riding his own job and do not hesitate to return them to you difficult. This contributes to a more realistic racing experience. What is even further is the behavior of the cars. A muscle tank is ideal for narrow streets to race because they have a very confident stance. A Porsche is not entered, this zwabbert the job but again it is really fast.

For a clearer picture, every car drives differently and they all feel very realistic to what is obviously a big plus for the game. To get to fall back on the comparison with Gran Turismo. Unfortunately, we are still not completely out which of the two is the most realistic racer. The issue is simply that both games in their own way realistic and that they fit perfectly side by side. Race Driver: GRID gives you the feel of a real driver and Gran Turismo lets you try all the cars. We have just two super-realistic topracers right now!

In the audiovisual field, the game is very nice to call. Graphically, the game pretty well doing what it should be said that the most detail, especially in the vehicle is not in the area. Nevertheless, the game looks very faithfully, and enjoy the spectacular crashes though we occasionally have a graphical glitch found. The audio sounds like it should, the roar of the muscle firing, the whine of the Porsches and good music while racing make sure that the audio sound like the graphics in another stabbing. And that makes Race Driver: GRID racing game very solidly put together and the race fans can certainly charm.

Race Driver: GRID is a racing game that combines many different types of racing in a fun and mixed up as a player where you'll be doing quite long. Additionally, you can also enjoy comprehensive online racing with eleven men for an optimal exciting experience. The gameplay, sound and graphics are all of good standard and we know why this game a score which he rightly deserves. Codemasters Colin McRae plays the following: DiRT again ready for a good, thick and extensive racing to deliver!

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