Monday, August 14, 2000

Resonance of Fate | 8.5

Resonance of Fate takes you deep into the distant future. The climate appears more than once and failed so the earth as good as dead. All that remains is a huge complex. This complex, also known as Basel, purifies the toxic heavy air. This is the only place on Earth where there is clean air, everyone living in and around this big pile shaped building. The air is the purest gut oven, so the class is re-inserted. The richest living above in the "candlestick", while the poorest live close to the drill. The air there is still moderately toxic, so the people are a kind of mutants. Cover this with a steampunk sauce and you have a picture of life in Resonance of Fate.

You'll be in the shoes of a group of bounty hunters creep. Vasheron, Zephyr and Leanne are residents of the fourth floor of Basel and is known as bounty hunters, but actually put them mainly in Basel and to save mankind. They all have their strengths and complement each other well. They can also quite funny, because during the story you will enjoy a joke more than once heard coming from their mouths. The game will also focus only on these three characters, so you will not during the game to unlock other characters. This in itself is good, because if you see the characters grow throughout the game. You also get a stronger bond with the characters, which is good.

During the game you will be mainly concerned with the main missions. This will be quite some time-consuming, allowing the playing of the game is very high. You can also always some zijmissies that make the play more inflating. Besides missions will still be busy with other things. For example, your game world from some kind of board. The majority is inaccessible and there than you can build paths through hexes, a kind of tiles. This is very funny and also forces you to occasionally zijgevechten what to enter in order to unlock hexes. Furthermore you will also need to upgrade your weapons. This is done by parts to make or buy your own gun and place. This is nice, but visually you notice little or nothing.

The combat system is rather unique. Most RPGs focus on swords and the like. This does not Resonance of Fate. You only can use guns. There is a distinction between small arms and machine guns. Machine guns do because "scratch damage '. This means that no direct damage is done. It weakened as it were the opponent, because if you it with a handgun hits, it takes more remarkable damage to endure. The battle itself is not really turn based. You can control a character and his time is up or move is done, then you immediately with the next character to work. The enemies do not wait, so it may be that you're in the middle of your action strikes your very move which failed.

This is not the only special thing about the combat system. So you can still Hero moves and execute a Tri-Attack. If you run a Hero move, your character will walk to a certain point. While he is doing this, you can shoot and much, much more you can barely hit the enemy. This move is very essential if you want to win. You can not just execute him. Every time you move out or a Hero when you hit, you lose a Bezel Shard. If it on, then you might as well pack up. Your characters will indeed be very gepanikeerd get and can barely fight. You have to see that you always keep a Bezel Shard. This earn back through monsters to hit very good or killing them.

The Tri-Attack is the most powerful attack in the game. If you run it correctly, then all characters a certain area which attacks the enemy that there is a lot of damage. It sounds much easier than it is. You have had a sufficient resonance point. This gives you a Hero by which you move the file between your two other characters run. Then you see all the characters stand around in a triangle on the enemy. If all else fails, you can perform the move. However, this is very difficult, making it long before you move through it. You do not get tutorial or similar. You need to figure out where the manual is and we encourage you to thoroughly through it, because as you note, the combat system is very entertaining but also very complex.

Graphically the game performs moderately. The environment is very original and the steampunk atmosphere is really good. This captures the mediocre quality part, but it could have done much better. During the fighting seems slightly better graphics quality, especially during a move or a Hero Tri-Attack. Yet we regularly disturbed graphic weaknesses and the quality of the cut scenes or the hair of some characters that looked like a cheap wig. The emotions of the characters are usually lost, which harms the atmosphere. Yet the quality is not bad, but the current graphics quality of games like God of War III or Uncharted 2 will soon feel your frustrations arise.

The audio is not perfect. Fortunately, you can also choose to put voices in Japanese, but the voice acting is not really credible. So your character will occasionally evident in panic, while the tone of voice suggests that he is bored with it. On the soundtrack and background we were again very satisfied. These fit very well in each case relating to the situation and may well reinforce any sense. It will not prevent you a lot of quiet time to come, because there will always be a cog turning a pipe or steam jet.

Resonance of Fate combines a fun and original story with a great combat system. The fact that you always play with guns is something different. The learning curve is long and difficult, so many gamers will be discouraged to play this game. If you finally battle system under your belt, you will find that resonance of Fate very entertaining and addictive. The game takes the top level, but you can reassure him a very good sub-topper call!

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