Thursday, August 24, 2000

Borderlands PS3 review | 8.0

Borderlands is being developed by Gearbox Software and the big man behind Borderlands is none other than Randy Pitchford. With great enthusiasm he knows the world press to convince the quality of Borderlands and he does well before the game appears in stores. PSFocus we have him now met several times and we looked forward to that very Borderlands. Today we can finally evaluate the game and I certainly hope that Randy Pitchford has lied to us and this is just going to be a great game!

Randy Pitchford has also been lied to us once, but he did not deliberately. Two years ago we were invited by publisher 2K Games, the Borderlands GamesCom presentation to attend. Pitchford Randy was the man who would conduct the presentation and everything went smoothly. We saw enough in the game action and the press present was an interesting game, especially because we were told repeatedly that Borderlands looks something like Diablo, but in a shooter jacket. A few months have suddenly everything was different.

When it was announced that Borderlands is very different from going to see. Gearbox Software stepped away from the existing graphics and the game was developed with the look that had made them as artwork. It now seems drawn out, but according to Randy Pitchford is not cel-shaded game. The graphical appearance of Borderlands is now indistinguishable from the dozens of shooters who have appeared on consoles. This combined with millions of weapons and a genre that best describes as a First Person Role Playing Shooter (as Randy Pitchford always tries to describe), will require a new successful franchise Borderlands make.

However, it is doubtful whether a successful franchise Borderlands will be because the game suffers from some problems. Meanwhile, some old problems have been solved with a patch but this patch has not removed all errors. The first thing that strikes me is that Borderlands a fast game, but it seems as if the game can not keep up. If there are many characters fill the screen, along with a large number of enemies, then stripes appear on screen and that can never be the intention. Even if you zoom in and quickly back and forth, then appear again some stripes in the picture. Not always, but just enough to be annoying.

We let the points just beyond annoying ways and concentrate on the story, because if Randy Pitchford wants this as an RPG is going to be seen, it has a good story. Borderlands in the story is somewhat disappointing, but it's fun enough to keep you busy. The game takes place in Pando, one place on earth where no love and peace is found. For years, there is a Pandora's story about a treasure called The Vault. This baby will make you rich, powerful, and especially many women deliver. Hence, everyone in The Vault is out hunting and hunters call themselves Hunters Vault.

When you first start the game, you told more about The Vault, and we get a choice of four Hunters Vault. Roland''The Soldier''is a dark RenderMan so much to see first hand. We can be extrapolated from the number of scars on his face. Roland specializes in Combat Rifles and Shotguns and the type of''shoot first, ask questions later.''Mordecai''The Hunter''is a lean man with a goatee, but also it is no spotter. He specializes in Sniper Rifles and Revolvers, but can also handle a sword.

Litith''The Siren''is intended mainly to have her pretty face and her tight ass. But you better not tell her this, because Lilith is a silent killer, the sneak behind an enemy's back appears to him once then send to hell. And then there Brick simply playing himself. The man is bigger than the Dutch kickboxer Semmy Schild and has numerous scars on his body down. He does have agreements with Semmy Schild, because he prefers to turn his opponents into the ground and keep it especially explosive weapons. It should be clear ... Do not F * ck with Brick!

In the first level you are greeted by an annoying robot that will dance when he was bored. Yet you can not do without him, because it explains a few things and gives you a communication device, which are very useful. In this device, you can directly see which missions you should complete successfully, but also whether your skill points should be divided among the many possibilities. This allows you to select a skill Brick making his punches even tougher and Roland may turrent placement on the floor, automatically firing many bullets at all enemies still move.

In the communication device can also read what weapons you carry with you at that time. That's pretty important, because a limited number of things you can carry with you, but when you progress through the game, you can still take more loot. Loot is a collective name for all the stuff that falls to the ground after the killing of enemies and things revealed by opening crates. Pandora is an open game world and there are plenty of enemies who want to make your life miserable enough crates and distributed throughout the game, so you have an incredible number of weapons to find.

Randy Pitchford wants us to believe that there are millions of different weapons in Borderlands to use, but this is now a doubt case. However, there are significantly more weapons in Borderlands, then what game to the PlayStation 3, but this is because weapons are automatically generated. Weapons to change substantive issues such as: storage capacity, speed of bullets fired and how far you can shoot it. In addition there are also such that knife mounted weapons (you can hit it harder in melee) or fire bullets, making the enemies into the flames fly. Enough variety and thus ensures that every weapon picks, to see if this is better than your current weapons.

The RPG element is still very important in Borderlands. You need your skill points to divide property and for this you need experience and you get points by completing missions and killing enemies. This in turn ensures that you will face many weapons, so you soon a lot of weapons to your disposal. This is handy for the ever more powerful enemies to defeat them. This keeps it interesting to level and it automatically works that Borderlands a fun game continues, you more than a few hours to play.

I will also outline how I started reviewing the Borderlands. The first hour I was playing, I soon had a level 12 character and I thought it was time to take a look online. That turned out a big bug. When you go online to play, you can opt for new characters or existing characters and I took my level 12 character line and squeezed all fast (to me) useless text. I was then in company of two much higher level characters, and was soon behind them than I could not play together. The enemies were too powerful for all the weapons at that time I was in control and hit a few balls, my character was lying on the floor bleeding to death.

Back to the single-pass, was therefore a logical step and I took my level 12 character back in my arms to venture outside in Pandora. To my amazement, I was suddenly in the game much further advanced than I liked. I had the missions of the two online players took on me, though I was aware of them. Apparently this is still listed before going online to play, so it was entirely my own fault. However, I do not actually agree, because it should not matter to whom you are playing online. When someone is much further than you, this should just be fun stuff to pick it up, but not missions to communicate.

Hindsight we can say that Borderlands is launched too early. Even though the game is actually delayed because the Gearbox on a wild throw another bow. Graphically, the game is progressing, though many people do not appreciate this graphic style. We have the game two years ago and have seen when they were introduced, it was a graphically outdated game Borderlands. Now it is unique, though the lines that occasionally appear on the screen annoying. The online multiplayer would otherwise be, but it is certainly not bad. With four people playing online is really cool to do!

Borderlands creates a nice atmosphere and this is also due to the music and the voices of the crazy characters you meet in Pandora. I strongly believe that if Borderlands three months later would come, that the game would have been nearly perfect. Yet for many players change the graphics a big disappointment, but Borderlands is far from a playable cartoon. Kickass characters and very nasty enemies, together with an open game world, everyone should be interesting. Add the online multiplayer (read four male co-opted) and add the chance to challenge each and you know that Borderlands will entertain you dozens of hours. See you in Pandora Brick!

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