Friday, August 11, 2000

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles | 9.0

I love symphony of the night and this new SNES 3D remake, because it's very Castlevania-like.

Castlevania, a series which has a special place to me. So I have many good parts that are upsetting me captivated from beginning to end it all, whether I shall be overlooked on the basis of gameplay were not very good, but I managed to excel in other aspects. Thus, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence a brilliant soundtrack. Anyway, it's time for a new game, well, new? Not really. Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles is more a compilation of previous parts. This kind of compilations are not really a good name, see if it has managed better will.

Competitions are usually bad. Usually there is a single disc from a series of games which only one or two really worthwhile. The rest is more like padding and is totally fascinating. However, the Castlevania series a slightly different reputation. Thus, the oldest parts are not really that old these days is just crap. No, this series has something that makes it special. So this compilation has only three parts Castlevania. For example, compiling a remake of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. After this off you have to work with the Japanese original Rondo of Blood, which never appeared outside Japan until now.

And as a tip of the iceberg, this compilation also Castlevania: Symphony of the Night which is the official sequel to the aforementioned game. For connoisseurs, this is a gift from heaven, for the ignorant. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is the best Castlevania ever made any time on the PSOne came out. This makes this compilation as a whole more interesting, especially when most of the series ever are sitting. However, this game is obviously a bit older and a bit whether they can come along with the games now. I think not, but we do so. This opposite is certain that you lock up a solid compilation, perhaps the best to date and we can learn something from other developers. Certainly before casually all old stuff on a disc thrown.

For this compilation simply "order" of games, we begin to treat it with Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. In this part you play with Richter Belmont, a relative of the Belmont which the arch-enemies of Dracula. You go with him on path to Dracula to defeat him and save your girlfriend from his hands / teeth. You come to a big castle from the Castlevania hot and there are monsters that you'd rather not encounter. Thus, your example the famous gothic Frankenstein against. You fight like you are in a 2D environment but also to eventually be confronted with Dracula. This remake is entirely in classical style, levels have remained so, as already stated, fully 2D. Gameplay is perhaps even worse old school. Thus, the game is extremely difficult, you get three lives, you can lose quite quickly.

Once all life on it is really starting to advance in level. You think so think twice before you like a chicken without a head is racing through the levels. It really made me think back to the arch difficult games of the time when this game came out too. The games are really grim and a mistake can be fatal. No checkpoints, no, just start all over again. This was initially some getting used to, especially if you have that many games nowadays just have checkpoints so that it is not bad when you die. Gamers who've been turning it cocks on the matter, but gamers who have never played such games will soon give up what sin is, unfortunately, because in 2008 the games in this compilation still just really good.

To be back at Richter to come back, he does not know very many opportunities to the enemies to tackle. The options he holds are very effective. So he holds a whip, so standard "incoming" enemy regularly already some distance off so that it does not bring harm to our hero. There is a nice feature in this game. A 2D game similar to a linear objective, however, this game is quite the case. So know the game a dozen levels. Some of these levels, however, but via a route to complete. But others are using multiple ways to play.

You will not, during the levels, all levels encounter. It is dependent on the route you take in the level which have multiple options. This allows a different level to come out. Think of it as a level which you can get two of which route you choose depends. So the game offers great gameplay, but also some replay value. A real gamer obviously trying to go through all the levels. After completing the game is definitely worth the other route to take in those levels. Besides a story mode which is very well done, although it is difficult, the game provides another option. The "Boss Rush" mode. In this mode you get the chance to all the bosses that you encounter throughout the game again to beat. If you can not spend more than you can visit the "Boss demo" mode. Which everything is shown, how the boss to defeat.

To get back to an earlier specified term, compilation, this game is slightly different than you would expect from compilations. Usually you can then own the games from a menu to choose who you want to play. This game puts it differently. As reported earlier, has three games that UMD, the remake, the original and Symphony of the Night. The latter two are not just selecting. This you have to unlock. Unlock done play by the remake of a specific item to find, it appears twice so you unlocked the other two games. Symphony of the Night is certainly worth additional discussion. So this game has a totally different setup. Unlike Rondo of Blood has no levels this game, but a big castle which is completely linked together. This time you're back to Alucard, the son of Dracula. Also, this version features somewhat larger in terms of gameplay. So you get new weapons and armor you stronger. Even money back for this game that definitely is worthwhile.

Overall, the gameplay in this game perfectly fine, outside the old school aspect to the gameplay is still as a house and other classics that could recur in other collections of variations can not be said. Before we conclude the review is of course important to have a look at the sound look and certainly the graphics, these are not a bit dated? It actually looks somewhat dated, however, enjoy the game of the advantage that the PSP screen is smaller. Therefore it is not as bad as your example will play on your TV. Although the sprites are somewhat dated but I give a good score because of the many details that the games have. For example, Castle Alucard incredibly colorful and detailed despite the Gothic design.

Graphically, the game is nice to do and should, have the really small screen of the PSP and the many details. In terms of sound, this game is like many other parts Castlevania very strong. It's the perfect style, but again typical gothic music. This sounds good and fits the overall atmosphere that the games have. With all these aspects, which really impacts on the benefit score is the time to have everything here is a brief summary and conclusion before we give the score and the necessary plus and minuses view.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles is actually for every "veteran" worthwhile. Nostalgia, especially with Symphony of the Night. It is also very nice that we finally Rondo of Blood on the go. Something previously possible only through a good importer. Castlevania fans will once again continue long fascinated with this portable Castlevania. For those who are unaccustomed to this style of gameplay will certainly get used to. Nevertheless, I continue to find this game a must for anyone. Finally a compilation that I knew to be completely satisfied!

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