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BioShock 2 Ps3 reviews | 8.5

Part 2 contains personally better than Part 1, yet is too familiar territory to be an excellent game.

We are in the year 1968, eight years after Jack Ryan at the bloody civil war in Rapture knew how to end the Little Sisters and helped to escape their brutal fate. In those eight years is further degraded Rapture. The ocean begins more and more parts of the city and reclaim the once beautiful underwater world is not much more than a ruin, an equally beautiful and terrible reminder of times. After driving force Andrew Ryan and Fontaine are the enemy were defeated in the first BioShock was their footsteps taken by Sophia Lamb, a psychiatrist whose political views diametrically opposite Ryan's glorification of the individual stand. Lamb is a true Marxist, convinced that the true utopia can only be achieved if everyone is fully committed to his fellow men and society.

An improvement on Ryan's tyranny would say, were it not that Lamb goes much too far into. Under her reign in Rapture is a real cult, which is committed to the rebirth of the city as a strong unity, both political and social planes. Lamb's daughter Eleanor, once a Little Sister, this is the symbol of rebirth and therefore Rapture is filled with places where the Little Sisters Splicers worship as if the supreme gods. Lamb uses zero tolerance and that you have known. It is in this situation that the player awakens, dazed with his head in a pool of water in a dark, dingy rear corner of Rapture. A look into the dark water and you notice that you're a Big Daddy, something that even made clear by the huge drill on your right. Having no idea who or what you are, you put yourself in motion.

It is not long before Brigid Tenenbaum contact you. Tenenbaum we know from the first game as the woman responsible for the construction of the Little Sisters, little girls who brainwashed ADAM - the substance that your genetic code rewrites so that you may have about special forces - the stuff to collect large needles from dispersed seem to suck. But Tenenbaum got problems with her conscience when she realized what she's small, innocent girls aandeed and helped in the first game the player with saving the city. Now, eight years later, she returned because scattered throughout the world, little girls are kidnapped, then in Rapture to be converted to Little Sisters. Tenenbaum finally decided to return to the city to another attempt to take the girls to save their inhuman fate.

Tenenbaum telling you know that you called Delta. You're the first successful Big Daddy and therefore you different from all others. Everyone thought you were dead, but now you're back again and this time you can have your free will. Tenenbaum sees in you the ideal person for Lamb to overthrow, in part because Eleanor was once your Little Sister. Because you have no choice - Big Daddies if they die too long and too far from their Little Sister are - you decide Sinclair Tenenbaum and her partner to trust and their missions. What follows is a long, dark journey through Rapture, looking for you now grown Little Sister, as you slowly but surely finds out what has gone wrong is all Lamb's reign. BioShock 2 is more story driven than the previous section and we are happy to inform you that the game in this area anything but disappointing.

The story is again explained by means of audio diaries, which are scattered throughout the levels previously found to be. Thus, piece by piece the puzzle pieces together and the true nature of the nightmare clearly. We must admit that the impact of your journey through Rapture is less than the first BioShock. You are in fact already been Rapture and have already more or less an idea of how the city looks. Yet it manages 2K Marin from the first minute you dragging them into the story, including through excellent voice acting, a set of highly detailed characters and some interesting twists on gameplay level, which also entail the necessary changes. Get carried away and you will not be disappointed. Also on BioShock 2 first gameplay feels just as familiar territory. Yet you will never have the impression of a pure repetition exercise to be related.

And that has everything to do with the heavily armored deck of the Big Daddy. The biggest change in gameplay, this time you plasmids - the forces that you obtain through ADAM - and use weapons simultaneously. It may seem a detail, but it appears to be an improvement on the tampering with buttons that switch between plasmids and weapons in the first part caused. Big Daddy also contributes a lot heavier and more evocative weapons, then Jack from the previous section. Of course the drill is the most impressive newcomer and we must admit that Splicers pierce cloud associated with the blood is never boring. But since you for your drilling and gasoline have not been available forever, you also have access to another of murder as a rivet gun, a minigun, ejects rods using a spear gun and much more.

Every weapon is well developed and give you a supreme sense, in contrast to the 'everyday' vehicle where Jack shoots on its disposal. Furthermore, any weapon you again to 3 times to upgrade and its impact is now much clearer. For example, one at the highest level upgraded enemies rivet gun fire and stabbing enemy bullets ricocheting off of a heavily customized drill. Finally, the addition of a melee button (circle), allowing you this time with every weapon of the opponent can hit you off, a welcome addition. The plasmids are back in all their glory. Forces known as electro bolt, incinerate and winter blast should not be left out, but also some new plasmids are introduced. So can you as a Scout invisible spirit you explore the rooms, so to find out where the enemy is hiding. Very handy.

These plasmids can be upgraded up to three times, and here we see more change than in the first game. Incinerate 3 example is the player to make a real blaze of the enemy firing, while with Electro Bolt 3 multiple enemies at once in power can take. The gameplay is essentially more of the same, but is so adjusted so it will not feel like a true copy. Protagonist also means a stronger and stronger opponents happily aware that 2K Marin. There is a new type of Splicer, the Brute, added. This is a gigantic fat man with a tremendous speed on your afraast and can swallow a lot of bullets. The Big Daddies are strengthened by the new Rumbler-Type: a Big Daddy with a grenade launcher, which also can place turrets. But the hardest and most amazing new opponent is the Big Sister.

Big Sisters are Lamb's new weapon against outsiders. When someone wrongs Little Sisters - to save them or harvest, of which more later - that person gets a Big Sister on its roof. And believe us when we tell you that the first collision with the female Big Daddy will not soon forget. Big Sisters are indeed horrible and extremely fast agile, making them extremely difficult to hit. Moreover swallow them like a master war horse mountain bullets and they can heal themselves at any time by their huge ADAM-needle stabbing a corpse. Big Sisters are the greatest challenge of the game and you'll definitely relieved when being exhausted after a long battle death collapses. For those who do not yet have: BioShock 2 is more action oriented than its predecessor, but it fits perfectly with the new story and the brand new protagonist, who is clearly good in his skin feels.
The fact that you're a Big Daddy, will result in more choice when a Little Sister you can find. This time you can adopt her before you rescue or harvest her. If you choose this option, place it on your shoulder and she will show you what seem to find is ADAM. If you have found such a body, you should prepare. Once you get the girl on the ground, because you will be attacked from all angles by raging Splicers and other scum. It is here that BioShock 2 is at its best shows. When you close the area with sales falling and then the courage of despair at the seemingly endless stream of enemies your stalls, you realize that BioShock 2 is actually succeeds in solid gameplay of the previous section to a higher level. It will also enjoy many people to know that the moral decisions that lead to one of six different endings, this time not limited to your treatment of the Little Sisters.

Besides tinkering with the already known elements of BioShock, 2K Marin has not hesitated to put the scissors in some less successful elements of its predecessor. The hacking mini game from the previous section - a Pipe Mania variant toward the end started pretty bored - is replaced by a faster and more intuitive game where you have a fast reciprocating needle in the appropriate color box should stop. This hack does not pause the action, making the otherwise excellent pacing is not interrupted. Are there any downsides to the gameplay? Yes. All may well be more or less adapted, it remains something more of the same, though this is still very strong. Furthermore, we sometimes irritated at the respawn of the Splicers. When you take it easy and explore the surrounding area in a corridor where you have raged for five times, attacked again, the frustration is never far away.

BioShock 2 is a slight disappointment in graphic terms. While the game is still very good, it all seems very much like his predecessor. As a 2 years old game is concerned, it is obvious that this is not meant as a compliment. Of course it looks all that little bit sharper and finer atmosphere, but that does not mean that it was not better liked. For a possible third part we hope that people here with as much care improves. In BioShock 2 audio level does it again very good. The voice acting is on a single gevalletje after very well and the musical mix of old tunes and increasing tension, unnerving background is very strong and you always know perfectly the mood to spend. Finally, we also encourage you to as many environments to explore. Occasionally you hit small stuff, the world of Rapture but more the feel.

Although we had our doubts in BioShock 2, we finally conclude that our game has more than convinced. Of course this game lacks the surprise element in the first part so feel overwhelming knew to leave. Furthermore, 2K Marin has focussed on changing the gameplay, which is not much innovation to be found. Fans veterans and this course will quickly feel at home and also newcomers will not be bored. In addition, the adjustments 2K Marin doorvoerde improve the gameplay, what action certainly benefit. Auditors here's a very strong story with realistic characters, voiced by more than qualified to voice actors and you know that BioShock 2 is better than we dared hope. One disappointment after graphic, 2K Marin knows what to do because no one could have believed possible: the first BioShock match and the player.

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