Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Red Faction: Guerrilla | 8.5

Great sequel! Don't fret if you missed the 2 prequels, because Playstation 2 isn't a good first person shooter console!

The demolition of things every boy is in the blood, especially if someone being young, but nowadays it quickly identified as vandalism and the consequences are usually quite unpleasant. Yet you want your skills as a real man being a little intimated and what would it be if it could without any problems? How fantastic! Physical things demolition because they ventured in recent times much less, more virtual, and that is precisely one of the strengths on the next possession game. Wrecking in Red Faction: Guerrilla is like it is very common, but there is more than demolition and that we explain to you its fine.

To begin at the beginning, we look first to the story is about and where this part comes first name Alec Mason then upstairs. This is a rough guy who decides to go to Mars and to go there as a miner to earn his living. He is there waiting for his brother, who for years does, but entirely unfortunate, his brother killed, and Alec unwillingly involved in some kind of battle between the Red Faction and the EDF (Earth Defense Force). Yes, you read that right. Unintentionally. His brother was already a member of the Red Faction Alec before his death and tries to persuade, but Alec is on Mars just do his job properly and not interfere with what the rest are off playing.

Soon he comes into a given situation, then he has little choice but to join the Red Faction and that's a good thing. Alec Mason, so you will be an important role in the fight against the EDF! At that time you get acquainted with the enormous surface of Mars. The developer, Volition, has created a decent open game world and game world is divided into a number of different areas. Each area has its own atmosphere and infrastructure, and these areas are all in the hands of the EDF, but since they are such a little dictator to hang his main goal was quite simple. Taking over the areas on Mars in order to drive the EDF.

The EDF is aware of the opposition group and therefore trying on all fronts to the Red Faction to suppress. However, raw and passionate you are, you will do everything to take to Mars in order to create an area where it may be just a decent living without the panting of the EDF in your neck. In these areas a lot to do and that's a good thing. In total the game has only 20 main missions, which will render the areas that you can win. For these main missions, you'll occasionally do some of your stuff need to do to your moral values on screwing. This stuff are present in large numbers, and unlike other such games are very cool to do.

This is because they consist of different things, one that is common is the demolition of important buildings EDF. Everywhere on Mars to find many buildings, which belong to the EDF and this varies from small to large buildings and building simple it is to you to the ground. Here there is a but and that is building a bigger, more security will be present. The demolition of these buildings are many ways: ram it with your hammer to loosen or C4 position. You can use many variations to a building to the ground to make and you bet this fat. Here is your tendency to destroy up and move quickly to demolish one building after another.

The demolition of buildings is not the only stuff what to do, far from it. It's common for one of your fellow Red Faction members abducted and under high surveillance is questioned. People who belong to your organization, who are you not that easy to abandon, no, you go free while this will certainly have something useful to violence. The EDF is now silent and will not attack you at times that they seem clever, but if you quickly spot you could help repel the attack. Only a few of the possibilities that the game will feature missions. The game features plenty of things to do and therefore you will also pretty much time in the single market by.

Stuff these games are a lot of fun in addition to very effective, as this provides the necessary increase in on the morality meter and also Salvage. This is some stuff that you take the necessary upgrades and new weapons you can buy more and better rendering. Especially the new weapons you will probably laugh at the destruction of the sadistic you take damage. What are these weapons that we will change for a time not tell, that you discover yourself, the game is really just pick it up. Are you nevertheless still not convinced, then you just read.

Demolition of buildings and objects can of course means one of your weapons, but much more fun it is to full speed with a vehicle to drive somewhere inside. Additionally, this can also come in handy again during the missions, but that aside. It is remarkable to see how faithfully the damage looks when something demolished. Fairly early in the game at some point you will have the opportunity to drive a mech, you know, from the demo. Try with a mech to walk through a building. Beautiful, you look after the left and right wall and perhaps is still on the roof. Give then saw a tap on one of the main relay and voila the building collapsed like a pack of cards.

What is also a useful aspect of the demolition is that Mars is a pretty uneven area and that certain places during a mission sometimes higher than other areas. In order to maintain security, the majority being surrounded by a wall and the lower building to reach you at all breaks or drive, or just demolish the wall. Perfect right? The game places the player absolutely no restrictions on what the demolition of the area concerned and you're in love. Black and titles like Battlefield: Bad Company are dwarfed by this game. Red Faction Guerrilla shows how to do it and that is one of the strongest points of this game.

A somewhat less strong point is that Mars looks pretty bare. Now it is always difficult for a planet of that caliber a nice look, there's nothing there. While traveling in the areas on the red planet is everywhere buildings ranging from small to big and go anywhere you see what roads are well paved and unpaved. On these roads you'll encounter necessary for vehicles and hikers, but really much more like that you will not find them. Of course you can also see the large open plains on Mars, but the only thing it used to quickly get from A to B ride. But it gives all a bit of a lifeless feeling, maybe something with a sequel yet to tinker.

What also does not really put together superior compared to the great action, not everything here is graphically stunning happens. Thus the collapse of a building is very cool to watch, but really a huge mess up with nothing on, even in huge buildings. Also the dust after the collapse, but short-lived. Not really something to lie awake, but it is something ... This may be because the game constantly is calculating what the collapse of, any collapse and demolition action is different and it will become much power from the console questions. If we listen to the audio, we are very positive, now the in-game audio pretty standard called, but the music pulled me personally in any way really.

Enough about the single player, if you still do not know, but then you download the demo now! Time to look at other possibilities of the game to watch. Besides an extensive single-player where you get the necessary fun out there's a multiplayer. There are two multiplayer modes, which one of the "Wrecking Crew" hot. Here you get a limited time and this time you enough damage and the other must be trying to outdo. The other mode is a multiplayer ordinary. Here you can play various traditional games such as Capture the Flag. This in itself is not special, but what gives the big difference is that you can use the environment.

You may like an idiot nice to pop anything that moves, but it's much nicer to look at a nice opponent to bet on when the environment through you for his death makes. You bet you will enjoy lots of fun in multiplayer by the destructive environment inherits an extra dimension and slightly more unique than other multi-players within the same genre. And this brings us to the end of this relatively long review. It is clear that both single and multiplayer enough to give you the next time with entertainment. Before we assign a grade, and the plus and minus points are just listing the conclusion you are first reading.

Red Faction: Guerrilla, a resurgence of a franchise that in part two hopelessly adrift. The first part was very ambitious, and the second part was, as already indicated in the preceding sentence, a hopeless game. Red Faction: Guerrilla allows you to see what this franchise really is and the many possibilities for demolition provide a great experience. Graphically, the game is nicely although some areas had been in a bit more. The music is very nice to call and the gameplay, well, the game is bursting with good gameplay. Both in single and multiplayer. Red Faction: Guerrilla after you purchase a good game richer. I'm going to demolish!

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