Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Going Next Generation November 27st

I'll just pick the Geforce GTX 380 SLI when it comes out November 29th. Radeon HD 5870 crossfire doesn't' work in a SLI board.

First internal cards are based on A1-stepping and feature 1024MB of GDDR5 memory, with all the memory chips located on front of the card. There are also cards with 2048MB, but we were unable to confirm the codename for the 2GB board. Oddly enough, the 1GB card has a codename fitting nicely in the current line-up, even behind one upcoming dual-GPU single-PC part, which would imply that nVidia has the cards for several weeks now.

According to the German site Hardware-Infos, the sample boards now come with a higher GPU clock. The alleged GT300 A1 silicon ticks at 0.7 GHz, with 512 cores working at 1.6 GHz. GDDR5 memory was upped to 1.1 GHz QDR or 4.4 GT/s [billion transfers per second], resulting in memory bandwidth of massive 281.6 GB/s. According to information we had, nVidia firstly clocked the at 1:1 ratio with GeForce GTX280 for a baseline comparison. If the leaked information is true and those clocks remain final, that would mean GTX380 missed it targeted clock by a double-digit percentage. Still, a beast nevertheless.

If the figure of 1.6 GHz for 512 shaders is final, then the chip can achieve 2457 GFLOPS, e.g. 2.46 TFLOPS. This is a very good jump from 933 GFLOPS on the original GTX280. But the dark horse here is not the single-precision score, but rather the efficiency of dual-precision format. If our sources were true, GT300 chip has radically improved way of calculating dual precision operations and should bring anywhere between 7-10x improvement in performance.



DirectX 11/ Xbox 720


It'd be funny if both the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 had a Radeon HD 5780 chip, because by then it would be the one of the cheapest DirectX 11 chips on the market. It seems to me the G60 didnt' work out for PS3, because Geforce 6800 GTX couldn't do 1080p while the G70 barely could. It is amazing they can do 1080p with only 256 MB VRAM on PS3 too.

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