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Heavy Rain review 8.5

Heavy Rain is a game that until now has caused many discussions, because it is in fact a phenomenon that has never been done within the game industry that produces mixed reactions. Some people find it brilliant and the other nothing, because they simply do not know what to expect. We know by now what to expect and that is a fantastic game with a very specific design in terms of gameplay. A game like this because you've never played! Now we will not change too deeply into the story, because this by far the most critical of this game is.

Desodanks it comes down to that in the autumn young children regularly disappear and some days later found dead on wasteland. You play with Ethan Mars, because his son is also kidnapped by the Origami Killer. The private detective hired by Scott Shelby has been affected families to identify the killer. The FBI agent Norman Jayden flown in to help with the investigation and the journalist Madison Paige is on her alone also searching for the killer of a scoop. These are the characters you take over the game under control.

Now playing four characters in itself a unique design and is also the approach of the plot than you might think otherwise. In most movies you know in advance who all the bad-guy and you come here in Heavy Rain at the last moment after which the game makes it so interesting. You play as a few hours wondering what will become of the characters, and those who really filthy murderer. Quantic Dream do with the four strong characters and personalities to put their body and think you just exactly where they sympathize with the time to go under.

The four characters all have their own way of thinking, doings and this provides varied gameplay. So you're the agent often talking with Scott and will land you in many different locations in precarious situation. That in mind that when Ethan and Madison also is different and the most special thing about this game is even slightly in your hand. Heavy Rain is an end game in which you yourself provided, because the choices you make affect the story. Heavy Rain is now divided into seven chapters and each chapter are ten scenes. To give an idea: to play our first session we came out in 55 scenes.

We mean that there were 15 scenes that we have not even used and it is simply one thing. Many scenes offer a choice and the choice you make depends on the rest of the story. There is one thing you need to consider and that is that the impact of your choices are not immediately noticeable. A particular choice can only be one scene or ten later another twist to the story. That is also something you notice when you game for half or third time to play.

The choices are important, because if you create your own little story. Now the story is basically always the same, meaning that the process and the development by each individual is equal before the entire game. The story itself can only be enormously different to other play sessions. So you can also avoid a scene in the second game turn much later or not at all get. What we especially try to emphasize is that the choices a long term effect. This ultimately provides a different denouement on continuously. The game we played through three times and each time the end was totally different.

The essence of the game is obvious: the game has many ways to end and that makes this game so special. Now there are several games that give you the option to the multiple ways to finish. This however often limited to only a handful of endings, all at a fixed time of triggering are. But the end of Heavy Rain at any time and influenced the endings are also really different, partly because each person you get to see an epilogue. We can now guarantee that almost everyone once the game or two to four will play through the story to influence and perhaps to the many (fun) to unlock Trophies.

Heavy Rain that relies greatly on the story is clear, here comes the really interesting story to follow and indeed differs from the standard story about a murderer. The special feature of the story is that you continuously play to discover how it works and because you constantly wondering to the next scene. Funny to note was that we start with the gameplay incredibly slow and found after one hours or three games were not even that we were slow in the first instance. It is really a matter of getting used to, because the way the story goes, you are never seen in a game and the pace is not really as standard.

There are other aspects such as audio, graphics and controls at once. A more common phenomenon is that a developer a huge emphasis on that aspect and then delivers a game that not as good in every way from the bus. Heavy Rain Quantic Dream has put down an unprecedented achievement. So the story is very interesting, the steering is fine (so more about that), the graphics are strong and the audio is also extremely high. But to start with the graphics. Visual Heavy Rain is a special game. The characters are all using motion-capture process to digital figures. What is particularly great, is that people in the game extremely similar to their real face.

Shelby Scott is perhaps the best example, because this man seems almost 100% at Sam Douglas. That is not all bullying is so visual. If the eyes are scary and realistic many bumps on the skin is clearly visible. The environments are all calling you with great care for detail and put together that provides a visual gem on. The funny thing is that visually extremely little to be desired. A game so the emphasis on detail in the environments are often plagued by graphical glitches. It is remarkable to note that in Heavy Rain is limited to the minimum. Some animations are wooden and some tongues that are missing in a tongzoen is strange, but well that is really the only thing.

In short, visually there is very little to be desired and that proves once again how good eye for detail with Quantic Dream is. That applies also to other aspects, the audio but just to mention. The game has a fine soundtrack that is slightly on the sad side, but contributes greatly to a very exciting and threatening atmosphere. The appearance of the characters who have given this game have also made their voices. The voice acting is really very good. Now we have the Dutch voice-acting is also packed in to see if that was okay.

Now is the English voice-acting, as usual, by far the best, but the Dutch could do well by them. The Dutch actors are clearly stated and the emotion and such is clearly heard. So do not be frightened by the Dutch option and if it is not your thing, you can still change. Now we have seen these points is the time to look at the controller itself, since this is as different as the rest of the game. Many games have their own control, but control of Heavy Rain I never game back in some form or seen what the game in that respect, even unique.

So it is already moving a separate experience. Cage once told David in a presentation that if a man want a certain direction, one first rotates the head in that direction and then the body follows. Instead of your whole body in this game is run properly only the head that you run in this game. The left analog stick to move in one direction and then pressing R2 is the character that direction. This seems a cumbersome controls, but works in 99% of the cases just fine. Occasionally happened that the character ended and the other side can also be annoying, but fortunately that does not much affect the gameplay.

In that respect, the controller has very different and what is still to come the way you do things in the game. If you come to a place where you can do several things, including several open drawers refer the action on screen to what you should carry out your controller. The right analog stick to move up the top drawer open, push down and so is the following la. There will also look at the sometimes hectic moments and there are the quick time events to watch. But these again in this game totally different than usual. This is because virtually everything on the controller.

Where you in most games is limited to the face and shoulder buttons you use in Heavy Rain, the right analog stick yet. In battles you so fast and everything can be used. Do you miss something, it may just be that the evolution will be different and in the worst case example, and perishes when you die, you stay dead until the end of the game. Somewhat concentration is so important to the game to a successful conclusion and thus are the main points of the gameplay together. So you essentially you quietly walk around, examine things and talk to people.

Besides these elements can be a quiet conversation a different twist by coarser and more offensive to the person in question and can also speak to the "slow" and tranquil gameplay are extremely hectic, with many of the reflexes you ask. All this changes then again quickly, given that the scenes never really long time. And this combination of elements make Heavy Rain a game that gives you an experience like never before and that is what we are concerned specifically. And the name that the pure title is a quick time event, as frequently passed, is therefore totally inappropriate for this game. Nevertheless we must point out one thing which is a shame.

There are a few moments in the game that you're busy with a quick time event, but for convenience to the so called, and that the pace slowed a bit. At moments like this creates a conversation or something, but the quick time event could be back further. But is such a crucial moment for the rest of the story, which button to press so very briefly on screen that it is almost impossible to respond to here. Whether this is done on purpose is not known, but somewhat disturbed. This is in fact the only thing we managed to disturb the game, this time forced quick option.

Heavy Rain is in our opinion one of the most unique games ever made in the history of games. The game brings such a different experience with it and that can be described as an interactive movie. The gameplay is a little on the slow side at first, but once you're sure you do soon. In addition, the gameplay also varied greatly, with many short scenes and characters totally different when it comes to character. Add to this the graphical aspect, and the audio and again in the main, a special experience, and you're around. Heavy Rain is a game that is highly recommended. Not only because the game is good, but also because the terms of playing style is totally different than you've seen to date.

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