Friday, July 14, 2000

God of War Collection 9.0

Just Right
Time Spent:
20 to 40 Hours
The Bottom Line:
"Worth the wait"

Although almost everyone knows the story behind the God of War series, we will still try to summarize it for you. In the first God of War game you crawl into the skin of Kratos, a Spartan war veteran which has given his soul to Ares in exchange for victory in a battle. Kratos suffer greatly under this deal and want to correct errors. This he does by the gods to help. It soon becomes apparent that your final task is the elimination of Ares. This is not so evident, because Ares is a god that not only possesses enormous power, but also quite practically immortal. The only solution is to find Pandora's box, a box which the owner gives amazing powers. Kratos begins to contract and will in this way many enemies and puzzles as they try.

In the second part shows how Kratos Ares has taken its place as the god of war. Despite his high status, Kratos to find no satisfaction in his life. He is then taken up with the help of the Spartan army. This is not really thank him taken so that Kratos Zeus and Athena to decide to die. They think they are succeeding, but Kratos gets help from an unexpected someone! None other than the titan Gaia will help Kratos. The Titans are banished by the gods long ago, making them great grudge against the gods. They see Kratos in a comrade by the gods that now more than ever hate and want nothing more than revenge on Zeus. The journey is long and perilous, but Kratos will not rest until he found Zeus.

In terms of gameplay is virtually no change compared to the PlayStation 2 versions of the games. The combat system is still very fast and offers a huge range of combos and special moves on. You can still use magic to your enemies to make life miserable, or they just launch into the air, in slow motion where you can edit like their bodies. The dodge system offers both advantages and disadvantages, however. Your right stick allows you to indicate the direction to roll, so you can dodge incoming attacks. This is very good, but it does means that you can operate the camera himself. Many here did not last, but some puzzles can be somewhat clumsy. Furthermore, there is not much to say about the gameplay, because it is tending to perfect.

What everyone might want to know is how the graphic quality of the game. The God of War Collection is being bought by many gamers because they would be even better graphics than the original games. From this standpoint we view the graphical quality and we stumbled on some downsides. What surely must be said, is that the graphic quality of the movies that a partial shutdown of the story is very good. The quality of these movies is certainly comparable to the average quality of a PlayStation 3 game. There is a very big difference in the quality of PlayStation 2 games, so that they have done very well. If all the game graphics were as good as these movies, then we had a perfect game delivered. As you feel coming, this was not the case and there are some weak points.

While playing you will occasionally see cutscenes. So you see how a Cyclops appears, or how Zeus throws a sword from heaven. These movies are graphically a disaster. Especially in the first God of War game you can compare quality of the original game. You see a lot of squares in the screen and sometimes it is hard to follow as you play the game in HD. You will automatically be annoyed by these movies, especially movies as well as the other surfaces. In the second God of War game is also the case, but much less. The quality remains comparable to that of the original version, so that it is also a turnoff. If you buy the game because he would have better graphics than its predecessors, will you not be happy about this part of the game.
Of course movies are not everything. During the game itself, the graphics are best allocated. Thus, among others, you immediately notice that the two ladies in his boat, Kratos much "real" look than the PlayStation 2 version. This will also during the entire game brands. Everywhere you go is pretty near finished. If you'll notice this is something else again, for you will you primarily need to focus on fighting. Yet once you get enough opportunities to stop and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The enemies seem to have a makeover received, this time because they contain much more detail than this. In general, almost everything improves so graphic and you will notice this especially in God of War.

Not only are the graphics improved, but the audio has been a opponent's turn. Apparatus and thus improves the audio. Here one has to anticipate and thus brings the game this time slightly better sound than its two predecessors. Further one uses the music very well and will in every situation you can hear a proper tune. You will of course all the legendary tunes from the original games will listen. Or as a gamer you will notice much difference in terms of audio? We doubt it. It is difficult to change to import audio into a remake, because most gamers expect the original music and has therefore chosen to be minimal changes to make.

Overall, the God of War Collection a must for all God of War fans. The game will continue the original epic adventure, but this time just beautiful. If you're not a fan of God of War and the PlayStation 2 games you already have, then we recommend this game to leave and wait on God of War III. The Trophy hunters may be very glad, because this game brings with it many trophies, including 2 platinum Trophies. It is also unfortunate that the overall game has received a makeover and that most movies is still PlayStation 2 quality. Yet here, after a while not to watch, because you very quickly immersed in the great adventure that Kratos experience!

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