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God of War III | 9.0

At the beginning of God of War III will get a brief flashback to see course referring to the previous two sections. This way you're right with a good picture of the story to begin the third part, where Kratos is so advanced that he simply has one goal and that is the completion of the gods and Zeus in particular. Kratos is now so incredibly angry that everything and everyone in his path one way ticket gets underworld. The best man at his peak in terms of violence and this is combined with a spectacular end of the trilogy. The entire game from beginning to end really great to mention.

The beginning alone is something you will not have long to stay. This climb to Mount Olympus against the Titans up and shortly afterwards you will get to stick with the one of the gods what constitutes a gigantic spectacle. What exactly do we mean is something you must experience yourself, but you'll immediately agree with us that this in itself is something unique. After the incredibly spectacular start, the game less gas and is quieter in terms of gameplay. You end up in many different locations and you go from one boss to another and between one cut through all the scum to the hereafter.

What is especially noticeable that the game feels enormously large, but it really is not. This is not a bad thing, but it paints a realistic picture of Mount Olympus with the balance of the earth through the underworld of Hades. Everything you do and you come to the necessary figures from Greek mythology. These will be addressed as we know that Kratos and then we of course, the bosses. These battles can occasionally be tricky, but the way, since we have the word again, is simply too epic for words. Never was such a thing and gruesome ways. It's almost sadistic to call, but given the fact that Kratos sympathizes with you just wanted more.

This is a spoiler free, but thorough description of the battles you can expect and it accumulates only on. This is because you have the option to start the necessary forces, but as you progress in the game you will get more weapons. These weapons, in total four, in most cases are completely different, but one thing they have in common is that the weapons are cool. These weapons, of course, know all their forces in the field of magic, which of course again to expand and that is the old fashioned way.

So gather the necessary red orbs from enemies and to make special boxes to open. If you have enough orbs, you can upgrade your weapons you more different moves and combo possibilities. You'll also get some time, other weapons at your disposal, like a bow and arrow, which also upgradeable via the same route, but to a lesser extent. The upgrade is wise, because as you go in the game, the enemies are stronger and more challenging and the combination of attacks and magic is important to get past the hardest battles to come.

The attacks of the standard weapons are not very special and not so effective it is important in the first instance to upgrade when you can. It is also cleverly stringing the attacks together, and when once you have mastered this then you are really bad-ass busy. The extremely high rate slightly in the fighting and there may be many enemies on your screen are all only purpose is for you to make. The by switching between weapons and secondary options are all quite smooth and is in fact identical to the previous parts and is therefore always good. We can fight about the system than actually quite short, because it works just fine and very smooth.

Tel ensuring that the magic attacks as you continue to upgrade the victim and still be dangerous, then we come to the conclusion that in part three Kratos everything has to actually finish the gods. That is not the only, because all the hits you do when your enemies with physical weapons also do one meters up and if it is full, then press both analog sticks and lets get started with a temporary inviolable Kratos with an enormous sword. Believe me, if you Kratos than to you, then you're as good as chance! The battles are the most cool items in the game, especially against bosses, but that is not the only thing the game from there.

In general this game has three parts. The first is fighting, second and third parts is puzzling is the climbing and scrambling. This is not extraordinary, but occasionally have a moment of rest and it gives a good variety to the whole. But the most interesting addition to the fighting of course the puzzles. The puzzles in this game are not too difficult and occasionally even beyond. All we can say about this is that the puzzles are found very great and there is one between using optical illusion and that is simply brilliant in the game process. Something we have rarely seen before and that gives right back to how talented the team behind God of War III!

The gameplay in God of War III to unprecedented levels. Really everything is perfect and exchanges are processed together at just the right time, and so are the bosses that in itself is a sub part thanks to the quick time events. Obviously, the quick time events are not lacking in substance and happy to the greatest enemies and bosses and it usually has another horrible end result is what the quick time events are concerned, this is simply fat. Great that the team has chosen this time as anything else. Thus the analog sticks are involved and that sometimes takes some getting used, the face buttons are also placed on the screen on the basis of how they sit on the controller.

The advantage is that you use the right buttons from your peripheral vision sees through this and no way of missing the real action, something the previous part, sometimes the case. Obviously there is a quick time event that the most exciting in the entire game and that was pleasing a horny lady, which obviously was not missing. It is quite clear: in terms of gameplay the game is brilliant from beginning to end and it is incredibly fat. Certainly by the developer at times a first person camera follows and that is simply too brilliant to call, because that makes the game a bit cruel than it already was. Nevertheless we still have something to say to the game.

If Kratos gets at one point a pair of shoes that he can move fast and can run against walls. This did not always respond to what direction you wanted to send you back Kratos controller. However, this is really rare for very special was not, but at times you may also have little time annoying. We also noted in terms of audio sometimes was something not quite right. We have a couple of times that the audio had a bit freaked out and that a certain sound a little too long and also went missing votes may in a dialogue. Again, not really annoying points, but somewhere a bit unfortunate. We can also summarize all this as flaws, because it is not in the ...

... If we as an audio component view. The soundtrack is of course well known in the game and there are all the sound of such high level that we really need you in this way require a good Surround to buy and put on a high level. The sound contributes a lot to this game and it alone can enjoy fine. The voice acting is also very high and some figures in the game have a kind of double voice, which makes it even fatter than it already is. The game is also fully equipped with Dutch votes, but although it sounds not bad, it totally fits with Kratos.

Another part where the team was so very proud, was that there is no use of CGI movies. This course is not without reason. The reason in the case of God of War III was that in-game looked so good that the use of CGI simply unnecessary and basically we are about even with the developer. Kratos looks like and incredibly detailed environments with great care put together. The game looks visually stunning, and even then you'll enjoy from beginning to end. The first game of Santa Monica for the PlayStation 3 is the same one who excels at virtually every level.

But we also need when it comes to the graphics remain critical. Kratos looks awesome and so is Gaia and other figures, but what do you ladies in the game against that in comparison to what Kratos simplistic look. Proportionally it is not entirely true, but it is again a typical point we can bijschuiven the saying: flaws. It seems we all call, not because it would allow for too much, but here is a decent idea. God of War III is so incredibly well in terms of gameplay, audio and graphics that the few points of criticism entirely pale in the game. It is certainly no reason to ignore the game.

God of War III is a game that one hours or approximately eight to ten of your calls to go through and the game then you might just start again. It is so epic and spectacular that you will enjoy a lot playing the second round. Besides the necessary extras you unlock in the form of difficult challenges as ever, and the making-off video and similar matters, which the game is definitely one hours or two to three additional gameplay it. If you game a time or two passes and all the extras also try here, then you quickly about twenty one hours and it is working just a number, right?

God of War III: The gameplay is fantastic, the audio is fantastic and the graphics are fantastic. That sum is one where only one word is good enough to describe, that God of War III is an epic experience. Forget all the other games in the genre that appeared some time back, because God of War III truly exceeds all thanks to the phenomenal gameplay that is incredibly smooth and supple. It is also visually all in-game and it looks beautiful and full audio is something you should encourage an optimal experience for Kratos and his anger against the gods. Kratos takes revenge in God of War III and the way that you have never seen before!

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