Friday, July 14, 2000

Super Mario Galaxy | 10

Let me start out by saying that I was really addicted to this game. I would find myself staying up late hours into the night trying to get one more galaxy complete. I haven't been addicted to a game that much since Fallout 3, but after the first fifteen hours I began to play the game less and less until I barely played it at all. Maybe it was the fact that the levels started to look alike or maybe my PS3 won my favor for a while, I'm not really sure. I did end up beating the game though and overall I am very impressed with Mario Galaxy.

I was worried about the nun-chuck controls and only having one joystick, but Mario handled beautifully most of the time. There were times while running upside down that the control would reverse or just not work in the manner that I would have guessed. Nothing that ruined the game, but there were times in moments of intensity that it would have been nice to have another joystick. The challenge throughout the game is pretty even with some bumps here and there with boss battles.

The graphics look great for a Mario title and really bring out all that the Wii can do in this department. The cut scenes are rendered well and really look great. Some actual voices would have been nice instead of text boxes, but that was a style choice by the developers.

The game's length is about fifteen hours in length in order to beat the story. There are about fifteen hours left after that for those that want to get all the stars. I don't know what the reward is, but it does add some game time none the less. As I said above the game really hooked me, but then I sort of lost interest near the end. I don't blame the game that much as the levels and suit upgrades that you can pick up are interesting enough to keep your attention. Overall this game was much better than Mario Sunshine and just a little bit below Mario 64. I think Mario 64 had a little more variety. Mario Galaxy should be sampled by anyone that owns a Wii or is at any degree a Mario fan.

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