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Playstation 3 - Uncharted 2 - Amongst Thieves

Just Right
Time Spent:
10 to 20 Hours
The Bottom Line:

In Uncharted 2: Among Thieves are we back to work with Nathan Drake on the track comes from the stone Shambalah. This is actually a bit on his feet to lie with Mr. Flynn and his new side-kick Chloe. Soon, things different and it means that you're screwed and his Dutch said Nathan as his genius , cool puzzles to solve in no time you go on your own bat to find the stone Shambalah. Why is this stone and who still wanted more from is that we in the middle, so you best adventures.

But we can tell you that in this part of Chloe go to work, but not long after you get old acquaintance who was also a significant role in interpreting the game. The story in this game is also very good level. It is interesting and tends to increase continuously. get to know more about what it really is about and what you actually are doing. Treasure hunting is fun, but some more background information on a particular treasure is sometimes advantageous positions in navigating. From the beginning to the end of the story remains fascinating, and it is quite different than the story from the first part and that's a good thing.

The authors also indicated earlier that we have a dark side of what Nathan would see. Now this in itself isn't so bad, but we can assume that what Nathan has become harder and that is also good to notice that his language is rougher. This is Nathan a more serious and credible as the game only benefit. The entire story will be between levels in many cut-scenes are clearly evident. The makers of this section have again chosen the motion capture of the scenes and that makes it very realistic in terms of emotions and movements.

Realism in this game properly addressed, this is not only from the animations of the characters in the cut scenes and during gameplay, but also the environments. Really everything is alright in detail and that automatically brings me to the graphical aspect. What a way to share praise alongside brilliant gameplay and phenomenal audio, the graphics were. The unprecedented attention to detail was so high that when we talked almost the best game ever. Now we go two years and we have the necessary accustomed. Uncharted 2 is a bit more graphic than the original, but huge breakthrough progress is not made. Not quite incidentally, as it is for the current concepts really fantastic.

The graphic style of the original is preserved and further perfected. To come back to the realism that the graphic aspect of the issue. I will only mention one detail what a good picture of all others (many) details. With Nathan you will often end up in the water and once you've accumulated over a wet suit you can clearly see that Nathan is wet. His clothes are a lot darker, something that now looks pretty good again. What I knew more surprising is that in Tibet in a puddle of water rolled amid a glacier and what happens? The water freezes on the same clothes for Nathan after some time because body heat back to disappear.

A simple detail, but a detail indicating how far Naughty Dog think about the standard of detail and that's great, right? Details are not all that good at Naughty Dog, the environments are breathtaking. So we do the game in several countries, including Borneo where you are in a dense jungle to do the needful. Another moment you walk in between the glaciers in Tibet, and what that looks fantastic ice cream! Another moment you walk in the village and a monastery. Each location in the game snowy or sunny, it does not matter, is the most graphic, highest shelf. Graphic is brilliant and there are few titles that go over here next time.

What does the graphic aspect has to be said is that there is occasionally some graphic glitches, but they are so limited that it is actually negligible. What next general visual component also very clearly stated is the animations of the characters. There are a lot of animations and it varies even once per person. Of course you mostly see Nathan in action, but the rump of Chloe there may also be virtual. It is clear to see that her way of moving is female and that is something I never really been in previous games noticed. With a lot of games played on my name, is it special to see this. Again just one example of one of the many good animations.

Which also is managed well in the audio. If I need a price uitrijken for best soundtrack in a game this year then I say Uncharted 2 now and then I just do not look to the published music games. The music you hear during the game coincides exactly with some intense moments and it works seamlessly with the gameplay. The voices of the top shelf. For the English version again attracted a number of experienced actors and hear. The Dutch version is good to do. It is not as good as the English, but much better than we used to.

What you should have by now have is that we are unanimously positive about Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The story is fascinating and keep you from the beginning to the end of the play. Graphic is again phenomenal and there is nothing to notice and the audio is of very high quality. Yet there is the gameplay and it is in this new section a lot more extensive than in the first part. Where the first part was purely a single player game, the sequel is a multiplayer game that one, and that makes the game like a lot longer tenable. Before we go further in, we first have a look at the gameplay of the single player.

The single has been lovingly put together, the quality is dripping everywhere from the game and the player will also play at a stretch, if time permits of course. The game is very fine and flexible in terms of control, also cover the practical system is back, though sometimes in fierce shootouts somewhat difficult to quickly break away from an object, you, you hides behind (once in your cover and continue a kind of paste). During the single player there are three parts. The first section, the shootouts, the second climbing and climbing the steps and the third is the puzzle element. The puzzle element is not really very common and easy on the side, something the previous section also the case.

The other two parts are the most at issue in the single player. All this together, and that varies continuously at the right time. The shoot outs are never too long and the climb and clamber work never short. It fits perfectly in between and then also get the necessary work to puzzle you choose. I must say that the single player despite a previous promise to the fairly short. The game was played twice by two different editors, and both were no more than about ten hours, while still one between twelve and fifteen hours going single player promised. Nevertheless, the single player again a fantastic adventure game and everyone should just go get all this.

As an additional element to the game a longer life has to give you some things invented. So you can play single player again, something you surely will do fine because of the gameplay, but also to all the treasures we find the first part of course know. In addition, you also take in-game tasks to complete to make money, which again you can spend the extra's. These range from extra multiplayer skins, artwork, videos, weapons and much more. The in-game commands are also often equivalent to Trophies and Uncharted 2 is a game where it is worthwhile for all to get Trophies.

You'll probably do the game a time or two to play, but if we use the same argument as in the previous paragraph. You play it anyway because half the time, fine gameplay. If you all really tired, which of course can, then you definitely just going to try the multiplayer. Naughty Dog has both a very solid single player also a fantastic multiplayer screwed together. This multiplayer allows you to work in many modes, which range from simple deathmatch to cooperative multiplayer games. Every single one of the playable modes and perhaps most important: it is perfectly balanced.

While playing a multiplayer game to earn the necessary money. This money do you need to level and as your level gets higher you can buy new boosters. These boosters are like the perks of the latest Call of Duty parts. As you increase in level you get better is to use boosters, which each player gives an advantage to their own choice. The money you earned online in the multiplayer addition is the use to level also be used to purchase items such as new multiplayer skins and such. It has a nice principle, which reminds us of recent shooters. Yet what in Uncharted 2 as a variant and it works fine.

On the multiplayer we can talk much longer, but perhaps you have the beta or otherwise extended the demo already played. If you've done this, you will doubtless agree with us that this is of particularly high quality and further terms varying modes and maps. Naughty Dog delivers to the multiplayer as adding a complete package with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and although much more can we say we really only have one message for you and that is that Naughty Dog with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves delivers a game on every front approaching perfection and there was really nothing to the game to be desired.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves: one of the best PlayStation 3 games ever made. Very easy to conclude, because the game is graphically very strong and the audio is fantastic, both the voice-acting and music. Finally there is the gameplay. This is extremely well balanced in multiplayer and in single player there is nothing to be desired. The only thing we found was somewhat unfortunate that within ten hours had already reached the end and that the number of puzzles remain somewhat on the low side, they also are also relatively easy. Anyway, two points fade with the rest of the game, where the quality just dripping, it is not even noticeable. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves: The second topper super next Killzone 2 from Sony, which you just go buy!

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