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Final Fantasy XIII Ps3 review | 9.0

Originally this game already in development for the PlayStation 2, but after the team the power of the PlayStation 3 soon discovered it was sold. The game was a PlayStation 3 exclusive, but as we all now know this is the case only became Asia. The PS3 version is better, higher res FMV and better resolution.720p instead of 578p and a better frame rate. In our impression, we have partly explained the story and made in our hands-on, you could have a sneak preview of how the battle system works.

We will again attempt to make a brief version of the story you tell, because if you are familiar with Final Fantasy games you know that the stories often extensive and complex and also obviously we want you not to spoil. Final Fantasy XIII is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallising universe, along with Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. All three games are separate, but have one important similarity: the crystals. In the story of this game will be full face with the crystals and this is at the core of the story.

We are no ordinary crystals, which you can find in the ground. But we are talking about living gods fal'Cie mentioned. Centuries ago, a group fal'Cie a paradise for humanity created in the form of a moon above the planet Pulse. This place is called Cocoon and this is where this story will be start. The people of Cocoon fal'Cie the worship, because they provide everything they need it. Think for example: climate, water, food and power facilities. However, people are terrified of fal'Cie derived from Pulse, the planet of them.

Pulse and Cocoon have in fact waged war against each other and then is a part of Cocoon destroyed. Since that time the people of Pulse indoctrinated as everything is bad and nobody should therefore go to the planet below them. What we fear is certainly, for Pulse l'Cie, because all they know is their job to destroy Cocoon. But what exactly is an l'Cie? The divine can fal'Cie namely a person to change their l'Cie. These persons will then have special powers and a focus. Such focus is a purpose for which they are responsible fal'Cie to complete.

Sounds great, but an l'Cie is really doomed. If you do not know to get your focus, then you turn into a Cie'th and that means that you forever will be a monster without consciousness. Get you your focus, however, then you turn into a crystal. So if you find that you will never be normal, so nobody really wants to be an l'Cie. Cocoon l'Cie are well honored, but it is a thankless task. Pulse l'Cie are enemies of the people and should be completed to be. Maybe you feel it all coming, but the characters that you control will get in the game are indeed Pulse l'Cie.

After this extensive story a bit (but trust us, it is certainly short compared to the full story) you get some idea of what you do one is to expect during your many hours of Final Fantasy XIII. Sometimes poops in the story a bit, but what do you fifty hours to fill space. But there are plenty of moments, which are portrayed in stunning cut-scenes you on the edge of your seat to sit. Square Enix just get back to us for another sublime and intense cut-scenes to dish, which certainly worthy film.

Not just the cut-scenes are of excellent quality, you will also occasionally end up in an environment with a view where you say against you. We caught ourselves that we just these moments just to enjoy the views were. Now we can immediately say that not all environments of this quality, but the individual you meet with such views, actually splash your screen off. Speaking about the appearance of the game, but once we all go out there graphical aspect.

The cut-scenes we are indeed unanimous, that they are fantastic. The environments may occasionally pearls are certainly, but more than enough freedom and even some plain boring. The in-game characters are well developed. They are highly detailed and come alive, especially when you see that it's just flowing. And this in-game? We think that just a great performance and we like to come back more often in games. The voice-acting is what we are concerned in thick item. Now we say that when one character is more visible than others, but generally they all fit the characters present.

As you can read, Square Enix delivers a complex story combined with excellent graphics and good voice acting. There remains a question which is: what about the combat system? A good combat system is one of the most important, if not the most important aspects in an RPG (Role Playing Game). This fact can determine whether a good RPG is and whether it really can fill the hours of gaming. We will now go a bit deeper, but I can already tell that this well put together for both experienced and novice RPG players.

The novice RPG players will gradually become more and more understand how it works. This is because Final Fantasy XIII is not immediately in the deep throws. For an experienced RPG player can possibly happen if it all just takes too long before you get full control over all possibilities. What we mean is, and fear not, it takes about 20 hours before you really can control everything and do. That is over three times play a full game (judging from the average of today) and then you're just a part of the full game.

Now we can understand that people see this as a disadvantage and for some gamers might as reason not to start this game, but we see it more as value for money. If you're a little familiar with RPG's then you know that games are time consuming, you usually only get about almost everything instantly available. It is perhaps an individual experience, but for us in this way, the game only gets better and more fun. The further we went, the more available we are certain aspects about how fun it was for us.
When you are warned if they experienced RPG player. The novice RPG players can however only be useful tricks, because if you're sure you'll understand the entire combat system. Final Fantasy XIII in this case consists of two elements. The freedom to walk around (although this is not really free, but more linear as you follow certain paths) and the fighting itself. When you walk freely around you see all the enemies in the field. You can choose to avoid this fight and not to go, but generally you have no choice unless you use a potion which she will not see.

The trick is to approach an enemy without it you see. Because then you get an advantage in the battle itself. The leader of your team (the character that you play them, but we are coming back) will present all enemies at once a blow to serve, making it almost to "stagger" are. When enemies are in stagger, then all attacks that you do more damage to the enemy and make this a much faster one cup smaller. Especially against strong enemies is a godsend. However, this is not the only way an enemy to stagger to get it because you can get all enemies to each other during the fighting itself.

You see because in addition to all their enemies healthbar a staggerbar stand. One enemy reaches that status faster than others, but it is up to you to fill this bar. You do this by making good use of combos. Magic makes a stagger bar fill faster, but it is also empty in no time again. However you use your normal weapon just after someone has used magic, then make sure that the bar is empty and less time to get back on your enemy to use magic. It is important for strong enemies as quickly as possible and stagger to get this done by making good use of "paradigms".

A paradigm is a certain selection of the roles of your team. Any member may assume a certain role here and are in increasingly. Only after about twenty hours to play all your character can learn all the roles, but in the period before the characters have all three roles that are allowed to thrive. A total of six rolls and include: Command, Ravager, Sentinel, Medic, and Saboteur synergist. The Command uses his or her main weapon, and can learn more techniques. The Ravager is like the magician of the bunch. A Sentinel is a hit for collection and ensures that the enemies coming down on him or her.

The Medic speaks for itself, this ensures that the team receives health cases and can much more dynamic team. All this without you takes a potion. The synergist gives special status to your team. As an example: a synergist to you a "shield" that give an enemy when you can do less damage. Finally we have the Saboteur on and ensures that some states get back enemies, such as "slow" so it takes longer between attacks. It is therefore very important to the proper roles in some battles here and use paradigms for.

You can total several paradigms themselves together and during battles you can switch between them. So if you can at one time a strong attacking team and the other time a defensive team. Especially against stronger enemies, it is crucial that you have the right paradigms are available and appropriate manner know to go. We found this system works and how great the AI knows how to deal with it certainly pleased us. The truth is that you always have control over only one character in your team and this is its leader. The rest of the characters fighting through an AI and it is also useful if this know what and when something should happen.
For example if your character has very little health and also a different character, then the Medic you choose. Of course this is always nice, but why it is especially important, because if your character dies during a fight over the game is direct. The other characters in your team can work back to life, but you'll always have to live. In itself this would separate approach sometimes frustrating, but we must admit that it brought more depth in the fighting. This way you do not control a whole team, but can you complete your focus on your own character and this makes the fighting is a lot smoother.

Another useful aspect of the combat system is the auto-battle section. As the game progresses you get more ATB (Active Time Battle) slots available to you. This can fill each with a specific attack and are then subsequently used sequentially as a combo. It is of course what role you currently have available, because instead of an attack can also fill with "cure" (health to give to your characters). However, if you use auto-battle, then determined the AI how ATB bar is filled you will be the best. Especially if you already have fought against a specific enemy, it will be filled with the best possible attacks.

The fighting is really an easy solution, but the more difficult battles that you will still continue to use regularly or you just switch between paradigms. Before the last major aspect to this game going to discuss (The Crystarium) we first have also reported that a Final Fantasy Final Fantasy would not really be without summons (the call of giant creatures). Once again they are back from the party and you want these bets than it costs you Technical Points, which back a bit after each battle is replenished. The fighting around Eidolon (as these creatures are called) is an experience in itself and let you fully experience themselves.

Now comes The latter Crystarium to pass, before we come to the conclusion. The Crystarium the level system in this game. Leveling is not the characters themselves, but only their roles. So you can still best be Medic Command or example. When you go to The Crystarium in the menu, then choose what role you want to upgrade. If you have enough Crystarium Points, you can go from point to point in this system. When you reach such a point it, it will change your character. So you may have more health, or magic qualities.

Although each role you upgrade, the normal aspects (health, magic, etc) for the role you during a battle takes, but properties are only used during the relevant role. Our example a Ravager: The Crystarium gets through more magic spells to his or her decision to bet against the enemy. So it is important that you regularly Crystarium your Points (which you receive standard after each battle) to be used increasingly. It is true that in the beginning a new point reached in a few Crystarium The CP's costs, but at a given moment is already over a thousand of these items cost only one point to reach.

As you can read a detailed RPG Final Fantasy XIII, as a good game in this genre befitted. The story itself is interesting enough additional hours to this game you still continue to fascinate and graphically it looks great in our opinion definitely out. Especially that great cut-scenes (where the game is literally riddled them) come in our opinion extremely well in the paint. Auditory game is also good to mention the dreamy soundtrack like a Final Fantasy game to hear this, and the voice acting is high quality. Especially if you go after what a huge amount of text that people should speak. All in all, Final Fantasy XIII in our opinion the RPG of the year. Now it is wait until we get to play Versus, but I suspect that two p.m. particle will reach us before.

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