Monday, July 10, 2000

BioShock PS3 review 9.5

BioShock, the Xbox 360 exclusive topper from 2007, has found its way into our PlayStation 3. It is almost identical to the 2007 version after the fact that our version has all the downloadable content from the Xbox 360 version has been there. In addition we also have another exclusive downloadable content in the form of Challenge Rooms. Unfortunately, we can not add Challenge Rooms to this review, because they will until the end of the month are released. Despite being one years have lasted until we have this game may see is that our eyes really worth. It is a game you simply must have if you played First Person Shooters keep.
Let's start with the story. You play Jack, a young man that his path to Rapture to know to find an unusual way. The game starts when you are in an airplane looking at some old pictures and soon there is something seriously wrong. The plane crashes in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Underwater you see the properties of your fellow passengers and you will notice very soon that you have not had time, by the by, sufficient oxygen into your lungs stowage. Vector is the best medicine and there is still against oxygen. You swim with all your power up and get you there with great difficulty. Had it lasted a few seconds longer, you were forever immortalized in the bottom of the ocean.
Once the surface you are completely surrounded by fire. The lights everywhere and the panic quickly, but luckily you still see an opening where the fire has not yet struck. You swim over there and seen that the plane, which crashed you're slowly sinking into eternity. Then, see you there and a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean! There is nothing else than to the tower to swim, swimming because you really do not get to the coast. Despite the surprise and shock, the curiosity nevertheless top of your hand. Time to go inside. You go through a big door, but you see nothing through the dark. Behind you, close the doors themselves and soon the lights one by one ... welcome to Rapture.

To be honest, you have not arrived in Rapture. You are in access to the Rapture, when you walk down the tower, you hear in the background of the beautiful tune "Beyond the Sea". Once you find a lower Bathysphere arrived. This is the transport of Rapture. It connects all the parts together and also access to the city itself. You have no choice, so you get but, towards the unknown. During your trip down you have a fantastic view. The entire city of Rapture Art Deco in all its abundance and the sea life that swims around between the tall towers is breathtaking. Over the intercom you will hear that you are not alone in this huge city and your arrival is not unnoticed.

If you Bathysphere awsome you get to see Rapture is not as rosy as it seems when you coming. A man is attacked in your eyes, (no comma) by a strange man-like creature. These Splicers, your main enemies in Bioshock. You have several types, (no comma) each have their own qualities, but what exactly are Splicers? Splicers, were once the inhabitants of BioShock. To find out how they become so, you first need some more information. The founder of Rapture, Andrew Ryan, includes science (in) the free rein to go. They have a chance ADAM discovered through the investigation of special marine. By ADAM Plasmids then they have created.

There are many types of Plasmids and Plasmid fit any other way to your DNA. If you have an example that Plasmid fire, ice, electricity and panic can shoot bees at your enemies if desired. The inhabitants of Rapture are a little too far and have now entered spliced-up, as they say. It is sort of an overdose of ADAM, which the brains have become highly congested. Each also has three Plasmid upgrades and you will really need to survive in Rapture. There are also many other types Plasmids, which ensure that your opponents can make them fight against each instance of Big Daddy's on your side can make them fight. Big Daddy's are large and very strong creatures, which look like they're trapped in an antique diving suit.

The purpose of a Big Daddy was originally making of Rapture itself, but now they protect the Little Sisters. These are soulless little girls rondlopenmet a syringe. They get the ADAM from the corpses they use. As a player you have the option of being such a Little Sister to save, so they find a normal girl and her murder. Anyway, you'll first need to turn off the Big Daddy and it is regularly a daunting task. Fortunately, there are also Vita Chambers. They are a form of spawn points when you die you get to the nearest Vita Chamber out again. There is also an option where you can disable this, but it is more important for the achievement of certain Trophies. Finally, you can at any moment you want to save, so you're dead, then you simply load a new save file.

You yourself shall indeed syringes, namely two types. One is for health and the other is for EVE. EVE is for RPG fans to compare with Mana. If you are using a Plasmid Indeed an empty bar and fill it again with the blue stuff. Just to clarify, does your Plasmids ADAM, EVE offers you the ability to use Plasmids Plasmids and deliver your the ability to survive. It is a vicious cycle of survival and the red wire in the existence of Rapture. In the beginning you will also be assisted by Atlas, this is the man who saves you when you arrive in Rapture, and he will mostly give you assignments during the game. These commands are all on display on your map. Do not be afraid, you will not get lost in Rapture.

BioShock is a awesome for your collection. It is really a game you should have played and not just as First Person Shooter fan. The story is very original and the Art Deco atmosphere until very happy. You can visit many sites and you can trace it all around your heart, for example audio tapes or ammunition. There are many types of Plasmids and adjustments to find and use and this First Person Shooter set it apart from the masses. The game also has two different endings, so the replay value very high. Once you've visited Rapture, you would like to return for half visit. We look forward to BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams.

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