Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Metal Gear Solid 4 10.0

The story of Metal Gear games is a whole huge complex, to explain all the details we have to book one yet not nearly enough. In this review we limit ourselves mainly to a brief summary of the story, otherwise this review is so long, given the complexity of the event. Furthermore we highlight the graphical aspect is in the trailers looked very promising, the sound will obviously not lacking because the previous games have a very strong soundtrack and the most important aspect, the gameplay. Even that will not be forgotten. Here is very much to tell. So that we can write a book about, so we limit ourselves to the key elements in this game occur. We kick off with the story that the whole place together and to you also provide a picture which is important in this game, if you bought it yet. Snake starts somewhere in the Middle East where he travels with the rebels, he ends up in a city where the PMCs (Private Military Company's) where an ambush was prepared with the rebels middle Snake gets stuck. All hell breaks loose and the rebels are all **** up shot by the soldiers of the cleverly drawn PMCs. Snake is a bit used and remain calm under the circumstances. He run for cover until he sees a chance to escape from the ambush and his own way to prosecute. It is not the wars that Snake on his own sneaky way fight, around his continuous battles underway and Snake gets the choice to own one of the two groups to support, at least, actually just the rebels. The PMCs will also simply Snake shoot when they see him, the rebels are not happy unless they are shooting at Snake. The raging war is one that Snake actually not much to do with it but sometimes it brings in cramped situations. Snake is not without a reason strolled into the war zone. He also has a goal and finding Liquid Ocelot finally finished making. From reliable sources, Colonel Campbell learned that Liquid Ocelot is somewhere in the Middle East is, that's why Snake is once more fighting ventures. However, the PMC's and Liquid Ocelot one thing in common. Liquid Ocelot is one of the top five most important people of the PMCs. Even more reason this guy off. This is not just done, Snake will have a lot to the barge but given his experience and support from the home camp is considered likely that this job will know Snake also done. In a nutshell the story of why Snake again and enter the battlefield, risking their lives to defeat the greatest enemy knows. The overall story is much wider and more complete. The main line is now illustrated it but there is still plenty to discover in the story because many questions will be answered that remained open in the previous sections. In other words, this fourth part, the large complex puzzle complete. And we strongly recommend to all cut-scenes with great attention to anything you want to follow the story missing. In addition, prior knowledge of the story from the previous sections also important. Prepare yourself for one of the best stories in the big game now history. To explore this issue further to explain here, the final movie alone takes more than one hours, enough said, right? Enough about the story, it must be because no book, just play the game and you'll instantly understand what I mean by the beautiful but complex story. Time for the graphics just look at the subject. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a game that is graphically one of the stars can count. I've seen better games but the difference with this game is really minimal. The number is unprecedented detail, the game never looks dull, each setting has clearly been lovingly put together and a special section, the animations of the characters are really strong. The Snake expressions of his feelings are easily read from his face, though only if he was out of course. Snake remains a seasoned soldier. Snake is not only clearly stated. So you will occasionally meet new characters and familiar with all the attention created for this game. As already mentioned, it's not just the characters graphically very good eyes, the environments look very cool out. For example, the first act beautifully landscaped with many zijroutes to you from a to b able to bring. Although the game indirectly a linear structure as a player you know you feel walking around in a big world. This is not at issue at each location, there are times when you do get freedom. All in all, very much in the world sticks together and looks fantastic at all times. This aspect taken together with the characters make this game a graphic topper. Let the cut-scenes some extra attention. That these are normal to very long. No time will the quality drop, it remains a clever piece of work. The way this is put is like a Hollywood blockbuster and I hope that says enough! Graphically, the game very strong, the story is brilliant, but this also applies to the sound. Of course! Snake is spoken by his personal actor. Snake has a dry voice mourning grits seem strange sounds for a character like Snake. Meanwhile, many games voice actors for the characters. Usually, these actors rather to be desired. But it may well go look at Heavenly Sword and GTA IV. Two titles in audio excellence and in particular voice-acting. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots may be buried here as well. It is not only the voice of Snake what sounds very good. For the other characters are the voices of very high level and those who do are well instructed, they bring very good about the fact. Not only the voice acting is very good level, the soundtrack sounds very strong again as usual. The music swells at times, the ambient noise in cut-scenes, etc. You can not think of anything so crazy sticks on top of each level! You will enjoy the graphics, the sound the story and no doubt the gameplay! Kojima does it again just for each other, a fantastic game that excels in many areas, but the gameplay should we just look. But all previously described elements have developed the fantastic gameplay and will be the title of this valve and deliver a high score! Of course we have much more detail the aspects described but these are really things you must discover yourself by playing the game. You'll find that this is only a fraction of what is or is not a game! What a nice detail is the unprecedented sense of humor of Kojima and his team. Well, this game quite seriously intended but there are times that a lot of fun together stabbing. So you pretty early to see the start boxes bearing the imprint "No Place for Hideo". Is not that great?! So you'll have much more of this type of subtle humor in the game to find. Also at times the humor will be widely publicized but mark your own. Yet in contrast with the very serious intent is also this aspect very clearly stated. Enough **** about peripheral issues, time to agree on the content deeper into gameplay to go, this is indeed very good stabbing each other in a game is worth nothing. For everybody to communicate something short, what we now know it. The gameplay is brilliant, so why is that we expanded in the next paragraphs will explain! In the previous sections mainly turned to silent as possible to eliminate all enemies and as practiced stealth master to enter the battlefield. Obviously, this style of play is possible in this game but now you get the opportunity to be a crazy and everybody in January with an upside popping of the many weapons. The course is entirely sensible to see about your own thing to do in the war zone but there will come times when you still will have to confront with the enemies. The game is completely third person, but you can always move to a First Person View your weapons sharp. To disable any enemies that are near or at distance with a sniper rifle. Even so the whole game if you want all the way from Snake games, some confrontations apart. This can be done because of the many tools available to him Snake. Thus, he has the Mark II, a small robot which he can explore the surroundings, ideal at times when you do not know which way to go because of heavy fighting, or at times when it is too quiet. Of course, Snake is not enough to the little (humorous) robot. His suit, which is completely inspired by octopus could adopt the colors of the ground or other objects. Are the enemies alerted to your presence they will look for. What you do with Snake is obviously quick to lie down. The suit automatically takes on the colors of the background and it looks like you're part of the substrate become bet that enemies can not see. Unless you in the street fighting between the two parties is natural. Also available on Octocam Snake, this is a kind of device that Snake puts on his eye. It can zoom in on it any time. Besides this option, including night-vision activation of course very useful when it is dark. Miscellaneous tools Snake assist in his fight against the enemy. And also all these things work amazingly well. It is really a satisfaction to get started with so many options and additional options. Snake can be very good government and every application works quickly, efficiently and above all very smooth. The fighting continued this interest, this is not just the gadgets which have Snake but also by the proper choice of weapons. A stealth king anyone coping with an AK-47 but was not much fun for the enemy to stun and then quietly cut to bits? Moreover, you risk not being noticed really quickly that when using an AK-47 course is the case. Also on field gameplay is so much to tell, but a few were highlighted in this review which alone we can conclude that the gameplay is just brilliant! Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a game that everyone should get. Graphic fantastic, the sound amazingly good gameplay and unprecedented high level. There is almost nothing on this game than to be regarded as minor flaws that do not fall entirely in the compared with the total package that the game player! The duration of the game is about sixteen one hours long and will be one of the best experiences ever. What a great title for a more than worthy valve Kojima is famous for the series. After a great single player you can still work in Metal Gear Online! What do you want? I'm going Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots play! Graphics 10
Gameplay 9.9
Sound 10
Replay value 10

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