Friday, July 21, 2000

Grand Theft Auto 4 | 9.0

Earlier, in the preview we went though a little bit on the story. Meanwhile, now we have played the game very extensively, we have more information. That the story revolves Niko Bellic is now also clear. But who is he really? Niko Bellic is a guy who his whole life in Eastern Europe has brought. Since he does not belong to one of the mafia, but he was a brutal crime gangster. He, however, to the States to serve the American Dream to live. His cousin, Roman Bellic lived there for some time with some difficulty and runs a taxi company. Through letters and other communications has Roman Niko pretty nice to know. Thus, many Roman women, money, nice car " 's and much more around them. After arriving this shows nothing but great things. Roman is in deep trouble and Niko is already called to all these problems but his cousin just go to solve.

Compliance with the American Dream is not entirely what Niko had initially proposed. Based on this story unfolded the story of GTA IV. The story sticks well together. Roman is an incredible punk with a big mouth too. Besides the story that Niko came to the States for the American Dream to live there is a reason. For those who have not played the game yet, we have nothing else on out. What we can say is that the story has two layers. The first layer revolves mainly Roman and survive and build an empire of Niko. The second layer is much deeper and the structure of the story Niko gets a much better personality. Especially as compared to all the characters from previous GTA parts.

As you slowly get to know more about the history of Niko you understand his actions better. Where an average criminal sometimes hesitation would have Niko doing just what is required of him. Like any GTA, this section also raises the necessary criminals throughout the city and all have something to do. Thus, a sleeper Niko for a commute. For the other he must a party drug gang that stole all the drugs and eliminate back. The missions are all varied and delicious without any hesitation Niko will always do the things we require of him. This is Niko put down as a tough ruthless killer and criminal. Something that the overall gaming experience only benefit. In the previous GTA, it was always fun to share with the main characters to play but really much more than that but they wanted to reach top of the crime you did not know them.

This is the fourth part of the whole job. It is exciting to see how well the story is developed and then composition with all the gameplay and unprecedented opportunities. Niko is so well put down as Eastern European. So he speaks with a great, throbbing perfect accent. As the atmosphere only benefit. To speak about his voice, the voice-acting is one of the best ever in a game. This money not only for Niko but also for all other characters. This is very well developed by Rockstar so many games still can learn some.

It is not only very strong voice-acting that works. It is sound in general that seems unbeatable. So know this part, as previous sections, an extensive soundtrack. There are eighteen radio stations that broadcast music style all their own. This addition to the radio stations with talk shows mostly in his back. The stations broadcast mainly music vary very much in style. If you have a channel that focuses on rock, pop, techno etc.. At the stations on both known and unknown tracks are located. All very nice but what it comes down to is that the radio better than ever. Enough variation between the songs and DJ 's, and talk shows.

On talk shows discussed. How ridiculous do you still have them. Some are really all about nothing and others DJ " 's Cocks such nonsense is that sometimes you just double up with laughter. Laughter This is mainly due to the humorous manner in which it is placed. Some humor is superficial. Other comments you some harder should consider before you understand the joke. There are the requisite humor stabbing to other things in real-life play. But the in-game missions you occasionally to watch Hey, I know where that . So you will at some point to have a lawyer present. The reason behind so I was personally very reminiscent of another pretty nasty lawyer. Jack Thompson, anyone?

As you see the humor that every GTA has also participated in the fourth section back. And this is certainly a good thing. You come because everywhere. Radio, street, missions but also the cut-scenes. Niko is put down as a brutal criminal. He may be more than that, so his humor is unprecedented. At the right moment you will hear a dry note. So one moment I remember well. This was fairly early in the game forward. At one point that Roman, Brucie for Niko to. Roman lult a long way on that Brucie, how wonderful it is not so. So at one point he says the following: "" He got the same vision as I "," Niko thereafter: " 'So he' s also an idiot ?!"". How fantastic. This brings you more of that kind of smart remarks to dry during the game. Rockstar has again succeeded in transferring the great humor that since the first three-dimensional part emerges.

The sound gets a very good score, there is nothing to be desired. Besides the sound, the gameplay gets a good score. Although the graphics but also in contrast to the other aspects slightly less. Why this is so light I later in this review. The gameplay gets a good score, the reason I say here. It's quite simple why the game scores high on gameplay area. The gameplay is in fact very strong. A game with so many options and so little mistakes I've never seen come over. Indeed. After one hours or forties with having played the game I just do not know any bug found.

That in such an immense game any bug is detected is quite remarkable. It may be that they are in the game, but if you just do not come across then you, yourself as a developer absolute topper to explain. Besides this fact surprised me very often about the incredible detail that this game has. Some are obvious and to say, others are quite subtle. So you get the opportunity to get started on a computer in an internet cafe. Here you can score a date, buy ringtones for your cell phone, read news and much more. Additionally you an opportunity to read your mail. Through the mail you will receive the necessary information but also sheer nonsense. So I got an email containing advertising sexually. Indeed, there was a link. Obviously you can not resist clicking on this link here. What I got to see. A whole website with all information regarding what was offered in the spam.
I mean this with unprecedented detail. It adds nothing to the gameplay makes it all so very completely that it is unprecedented for a game. There are also other details that prove that everyone in Liberty City doing its own thing. So you will occasionally encounter some people from the trunk of their car. You will also encounter agents that car " 's to the search of others. All of the little details that make sure that you really feeling in a great city to walk around. Everyone does his own thing and enjoy undisturbed. Great to see you among the people go. It looks almost like real.

What example is belonged to the sharp details of someone approaching. Once you do this you will have the necessary blood to the front of your car again. For example, what was also very humorous, was when someone aanreed and the person with his head on the wall collapsed. Flats a whole red bloodstain on the wall. There is also the damage model of the car " 's very well elaborated. If you give a slight tap at an object you see all damage eyes. As the" impact "" your car will be harder look gehavender. All these beautiful details . Each game has around somewhere in good detail, but in GTA IV is applicable in so many areas that just special. The first ten hours you will, you constantly marvel at all the details of this latest installment!

The gameplay sticks very strong together. So you have to do assignments for a variety of characters. Which again vary from very cold to very annoying or humorous. Each character is well developed and have their own personality. The tasks that need to be very good and it may vary also. Additionally, the change is more appropriately addressed by the immense city. All missions done, that will play a good number of hours costs. Ideally you do that at a stretch and that nowadays very few games do. The nonstop gamer to keep playing. I can talk for hours about the missions and how much the gameplay is not. I limit it to one paragraph about their missions. What is right may be assumed that the gameplay is better than ever before and the player keeps playing hours. Says enough, right?

Besides the regular missions in the story are also knows this quarter once again gained their missions. From San Andreas to GTA III, these missions they almost always right. In the fourth part it completely reversed. If you do not find more hidden packages but pigeons. There are many drastic changes. Did you really do vigilante sucks then we have good news, they are Pleite. If replacement is something much more fun to do. Thus each police car has an onboard computer. In all these computer records are kept so even the most wanted criminals. If they can go to this mission to search and disable it. It all contributes to the percentage of play. I was referring only two commands it. There are of course many more but I was more on target, that is totally different as compared to the previous parts and again very much to do in the city. Enough talk about the gameplay, what exactly the graphics?

Each section in the GTA series was not graphic topper to date. Currently there are available on the PlayStation 3 games that the graphics of GTA IV win. Think Uncharted example. This is actually not much from the experience in GTA IV is in fact unprecedented. But there are points I managed to disturb me. So the game has many edges cartel. That is a shame. In general the game looks graphically point out there is pretty tough. But throughout this cartel edges, which surely does affect the game. Furthermore I noticed also that if you look a little further than one meters or ten (in-game of course) things are still very blurry. These are two aspects which somewhat disappointed. The game generally looks just fantastic but it is unfortunate that the anti-aliasing does not work entirely well. It is also somewhat blurry effect sin.

Grand Theft Auto IV is a game that every gamer in the house to get, if you have not done so. You go deeply ashamed. The gameplay is unprecedented, a huge vibrant city with wonderful details. The brilliant humor. The possibilities and then also a multiplayer (where a separate review to come). Graphic two small weaknesses, nevertheless a game that is worth buying. GTA IV is one of the best games ever made, which is something I will soon tell! Halen, again, get that game!

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