Saturday, November 25, 2000

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence | 10

he jungle has reopened with a lot more than enough to go 'round
-Excellent graphics
-Well done voice acting(Tho some of it is clieche'd/cheesey)
-Great background music(Even the James Bondish theme song has grown on me)
-the 3rd person camera is freakin' sweet!!(No more looking around in 1st person to find out where enemies are)
-fantastic sound effects
-A very destructive arsenal (along with the shotgun, the AK, and the gun that never runs out of ammo, the patriot!)
-One of the, if not the best plot in videogames(Plot twists hit you up, down, left right, sideways, diagonal, reverse, aw u get it! It's seriously much better than sitting through a class to find out about the Cuban missile crisis)
-I never liked hunting for food........till now
-A lot more camouflage offered than before
-Pretty realistic(Keeping a eye on everything: Health, Stamina, poison, cuts, and you gotta aim manually to get a good shot, unless you have the scorpion sub-machine gun(Laser sight, and the M-60 machine gun(Too big to aim through)
-Man Ocelot is so bad, he makes his crew look like natural born killers(Seriously, when I fought him, his troops gave me more of a problem than he did)
-Awwwww... Eva! When Snake is ever hurt, all he needs is some sexual healing(*Sigh* if only that really happened)
-Weird but excellent boss fights, like the old man with the baseball sized eyeballs.(But he can be iced early, just watch out for his wheelchair after assassination)
-Online is the shrimp in the rice. You can team up with people with team death match, capture, and rescue missions, or just flat out kill everyone in deathmatch mode.(And you can be a couple of rumble roses chicks, but ya gotta spend over 50 hours online, something I'm far from doing)
-More snake V.S. Monkey missions(I usually don't play em' much, but yea.)
-The limited edition version comes with a DVD which splices all the cutscenes together and makes it a 3 hour 55 movie, and has a trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4(Although if you have a limited edition version, it's best not to open them, if you know what I mean)
-No Radien, despite Snake is sometimes called Jack, which was Radien's name (I still don't get what was up with that?)
-Also included are the sequels, or rather the 2 games that came after this, Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2:Solid Snake(The 2 japanese versions that didn't come out in america; well the second anyway.)
-One of the best endings I've ever seen(Man, Kojima is just a genius. A prequel yet can beat out his earlier versions in endings)
The greatest prequel ever made, with the plot surpassing it's predecessors
The best Metal Gear Solid experience you can find when it comes to plot, no doubt, and if you have yet to play Snake Eater, don't start there, start here.
-What is this game famus for? hmmmmmm, oh LONG CUTSEENES AND CALLS(I doubt that will ever change)
-No Radar, which makes it harder to know where the enemies are, and which way they are looking(Altho it's less of a problem with the 3rd person camera, it's still a problem)
-Even with cameo, I get seen as if I were a shadow in broad daylight when I'm standing(Crawling takes a while, but it pays off with a stealth kill, but still)
-Keeping an eye on everything can get repetitive(Like after I healed a gunshot, some butt-monkey shot me with a poison needle)
-Traps are usually hard too see(Like getting stuck with arrows, walking into mines, etc. unless you got thermal goggles)
How could Snake not like James Bond flicks!?(After I saved it once, he talked crap about Bond, and in the 60s Sean Connery was Bond, the BEST BOND. I'd understand if it was Roger Moore, the major had every right to say something back at him)
-Is Volgin gay?(It's just that in a certain scene he seemed that way)

Metal Gear Solid 3 is back, and back in a bigger, revamped way. Metal Gear solid 3 substance, is definitely better than MGS VR missions, and MGS2: substance by far. If any game developer is planning to make a game they made much more improved, they should check out how better this game is from the regular MGS3. This game is definitely recommended for those who love the MGS series, and those who love stealth games. Even if you have the regular MGS3, grab this, and if you never played MGS3 grab this. If you wanna be in a videogame where survival is not in a horror game, check this out. If you have a PS2 and don't have this game, someone should serve you up with a facial slap.

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