Thursday, November 16, 2000

Gears of War 2 X360 review | 10

To start off my review, this game is the definition of perfection. At the start of the game, things kick off with training for the newbs or you can just go right into the thick of it. The controls are really good, command and response is really good. But it could have used a command option for your squad. But hey it really didn't need it because the AI is really impressive. Baird, Dom, the New Guy, and the Cole Train are really good team members. They will save you butt a here and there or when your in a jam. With the difficulty, the enemy AI, Locust, learn how to kill you and your squad. But there is a draw back to the AI, when they bring you down to be revived they have the tendency to charge for you to end the game, leaving them wide open. But they sometimes succeed with this tactic. The AI on Insane and Hardcore love to flank you like crazy. They will prevent you from moving by keeping 2 or 3 locust on you while they flank your position. But that is why you have your squad. The story is also really good. There is soo much detail to this game, from the beginning at the hospital to the end with the sinking of the last human city. This story grabs hold of you and never lets you go. You can feel the sadness from Dom when he finds his wife that he has been searching for since the last game. Even Marcus has a sad part in the game, but it comes in the end. Baird and Cole are still your regular team mates with the addition to Carmine, Diz, and Tai. They are real helpful even though Diz isn't much of a fighter because he drives Betsy, his truck. Graphics are really good also. Especially inside the worm. The blood on Marcus and the squad looks real. Great detail to the characters and weapons. The story leaves enough for a Gears of War 3. Online play is also really good, with all kinds of matches from the classic deathmatch to the new addition of Horde. You will be playing over and over again to better your rank. Playing horde is also a great experience to play with friends, and i recommend you play with a friend or 2. Because this game will kill you easily. It is you and your team vs. 50 waves of Locust. And the catch is every ten waves the enemy gets stronger and smarter. With health and accuracy bonuses, you will have to fight for your life. This game is really good and fun to play with friends. I would recommend this to any fan of the gears series and any newb to this game. It is really fun and enjoyable with tons of replay value.

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