Tuesday, November 21, 2000

Fallout: New Vegas | 9.0

I have a really nice pc to run it on with another coming for Xmas.

Despite this looking and feeling like Fallout 3, it's great. What makes a person hate a sequel because it seems like DLC from it's predecessor? If it were launched as DLC for Fallout 3 I'm sure just as many or more people would've bought it. Who knows, maybe it was intended to be released as DLC and ended up being more massive than they had anticipated therefore, creating an entirely new game. I'm only about 2 hours into it but have never been as excited to get a game and play it than this. I never write reviews. I also have never bought a walk-through for a game but did for new vegas; that way i don't miss anything! I wanna play new vegas until my brain thinks VEGAS! seriously though, if you liked fallout 3 there is no way you could hate this. That's just absurd.

I also found out that this game really is just Fallout 3 in a different setting. The lead of that project called "Van Buren" (Sounds like Armin Van Buuren | #1 trance VA DJ) was also the lead designer for this series. Black Isle was supposed to have developed Fallout 3, however all the employees got laid off and they were like 80% done with the game. Knowing that bit of information makes this even more disappointing that they were trying to milk the fans of FO3 using same game engine, different plot, etc. There is no wow factor for this game anymore. Just another chapter in Fallout 3: New Vegas With Extra Bugs.

Patches make all the difference, in about six months it'll increase 0.5 points and after that the sky is the limit. +10 pts?

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