Saturday, November 18, 2000

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West | 8.0

Ninja Theory is the developer behind the beautiful game Heavenly Sword and after the game had finished, they started Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. In previous impressions we had from moderate to very enthusiastic excited about this game. The game itself is now ready and quickly landed in stores. We played the full game and now it's time to see if Ninja Theory is all really a game of high quality has to know.

The game starts high in the air in an airship. This ship is heading for a location that the 'Pyramid' hot. Obviously you do not want to go to, because you are locked in a cell in the airship. But at some point you see a girl walking by who managed to escape from a cell and you call for help, but unfortunately it does not save you. Yet by a hard blow inside the ship you know to escape and go after the girl. You pave your way through the ship that was badly battered. Soon you through that final destination is not going to get.

Just before it crashes in New York you know to escape through a capsule that will be fired. Only disadvantage is that the girl who called Trip to the inside of the capsule contents and you, Monkey, you probably need to cling to the outside. After you've landed you become unconscious and occurs when you strip a band around your head. This band allows her to control you. If you think running away may cause the tire to soups makes your brain and you are so compelled to help her. She has not done for fun, she wants to return to her family, but can not alone and Monkey, who was forced against his will to help.

Here begins the adventure that you are enjoying late in New York and then into the world gently goes by. In the game you do many different locations and each one is very stylish in design they put together. The game is set in the future and the world is no longer under the control of mankind, but by an army of mechs. These are everywhere, because they will protect the area. You are Monkey, however, a large guy who is good at climbing and scrambling, and close combat. Given Trip a defenseless girl you're so often forced to fight the enemies.

Cooperation between the two in the first instance forced trips because no other opportunity. It is therefore very slowly, but if you go into the game will realize that both characters survive on their own is virtually impossible. That is something especially Monkey understand because trips may be the helpless girl, she is pretty handy with hacking and helping to divert enemies to name but a few. Pretty soon she hacked a mechanical dragonfly, making them a part of the level to scan, so you can perfectly see where the enemies are and what the best way.

You must then or all the dirty work, but without her help, this was a lot harder. On the other hand, here and there turrets and mechs with high precision fire at you and you have a temporary shield, but this does not always save you against these enemies often use high distance away. At such a moment can you ask for a Trip diversion. She does so, then you can come closer to the enemy. The collaboration is vice versa and because of this beginning to end, the two at one point a sort of emotional bond, which benefits the story.

Monkey looks in the first instance a dumb brute force, but he is not what it seems. It is someone who is quite sensitive and at one point not even find much more with what he's doing. This fits perfectly in the story that is interesting to mention. As you progress, you always want to know more about the background of Monkey Trip and want to help, which will take longer than you first might think. The red line going through the game is such a screwed together and that is something familiar, as it was in fact the case with the previous game from Ninja Theory: Heavenly Sword.

You play with Monkey and Trip, Trip which often takes its own way there and you hardly under control. The gameplay varies Monkey short in two parts. So you have the climbing and scrambling, this all goes very smoothly and is also fun to do. It is striking that this element is very much like the climbing and scrambling of Uncharted. The makers have clearly looked at it and also a good way to know how to apply. Besides this much climbing you have to fight mechs and bosses. This you do mainly with your staff, which has three standard options: a hard and soft slap and a crippling attack, which you must recharge the staff here first.

The staff also has a completely different option and that is the firing forces. If you wand to hold a certain way, which is just a button, then move the camera behind the shoulder of Monkey and you can easily target. You can then stun and plasma discharge projectiles. The enemy makes a short in the war and other causes the shield of the enemy off. No special options, but it handy rotten. The fighting itself is not very particular and in contrast with the odd climb itself is not present in excess. The balance between these two elements is quite good as we so briefly the adventure again.

The mechs themselves would also sometimes different, so when you fight other tactics to apply. Again, the battles are quite simple in terms of execution and sometimes easy. Although it remains an entertaining element, and it fits perfectly into the whole. It is striking that the game never really difficult. Maybe for the people who hold a huge challenge which is a shame, but on the other hand, this keeps the pace high and nice you are constantly wondering where you'll end up back its setting. This therefore indicates that the terms level design is perfectly fine.

That's right, because it's all right. The levels are designed so that they are clear and everything is nicely aligned. You will also enjoy the game playing and enjoying the many different environments. The developer makes good use of the fact that the game play in the future because they have a full personal interpretation given to the big city and especially in color palette. Being grown trees, shrubs and plants, making something that was once extremely gray to a beautiful area, let alone the other areas you will do sooner or later.

The only thing we should note the visual aspect is that the visual or very beautiful in design, it is graphic in any way optimal. It looks finished, and yet not. Some textures are of very bad quality and dust was flying up even once from a lot of blocks. That is something very awkward in 2010, but good, really bother you here and the audio is not a lot. The voice acting is excellent and clearly shows the emotions and hear the music is also nice and bombastic action and anticipate the actions of the game and player.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is in our opinion a very good title. The combination between the platform and combat elements seamlessly together and the emotions of the characters are very well laid out, both the audio and the visual interpretation of this. The game may only be a single player adventure, it's definitely worth your money. It is entertaining and the story is very cool. However, the loading times somewhat annoying because it takes the pace a bit from the game and some textures are visually very moderate. But the game offers enough to do this easily over it.


- Interesting story.
- Emotional relationship is built.
- Gameplay.
- Unique setting


- Loading times take the pace off the game.
- Some quality control issues.

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