Monday, November 6, 2000

Dragon Quest IX review | 9.0

The story is great, the quests are amusing and quaint, and the battle system is classically brilliant.

Most people whine about the menu system and the limited item space for each character. These are such minor issues I would question ANYONE that uses them to downgrade this game. If that is the ONLY thing you can find to complain about...Then I suggest you never play a Japanese RPG ever again since none will ever satisfy you.

People also complain that the three NPC companions you create have no "personality" or story. That is another aspect that makes me LOVE this game. The main story doesn't need lore for the npcs that help you in your party. I make up their lore and there is no way Level 5 could make a better story for them then what I have done.

If you love classic RPGS that are modernized without changing the old school battle system...Then do not hesitate in getting this game.

The main storyline isn't even the game. Once you have finished the storyline...The REAL game begins. Dungeon crawling and side quests are so plentiful I question if I will ever complete this game. Creating weapons, armor, items...It has it all.

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