Thursday, November 16, 2000

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow | 7.5

you also pretty spectacular finish. Then start your real adventure and that brings a lot of cool stuff with it. So you fight against a lot of different enemies, highlighted by huge bosses. Those bosses are all very difficult to beat, so do not look weird in that you soon twenty minutes doing. These fights are not only fun, but it also usually necessary for the new attributes. The attributes can then be used again later in the game against other bosses and enemies and the environments to a new path to create for yourself.

The fighting goes through different weapons. So you have a kind of sword at your disposal to work a bit like God of War III. This weapon will find a lot, but it does not. You can also throw knives and of course the famous cross betting. This cross can gradually upgrade and eventually find them both fight like that you can use in the environment such as a grappling hook. Besides, there are other weapons that work well on certain enemies, and additional experience points you earn this. These can then be redeemed for new opportunities for Gabriel or his weapons.

On a known and common concept. All this works fine through a handy menu, where you can attract many new features purchase. It is important to continuously upgrade, because many enemies are not all that easy to beat. Usually you fight against small enemies as you kill them, but they are again aided by a large copy of this and they are pretty dangerous. Besides that you'll catch, they have still have enough health to do it especially difficult to make. You'll have as many weapons as possible and like to have available to you through the upgrade options and also because they have to play tactically.

You will have many blocks, rolls and combos have found a great enemy small gain. Here are occasionally also has the requisite quick time events look. This is something really not hard to imagine from today's titles, but a bit different from the rest is a little variation to be found. Of course you will encounter the appropriate moments where you usually hard on a particular button to rams, but in addition, the variant found quite fun. This variant is a circle on the screen and surrounded by a large circle. This is becoming smaller and when it fits within the other circle, you push a button. Primarily a matter of good timing so.

They are especially many standard elements Castlevania: Lords of Shadow knows in fighting, but of course in its own design. Magic may of course be there and this game has two types. One type is "magic light" and other "dark magic". With the magic light you can heal yourself while you're fighting, what is so useful in difficult opponents. The dark magic is also very convenient because it does more damage. As usual, the magic of limited availability and you will therefore have to supplement it. This goes back through orbs that enemies leave behind after you've slain them. Both magical abilities are perfect in the whole and make the battle system completely.

In terms of fighting, there is plenty of opportunities exist in this game and the many times when you are fighting are interspersed with other elements. So you come here and there against a puzzle, which never really be too difficult and the necessary climbing and scrambling are not lacking in this game. You will regularly up and down to climb over ledges, and swing through your grappling hook and many more. This is relatively easy climb and climb and keep the great variation in the game. This also applies to the environments that this game contains, for the variation in this respect is certainly enormous.

One moment Banjer you through a swamp and the next moment you walk in the snow and then back into the jungle to arrive. The game is similar in very diverse environments, because it follows another in rapid succession and the best is that every environment is really visually stunning looks. Indeed, this title fits perfectly in the list of current graphic toppers. It is after Uncharted 2: Among Thieves not much happened before a game that we've seen of the same caliber graphics, just the cut scenes are in contrast with that game in this game a little less. Well, that's not the only positive aspect, because the audio is also world class.

The Soundtrack has always been very good at this game and PlayStation 2 in the moderate part, Castlevania: Lament of Innocense, the soundtrack is simply brilliant. To reassure you that this part is no different. Konami and Mercury Steam have this time used a different composer and knows this great music. We are also very impressed by the voice-acting and requires a number of familiar characters on, including Patrick Stewart. The right voices are used and that makes for very great atmosphere. It is exactly in the setting of the game and it's pretty convincing.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, the game that have to reboot the franchise. We asked first whether it had managed to operate the franchise back on the map, it has become clear. There is very little to criticize in the game, just that for some players on the difficult side, but yes, it's Castlevania. Furthermore, the gameplay well in order, it looks visually great and the audio is superb. Add to this that soon you're twenty one hour to go through the game again and it knows it necessary to replay value. Castlevania is back! And how! Every fan, skeptical or not, who can just blindly buy this game.

graphics 8.0
Sound 9.0
Gameplay 7.0

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