Monday, November 6, 2000

Dead Space | 9.5

First off, this game has no installation and that made me very happy. A lot of PS3 games use a big chunk of space on the hard drive and I'm glad this one doesn't. The graphics are amazing, best visuals and textures i have yet to see on a game. The sound adds that extra punch the game that keeps you on the edge. The story isn't that catchy but it works. Pretty much your stuck on a space ship while 2 of your other comrades try to hack into the main system. Your two friends volunteer you to go on a cat and mouse chase and have you go all over the ship for different things. It's the usual go here, go there type of game. You'll do a lot of back tracking and collecting of different items (cash, health pack, ammo, etc). The "alien" aren't that much scary or detailed. The aliens are a flesh color and look like zombies with extra arms with hands as blades. I beat the first chapter and half way through the 2nd and the way the aliens look is staying the same, so far. I'm glad i bought this game and thank goodness it has trophies!

The mood it sets will keep you on edge right up until the end. The environments look fantasic and the controls are very user friendly and are picked up quick. Playing this game was like being trapped in the best scifi/horror flick i`ve seen in the last two years. If you like games like silent hill or resident evil, this game is for you. There is enough creepiness, guns and gore to make this title one you`ll want to play over and over again.

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