Thursday, June 29, 2006


I downloaded MultiTES4 mod for ESIV. Installed it It’s very cool, but I have no LAN buddies. Bob is working at Home Depot and did not call since April. He lives in Hammond, WI. He is never home. He hates AAC and still uses MP3 so that DVD9 is meaningless to him.

Download mod

Found out Game Quest went out of business in River Falls. I went to Toyriffic and bought the PSP RPG Tales of Eternia (Tales of Destiny II) and Moto GP 2006 for Xbox 360. I got ripped off on the PSP game, but Tales of Eternia won’t be coming to America and Toyriffic won’t be buying that game again! Haven’t bought PSP game since April 2005 because there wasn’t anything out there. Am aware it’ll update my firmware to v2.5 making it impossible to run DGEN and SNES 9x. PSP is region free so I can play Tales of Eternia. It got 9.0 out of 10 at making it the only elite RPG for PSP.

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Moto GP 2006 looks stunning. Gfx and gameplay is about a 9.0. Fun is where its at!

By the way I am going crazy in the basement. Bored out of my fucking mind. I have reason to believe that life will change so I’ll keep being crazy in the basement. Esurience wants to wait a week to return the phone call and that’s a royal pain. I could axe down mail boxes, but that’s stupid. I been to a movie theater today. Thought of mooning drivers to see if anyone would taunt at me

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