Saturday, June 3, 2006

Got 2Gigs of PC5400

Today, I got 2x one gig dual channel DIMMs (OCZ high performance PC5400) in the mail and stuck them into my Systemax Hellcat taking out the 1 GB DDR DIMMs. DDR2 isn’t compatible with DDR. It’s similar to the speedy execution of 2D programs on my Dell Dimension XPS (has 2048 MB) only faster no matter the CPU load (1 – 3 seconds). My dad gave them to me for picking out his glasses claiming my taste is better. More then enough memory to do 8x anti-aliasing. It was my choice.

I got 480 gigs of hard drive space, and my GPU doesn’t need updating. I still play such games on PS2 which is really, really old showing I don’t care about HD gfx, but I do still owning two PS2s. I understand Xbox 360 has three cores that it actually uses while with PC there is barely dual core support in anything.

Life by myself all the time. Randy didn't come over neither. He got his girlfriend...he likes girls. Bob likes girls too. Neither of them are avalable. I got an interview for a job in Woodbury, MN. I think it's too far, but they are excited to talk to me.

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