Saturday, June 24, 2006

I hate RAM detection | Go to first funeral!

Hell yes! I git ta see my hippie relies in northern Minnesota at my grandma funeral at my Dad’s sister house. Christ, it’s da farst time I been ta church in years! da whole family is Christian. She got cremated, yew know “dust. `n` I git ta hear em talk about borin stuff lik advances in farm machinery er their tractor does dis much torque thang. Good thang they’re not Amish though. dat would suck. They brrrly know whut Internet is!

Windows ain`t meetin my expectations again! Cant recognize all my RAM. A patch would be helpful if`n yonder is one.

I copied all da rom images (nes, snes, n64, gen, c64, arcade, sega cd) onto my hard drive fer easy access so today I was playing Star Ocean `n` Chrono Trigger. Hmm, yonder is voices in Star Ocean. SNES carts usually doesn’t have room fer voices except in Madden ’93 John says touchdown! `n` in Street Fighter, a man says, “Fight”. Chrono Trigger fer Playstation is whut I own (ne`er played it on PS thou). SNES version is one of da most popular. Yeah, fun. It’s funny dat I am gamin on 16-bit.. So primitive games can be fun! I can’t believe I am startin too see ‘jaggies’ on da Xbox 360! It wasn’t lik dat b4! My eyes must be playing tricks on me. I luk past da jaggies `n` keep gamin though. I can’t say okay, dis is obsolete already. Stop supportin it altogether. dat’s real stupid. I keep buying games `n` researching em because reading reviews r fun.

Then I am playing Perfect Dark Zero on Xbox 360. Got ta Mission 3 on normal. Sort of hard. Defo not brilliant at this. Got da job done I did, but advaintsd very, very slowly. Died once already.